PSP Walkthroughs: PoPoLoCrois Walkthrough

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PoPoLoCrois Walkthrough

    ____        ____        __          ______           _     
   / __ \____  / __ \____  / /   ____  / ____/________  (_)____
  / /_/ / __ \/ /_/ / __ \/ /   / __ \/ /   / ___/ __ \/ / ___/
 / ____/ /_/ / ____/ /_/ / /___/ /_/ / /___/ /  / /_/ / (__  ) 
/_/    \____/_/    \____/_____/\____/\____/_/   \____/_/____/  

                           F A Q  v. 1.7

FAQ written by: Corbie Dillard - corbie33

[-I give directional movements based on the player looking at the PSP screen.
If I say head "down and to the right", that means head to the bottom-right
side of your PSP screen.-]


Game Intro - 
	A. Book I - Ice Demon - "Journey Begins"
		1. Introduction
		2. Town of PoPoLocrois
		3. Takinen Village
		4. Back to PoPoLoCrois
		5. Yan's Labratory
		6. Godrif Mine
		7. Town of Godrif
		8. Town of Pasela
		9. Godrif Blacksmith
		10. Back to Takinen Village
		11. Mountains
		12. Gami Gami City
		13. Chasing Gami Gami Devil
		14. The Flying Yacht
		15. Bryonia
		16. Bryonia Control System
	B. Book II - Ice Demon - "Dark World"
		1. Back to Guilda's Treehouse
		2. Return to Gami Gami City
		3. Sword Mountain
		4. World of Darkness
		5. Devil's Planet
		6. Ice Tower
		7. Back to King Danu
		8. Return to Sword Mountain
		9. Master Raduk
	C. Book III - Ice Demon - "Snow Land"
		1. PoPoLoCrois Castle
		2. Fountain of Gallop
		3. Curing Narcia
		4. Trip Preparations
		5. White Village
		6. Ice Tower
		7. Ice Demon
	D. Book IV - Ice Demon - "Broken Peace"
		1. Queen Sania's Return
	E. Book I - Dark King - "Pietro's Trial"


HOME BUTTON- Quit game
SELECT BUTTON - On/Off Subtitles
L BUTTON- Battle Journal / Decrease shop items 10/ Change Battle Directions
R BUTTON- same as above except its zoom and increased quantity by 10
X BUTTON- Talk / Search / Open Door / Proceed / Make Pietro Walk Slowly
O BUTTON- Cancel (Auto Ai Battle) Open Command Menu
ANALOG STICK - Run / Walk (while holding x)
D-PAD - Run/ Walk (while holding x) /
Move Cursor/ Select Command (Battle) Select Move Point

-- Pietro --
Dragon Fang (9 MP) - An intense fireball is hurled towards a single enemy.
Slicing Wind (10 MP) - Strong winds take on a deadly form and slice enemies.
Healing Water (10 MP) - Healing power from a Water Dragon used to restore HP.
Trap (10 MP) - A hole appears, trapping an enemy.
Guardian (7 MP) - Guardian spirit that decreases enemy encounters.

-- Narcia --
Wind Cutter (12 MP) - A mighty wind that cuts through the air slicing enemies.
Life Shield (12 MP) - Holy energy provides additional protection.
Heal Rain (12 MP) - Blessed water shower upon allies, healing their wounds.
Revive (20 MP) - Rising of life, and purification of abnormalities.
Retribution (28 MP) - Holy energy that increases offense and defense.

-- White Knight --
Aerial Slash (8 MP) - Jumping attack, inflicting damage to an enemy.
Spinning Slash (16 MP) - Spinning attack, inflicting damage to enemies.
Ballistic (20 MP) - Violent attack that inflicts intense damage to an enemy.

-- Gami Gami Devil--
Gami Missile (8 MP) - A missile is fired, which detonates upon impact.
Gami Spin (5 MP) - A pinwheel is used to attack an enemy in a random area.
Gami Beam (14 MP) - A sonic beam used to slow down enemies.

-- Kai --

-- Leona --

-- Don & Gon --

-- Kimendoji --

-- Jilva --

-- Gabo --


----- GAME INTRO -----

A long time ago when there were flying dragons and many fairies in the
forest...there was a kingdom called PoPoLoCrois...

As the story opens, King Paulo is watching as his wife Sania leaps from the
balcony of the castle during a horrible snowstorm. As he watches over the
edge of the balcony, he sees her turn into a beautiful dragon and fly off
into the seemed an evil Ice Demon had cast a frozen spell
over the land of PoPoLoCrois and cause everything to become covered
with ice and snow. This white dragon battled the Ice Demon and was able
to defeat it, but as it was sending the Ice Demon to the world of darkness,
the dragon was caught up and taken with it.

A. Book I Ice Demon - Journey Begins

----- 1. INTRODUCTION -----

Ten years later it's King Paulo's son Pietro's tenth birthday. The story
opens to find Pietro staring sadly off his balcony into the night sky when he
suddenly sees his father, King Paulo, walking across the footbridge to the
tower. Being curious, Pietro climbs down the vines hanging from his balcony
and follow his father into the tower. It's here that he finally finds out
the truth as to what really happened to his mother, Sania.

Pietro enters the tower and finds his father standing over a strange woman.
As it turns out, this strange woman is his mother. She's in a deep sleep
because her mother's soul has been caught up in the World of Darkness and
she cannot wake up. Pietro's father explains that he has given the task of
finding a way to awaken Queen Sania to the forest witches of Flonel Forest.
He also tells Pietro of a book located in the archives of Bryonia that shows
the way through the World of Darkness. King Paulo forbids Pietro from going
to Bryonia, but Pietro loves his mother and wants to awaken her and takes
off on an adventure to find his mother's lost soul and awaken her from her
eternal slumber.

----- 2. TOWN OF POPOLOCROIS -----

Pietro awakens in the morning and immediately makes up his mind to go out
in search of this book in Bryonia that his father spoke of. You can wander
around the castle a bit before leaving and find a couple of treasure chests
with (5 Gold) and a (Forest Leaf). 

Once you've exited the castle, cross the bridge and enter the town of
PoPoLoCrois. Visit the house in the south-eastern corner of the town and
head upstairs to pocket a little gold for your journey. If you speak to the
people in town you'll find out that monsters are beginning to become more
violent due to the floating continent of Bryonia appearing. You can also
visit the stores and inn (costs 5 gold) if you need to rest or save your

***** TRAVELER SHOP ********
Practice Sword - 100 Gold
Worn Bracer    - 160 Gold
Forest Leaf    -  20 Gold
Forest Shower  -  65 Gold
Panacea        -  40 Gold
Dragon Tear    - 250 Gold

Time to leave the village for now and head off in search of the forest
witches in Flonel Forest. Upon leaving the village, follow the trail until
it split off in two directions. Have Pietro head up the trail to 

----- 3. TAKINEN VILLAGE -----

As you speak to the villagers, you'll learn about the 
which allows plants and animals to grow at an alarming rate of speed. This
information will come in handy later on so remember it well. You'll also
meet the robot from Gami Gami City who's there to try to get people to
visit the city. There's also an inn that you can stay at in order to heal
any injuries you may have. It's free since you're the famous prince.

***** MERCHANT ***********
Wooden Stick   - 300 Gold
Toy Ring       - 120 Gold
Forest Leaf    -  20 Gold
Forest Shower  -  65 Gold
Panacea        -  40 Gold
Dragon Tear    - 250 Gold
Walnut         -  18 Gold
Radish         -  28 Gold
Takinen Bread  -  10 Gold

If you've made some money doing battle, don't hesitate to stock up on a few
of the healing items available at the merchant's shop. You can't have too
many. Once you're done, it's time to head to the  to find
the forest witches. 

Head off to the North of Takinen Village and you'll come to a little maze
of bushes. Proceed through the maze and across the footbridge and then head
up and across another footbridge and you'll come to a wooden sign.
|  <--- Fountains of Gallop   |
|  ---> Guilda's Treehouse    |

For now you need to head to  as this is one of the forest
witches you are searching for. So head off to the right and soon you'll come
to another maze of bushes and just keep heading right and you'll soon be
startled by....YOURSELF! Well at least a ghost version of yourself. It's
only the forest witches trying to scare you to protect their forest. It's
here that you'll meet the forest witch Narcia for the first time. You'll
also meet her guardian, Guilda. Guilda informs you that the best way to reach
Bryonia is by flying. Unfortunately for you, you're a human and cannot fly
without help. She then tells you of an inventor in the  that
has created a flying machine that you could use. As you set out on your way
to find the inventor, Narcia decides to go with you, even though Guilda
isn't thrilled about her leaving with you. **Narcia joins your party** 

----- 4. BACK TO POPOLOCROIS -----

Head back the way you came to Takinen Village and then back across the 
footbridge to PoPoLoCrois. Now is a good time to rest at the Inn and save
your game before the trip to see the inventor in Pasela Forest.

----- 5. YAN'S LABRATORY -----

Leave PoPoLoCrois and this time take the right at the split in the road and
follow the trail across the stone bridge to the Pasela Forest. Keep
following the traill until you come to the fork in the path and a wooden
sign. UP is  and RIGHT is . Go up the small trail
to Yan's Labratory to meet the quirky inventor.

In his haste, Pietro climbs up the cannon that Yan has built and falls in.
Yan sees this as the perfect opportunity to try the experimental cannon out.
Pietro is sent flying into the air with Narcia chasing along. 

----- 6. GODRIF MINE -----

As you awaken, you find yourself inside of the . Narcia is
standing over you trying to wake you up. Go inside the door that is right in
front of you and you'll find a Save Spot. Now go down all of the ladders to
find a treasure chest with 100 Gold in it. Go back the way you came and this
time walk to the other door and go inside. You'll see a small waterfall. Head
across the small wooden bridge and then up the ladders and through the door.
Walk across all of the many little wooden bridges and then down the ramp and
out the door. Now go up the first ladder you come to and continue on up and
through the door. Walk a little ways inside and you'll find a miner who's
searching for a man named . Continue on up the wooden ramp and then
off to the left and through the opening. You'll see the miner standing 
outside. Go ahead and climb both of the ladders where you'll come out out
of the mine and into the .

----- 7. TOWN OF GODRIF -----

Once coming out of the mine and into town you will learn from talking to the
many townspeople that Orcs have taken over the mine and have trapped a miner
named Naguro inside. Now it's time to help out the townspeople get back
control of the mine and save Naguro. You'll also find out from the towns-
people that they are in the middle of a blacksmithing feud with the
neighboring town of Pasela so they can't ask them for help. It's up to you
and Narcia to rescue Naguro now.

Stay at the Inn (15 Gold) before you attempt to go back into the mine. You
might also want to stock up on healing items and possibly even upgrade your
weapons and armor if you've made enough money doing battle.

***** GENERAL STORE *********
Short Sword    - 1500 Gold
Oaken Bracer   -  320 Gold
Glass Ring     -  240 Gold
Forest Leaf    -   20 Gold
Forest Shower  -   65 Gold
Panacea        -   40 Gold
Dragon Tear    -  250 Gold
Picnic Basket  -  500 Gold

After resting at the inn and saving your game it's time to head back into
the mine. Head back down the ladders that lead back down into the mine.
Once again you'll see the guy you passed on your way out of the mine still
standing there doing absolutely nothing to help. Go in the door. Go down the
wooden plank and through the doorway. Now go down both of the ladders and
through the door. Go up the ramp and across each of the tiny wooden planks
only this time head to the left and down the ramp there and through the
opening in the wall. You'll come to the area where the orcs are holding
Naguro in the jail cell. You'll also notice a strange looking knight
standing in the cell as well. Go on to the back doorway and into the Orc
King's room.

(((BOSS: Orc King - 618 Hit Points)))
Use Narcia's "Wind Cutter" and Pietro's "Dragon Fang" spells to make quick
work of the Orc King and his minions. You might have to use a healing item
or NArcia's "Healing Rain" spell once, but you shouldn't have much
trouble defeating this boss. You're best bet is to take out the 3 Orcs
first and then take care of the Orc King after they're gone.

After the boss fight you'll go back into the room where Naguro and the Knight
are being held. Pietro will use the Orc Key and free Naguro and the rusted
knight. Naguro will thank they two of your for freeing him and then White
Knight will also introduce himself and join your party. **White Knight joins
your party** Go back into the Orc King's room and open the treasure chest to
find a Forest Leaf and then open the chest in the jail cell to find a "Slow
Jewel". Now backtrack your way back and you'll run into the miner that wasn't
much help to you with the orcs. It's here that Naguro will teach you a new
trick called "Trapping". Using a shovel you can now dig holes in order to
trap enemies in order to keep them from moving around on you. Naguro thanks
you and then heads back to his family and now it's time for you to head on
out of the mine and back into Godrif.

Now that the orcs are no longer a threat in the mines and Naguro has been
rescued, the blacksmiths and miners all finally go back to work. You'll
also find out from the villagers that a strange character has been running
around town with a big red mustache and a mask. Wonder who this could be?
Head back into the blacksmith shop and speak to the Master Blacksmith. He'll
thank you for saving Naguro and tell you that he'll help you if you ever
need anything. (And just so you know, you WILL need his help soon :)

Rest at the Inn and save your game, it's time to head to Pasela.

Head to the south part of the village and you'll soon come to a sign that
says "Town of Godrif up ahead!". Now head off to your left and you'll see
a cave entrance. This is the cave that leads to Pasela, so head out. Head
down until you come to a rope ladder. Climb down and go through the cave
opening. Now you'll be in a small maze, but keep heading towards the lower-
left side of your screen and you'll find the opening fairly easily. Go into
the opening and then down the rope ladder. Grab the "Bronze Schimitar" from
the treasure chest and then go through the riverbank opening in the wall.
Follow the river bank and then across the wooden bridge and follow the river
bank again to yet another opening in the wall. Continue on following along
the river bank until you come to another opening in the wall. Go inside and
you'll immediately see another opening. This is the one that leads to the
outside world. Whew. Walk to the right a bit and you'll see that you've come
out right near "Yan's Labratory". If you go inside of Yan's Lab you will see
a Save Spot on the floor. Use it then get over to Pasela and find out about
this "Flying Yacht" you keep hearing so much about.

Leave Yan's Lab and head south. Then follow the trail around to your right
and you'll soon hit the river bank. Follow the river bank south down a narrow
pathway. Keep following the river until you come to the small wooden bridge.
Cross the bridge and once again head down the trail to the lower-right side
of your screen and soon you'll hit the large stone Pasela Bridge. Time to
go into Pasela.

----- 8. TOWN OF PASELA -----

When you first get across the bridge into Pasela you'll come to the first
building which is an Inn (costs 15 Gold to stay). It's always a good idea
to find the Inn in each town and rest and save your game before you continue.

******** ITEM SHOP *********
Forest Leaf    -  20 Gold
Forest Shower  -  65 Gold
Panacea        -  40 Gold
Dragon Tear    - 250 Gold
Seafood Lunch  - 800 Gold

****** EQUIPMENT SHOP *******
Bronze Scimitar  - 300 Gold
Wooden Stick     - 300 Gold
Metal Bracer     - 240 Gold
Toy Ring         - 120 Gold

From talking to most people in town you learn more about Poshtov, the man
whose developing the Flying Yacht. It's now time to visit some merchants
and stock up on healing items and maybe a new weapon or peice of armor and
then go talk to Poshtov about using his Flying Yacht to get to Bryonia.

**** STREET VENDOR # 1 ****
Bronze Bracer  - 440 Gold
Cheap Shoes    - 200 Gold
Leather Shoes  - 250 Gold

**** STREET VENDOR # 2 ****
Falcon's Charm - 500 Gold
Wolf Charm - 500 Gold
Rainbow Charm - 500 Gold

Pohstov will tell you that his Flying Yacht still needs one more crucial part
in order for it to function, but he complains that the blacksmith in Godrif
refuses to even talk to him about building the part since Pasela and Godrif
are involved in a feud between on another. (Remember the blacksmith in
Godrif that promised to help you if you ever needed anything...) Time to make
a quick trip back to Godrif to try to get the blacksmith to build this part
in order to get the Flying Yacht flying! Poshtov will give you a "blueprint"
for the part that is needed. Take the blueprint and head back to Godrif
to see the blacksmith there. He'll know what to do with it.

Head back to Yan's Labratory and go into the cave just to the west. You
should have a pretty good idea of the trip since you've already made it
once. Soon you'll pop up out of the cave and now head into town. Go directly
to an Inn and save your game and then head over to see the blacksmith and
give him the blueprint.

----- 9. GODRIF BLACKSMITH -----

The blacksmith recognizes the plans as Poshtov's work and agrees to build
the part. At first he says it won't take long but soon he'll tell you to
spend the night at the Inn as he'll need more time to finish the part. Head
to the Inn and spend the night. Then head back to the blacksmith to get the

When you return to the blacksmith to pick up the part you'll find out that
a thief has taken the part and left Pietro a letter.

"To the stupid son of the hateful King Paulo of the PoPoLoCrois Kingdom...
Pietro, you've abused your privilege as a prince and been working on a
project called the Flying Yacht. Since you misused your powers and you
attract cute girls you need to be severely punished! I am the one who stole
the Yacht Part that you asked the blacksmith to make for you. If you want
it back, then you must travel through Takinen Village and over the mountain
that stands in front of it. Come to the Gami Gami Devil Castle. Ga, hah,
hah, hah, hah!"

The blacksmith feels terrible about letting the part get stolen, and even
offers to come with you. You will tell him to stay there where he is needed
and your party must now head back to Takinen Village in order to get to
the mountain that leads to Gami Gami Devil Castle. Time to leave Godrif.


Head back to the cave south of Godrif and backtrack your way to Yan's
Labratory. Now head south and then west to reach PoPoLoCrois. Rest at the
Inn an save your game and then head northwest to Takinen Village. Save
your game and head to the west side of the village just past the little
garden where you'll find a small pathway leading north to the mountains. 

----- 11. MOUNTAINS -----

Head north where you'll soon come to a wooden bridge that you need to cross.
Once on the other side of the bridge, you'll just need to follow the stone
path. Be sure and open all of the treasure chests you find along the way.
Keep going until you come to yet another woode bridge. Cross the bridge
and then walk around the edge of the mountainside to enter the cave there.

Inside the mountain cave is where you're going to get your first experience
with the many robotic creatures that inhabit it. You'll see an elevator and
the control panel for it. Walk over to the panel and press the "X" button
to send the elevator up. Follow the trail of junk on the ground until you
come to a large metal stairway. Go on up and soon you'll enter Gami Gami

----- 12. GAMI GAMI CITY -----

First locate the Hotel(20 Gold a night) and have a rest and save your game. 
You'll notice right off that Gami Gami City doesn't look like any town you've
been in before. It's all lit up with neon signs and has a very "modern"
look to it. Do yourself a favor and head up to the second floor of the
Department Store. You'll get the opportunity to take in a show that tells
you a little bit about the Gami Gami Devil's complete disdain for Pietro
and his family. Now head back to the where the Inn is located and you'll
notice a small building to the right of it that has a small white sign
hanging on the wall. Go in and ask the robot behind the counter where
the Gami Gami Devil is. (--He'll only open the castle door if you have
Narcia in your party as the Gami Gami Devil has a bit of a crush on her--)
Now it's off to the large stairs that lead up to the entrance of Gami Gami

*** If you returned to Guilda's treehouse, Narcia will be asked to stay,
thus leaving your party. As mentioned above, you cannot gain access to
Gami Gami Castle without Narcia in your party. Talk to the mayor at Gami
Gami City Hall and he'll tell you that you need Narcia in your party
before he'll open the door to Gami Gami Castle. Now return to Guilda's
Treehouse and you can pick up Narcia and return to the Gami Gami City
Hall and speak to the mayor again and he'll open up the door for you. ***

Forest Leaf    -  20 Gold
Forest Shower  -  65 Gold
Blessed Water  - 180 Gold
Panacea        -  40 Gold
Dragon Tear    - 250 Gold
Iron Sword     -  400 Gold
Oaken Staff    -  800 Gold
Long Sword     - 2000 Gold
Bronze Bracer  -  440 Gold
Leather Shoes  -  250 Gold

Don't forget to hit the souvenir shop to grab all of the cool souvenirs
from Gami Gami City.

************ GIFT SHOP *************
Pennant         - 1000 Gold
Lantern         -  800 Gold
Gami Gami Doll  - 3200 Gold
Gami Gami Cake  -  300 Gold

Upon entering the castle you'll be immediately accosted by guardian robots.
As long as you've leveled up a little, they shouldn't be much of a problem.
Keep heading upward until you hear the Gami Gami Devil's voice welcoming you
to his castle. Gami Gami Devil doesn't like Pietro much and decides to make
it into a challenge to reach his room. Time to do some exploring and combat.

Once inside the large castle door, head over to the right where you'll find
a silver ladder. This leads to the control room but you can come back to it
in a bit. For now head down the large gray stairs and into the door to your
right. You'll see more stairs, so just head down them and over to the
control panel at the far right side of the room. Flick the switch to restore
power to the main elevator. Backtrack to the silver ladder we ran into a bit
earlier but look a little to the left of this ladder and you'll see a small
floor elevator enclosed in bright "yellow and black" lines. Get on and select
the floor you wish to go to. You'll find the "Sleep Jewel" on floor #3 in a
treasure chest. Head to floor #4 and follow the steel rails along to the
right. You'll see several doors and can score a few items by going in them
and opening the treasure chests, but they're not really necessary unless you
are just a completist. You'll see an opening leading outside. Go outside to
find large staircases. You can't reach the one going up as it's blocked
with junk but take the staircase down and go through the door there. You'll
see a treasure chest that hold the valuable "ID CARD". Grab it and head back
up the staircase and back inside the castle on floor #4. Backtrack along the
rail to the elevator and head up to floor #5. That ID CARD is about to come
in really handy.

Head downward and through the opening there where you'll find an Inn. It's
gonna set you back 30 Gold but it's worth it with the boss fight coming up.
Rest and save your game and prepare to head out.

Exit the Inn and head to the right. You'll soon hear Gami Gami Devil's voice
congratulating you on getting this far. You'll come up to a giant door. You
must have the ID CARD (see above for info on how to get the ID CARD) to get
through the door so if you missed it, you must go back and find it. If you
have the card it verifies it at the door and in you go. Keep heading
upward through the doorways until you hit a room with a large wooden table
in the middle of it. You'll have to go around the table and possibly do
battle with some more annoying robots. Hey, it's good leveling up for the
boss fights that's coming. Once you've gone around the table you'll notice
that there is no way to get across the opening at the top of the room. Now is
a good time to read the book that's laying on the table just below you. It
tells you about the throwing away of empty oil barrels. Now head back out of
this room and you'll notice that on both sides of the little waterfalls are
two doors.

Head in the left door first. Keep heading upward until you reach the kitchen.
If you notice there is a large chair seated at the table. When you try to use
the chair it tells you that "the power must be on for it to work." This means
you're gonna have to turn the power on. Head to the right and out the door
into the outside portion. Now go up the stairs and through the door there to
enter the power room. You'll see a switch at the far side of the room that
needs to be switched on. Switch it on and then head back outside and back
down the stairs. Go back into the kitchen and use the chair now. 

Once you activate the chair you are given two locations to go to.
(Control Room) and (Conference Room). You've already been to the conference
room so go ahead and head on up to the Control Room. If you need to use any
healing or restorative items, now is the time because once you walk around
the chair, Gami Gami Devil and the boss will come into play.

(((BOSS: Gami Gami Armor - 1236 Hit Points)))
Gami Gami Devil will have you and your party move back just long enough
for him to raise his newest invention from the floor. Gami Gami Devil will
then jump inside of his Gami Gami Armor and attack you. Use your special
skills as much as you can, as the Gami Gami Armor will cast a spell called
"defrag" which will boose his defensive power. Throw everything you've
got at him. Gami Gami Armor will also cast a spell called "Satchel Punch"
that will do serious damage to whatever party members it makes contact with.
Not much you can do but try to keep your characters spread out and not in any
direct line of fire. White Knight's "Aerial Slash" is particularly strong
against the armor so use it as often as you can. 

Once you defeat the Gami Gami Armor, the Gami Gami Devil will claim to have
let you win, and will then proceed to set a self-destruct mechanism to
blow up his castle. He's not a terribly bright little guy, in case you
haven't noticed so far. The chair you rode up in on is out of commission
now so you need to go over to the right side of the room and through the gold
door there. Guess what you're going to ride out of the castle. Yep, the
smelly trash chute. Yay! 

Once outside, you will see the Gami Gami Devil escaping in his Mushroom
Balloon and heading towards PoPoLoCrois Castle. Time to follow the little
troublemaker and find out what he's up to. Say farewell to Gami Gami City,
not to mention the now blown-up Gami Gami Castle.


Backtrack the way you came to Gami Gami City through the mountain caves and
head back to Takinen Village. As you approach the outskirts of Takinen
Village you'll find the Gami Gami Devil laying on the ground unconscious with
his parachute laying above him. Although most of your party wants to just
leave him there, Narcia insists on helping him. Gami Gami Devil gives you
the part you need for Poshtov and then runs away. Time to take that part to
Poshtov in Pasela.

Go on in to Takinen Village and rest at the Inn and save your game. It might
also be a good time to stock up on some items that you may have used up in
Gami Gami Castle. Exit Takinen Village and make your way back to Pasela. You
remember the way right? Head back down to find the other little bridge and
go across and continue heading to the right. When you come to the narrow
pathway head down and follow the river bank until you come to yet another
tiny bridge. Cross the bridge and make your way to the right until you
reach the large stone bridge into Pasela. Poshtov has been awaiting the part
so save your game and take the part to him at his large factory.

----- 14. THE FLYING YACHT -----

After you arrive at the factory and give the part to Poshtov he will
immediately begin work on the Yacht, but he'll need your help. After
everyone works themselves to exhaustion, the Flying Yacht is finally
finished. Now you have a machine that works on both the sea, and in the air.
Poshtov agrees to lend you the Flying Yacht since you helped him complete
work on it. You'll also learn that Narcia cannot go with you to Bryonia as
forest witches cannot go near the saltwater. As Pietro and White Knight
began to sail off, Narcia is left waving at you as you float away on the
Flying Yacht. 

Meanwhile, Pietro and White Knight run into some dangerous fog. Back at 
Guilda's Treehouse, Narcia and Guilda can see what is going on through
Guilda's magic cauldron. Narcia wants to help out, but she can't go near
the saltwater. After a little persuasion, Guilda finally realizes how much
Narcia cares for Pietro and gives her the "Gold Key." This key allows her
to transform into a human so that the saltwater won't dissolve her. Upon
transforming, Narcia turns into a human girl named "Kai." 

Back on the Flying Yacht, Pietro and White Knight are now engulfed in the
dense fog that has surrounded their ship. The two soon become very sleepy
and fall asleep. Not long after this, a Kraken jumps on board and attacks.
Luckily as the Kraken picks up Pietro to eat him, a bird flys by and strikes
the Kraken, freeing up Pietro. The bird is, of course, Kai in bird form
flying to Pietro's rescue. Kai kicks the Kraken off into the water and then
introduces herself as one of Narcia's friends. 

As the three look up in the sky, they see the floating continent of
Bryonia. Pietro pushes the red button on the controls of the Yacht and it
becomes airborn. The three fly towards Bryonia and soon touch down 
in the beautiful blue waters. Time to explore the floating continent 
for the book you seek.

----- 15. BRYONIA -----

Upon landing, go downstairs on the Yacht and save your game. This will be
a tough one here on Bryonia. Also don't forget to use the Vending Machine
located in the building on the west side of Bryonia. Always stock up on items
when you have the opportunity.

After leaving the Yacht, head up and around to the left until you reach a long
narrow pathway that leads down. In one building you come to right off, you'll
will find a "Star Stone" in one of the treasure chests that will increase
one character's max hit points. In another building you will find a "Speed
Seed" that will increase a character's agility. When you reach the top of
the buildings, you'll find one lone doorway that won't open. A mysterious
voice yells out at you that the door will not open no matter how many times
you try to open it. Go over to the other side where a couple of more buildings
are and you'll find a "Moon Stone" in a treasure chest that will increase one
of your character's max magic points. If you go up the stairs right outside
of this building you'll also pocket 1000 Gold in the chest there. 

******* VENDING MACHINE *******
Forest Leaf    -  20 Gold
Forest Shower  -  65 Gold
Blessed Water  - 180 Gold
Panacea        -  40 Gold
Dragon Tear    - 250 Gold

After you've checked out all the buildings, you'll notice that other than the
one building with the mysterious voice, that nobody is around. Head to the
middle of Bryonia and some large steps will lead up to a giant silver door.
Approach the door and you'll hear another mysterious voice laughing at you.
Pietro will be hit with a ray of magic that will knock him back down the
stairs. As you climb back up, you'll encounter several strange characters.
"Carpa of the east", "Zoldan of the north", "Dorun of the west", and "Yaboo of
the south". As it turns out, they're all servants of the evil Ice Demon. They
don't think much of the three of you so they merely flee without bothering

Return to that one door that wouldn't open up and this time the mysterious
voice will ask if you are the four people who were just here. After you've
told him that you aren't the "Big Four", he'll let you in. He tells you
that his name is "Sabo" and that he is the only person left in Bryonia. He
also tells you the story of the Big Four showing up a few days earlier and
disturbed his peaceful existence by demanding the "Book of Darkness". After
you tell him that you are in fact there for the Book of Darkness as well, Sabo
explains to you that the book cannot be taken from Bryonia as it has a seal
on it to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. He also let's you in on
a secret that if you can somehow destroy the control system at the heart of
Bryonia, the seal might be broken. After a nice history lesson on Bryonia,
Gami Gami Devil suddenly pops out from under the bed and runs away. About
this time, the ground suddenly shakes and everyone goes to see what's going
on. Time to head back to the large metal door where you met the "Big Four."
You'll notice that the door is now open.


Once you enter the Bryonia Temple, Sabo will explain that someone is trying to
destroy the control system of Bryonia, and if that happens the continent will
come crashing down. He sends you on a mission and he heads off to the control
room to try and fix things. Go through the door he tells you and get ready
for some combat action. Head up through the doorway and you'll soon be in
the Bryonia Library. Keep going up the long staircases and soon you'll meet
up with the Gami Gami Devil. Kai somehow manages to talk Gami Gami Devil into
joining your group in taking on the Big Four. Read all of the books that you
can understand and then head up through the large door. As you enter this room
you'll see "Yaboo" trying to use his magic to break the glass and grab the
Book of Darkness. Once Yaboo has the Book of Darkness the other 3 henchmen
will appear and tell you of their plans to go to "Sword Mountain" and open
up the gate to the World of Darkness so they can bring back the Ice Demon.
Gami Gami Devil tries to attack the group but they manage to dissapear before
he can get to them. Now it's time to head back to the Control Tower and talk
to Sabo. 

Backtrack to the main hall of the temple. Don't climb the long staircase just
yet, instead head through the doorway across from you. Here you'll see Sabo
working with something. Sabo informs everyone that the control system has
been too badly damaged and that if something isn't done, Bryonia will crash
into PoPoLoCrois. He sends you away and tells you that he's going to take
care of it himself. He informs you that the only hope is to destroy "Baru's
Heart" in order to stop Bryonia from moving and hopefully keep it from
crashing into PoPoloCrois. Guess what comes next? Yep, a boss fight with
Baru's Heart. 

(((BOSS: Baru's Heart - 1412 Hit Points)))
Hit this thing with everything you got. As he casts "Code Red" it will bring
in other robots to help him out. Try to line up your attacks to hit both
Baru and his helpers. Baru will also heal itself from time to time which
will restore 300 of its hit points. As long as you use your special skills
and concentrate your attack on Baru, you should be able to defeat him in no
time. Don't worry much about the enemies he calls as they can't do enough
real damage to hurt you too bad. Keep plugging away and heal your characters
if they need it.

After you've defeated Baru's Heart, the ground begins to quake. As you leave
the temple, you meet up with Sabo. He explains that now that Baru's Heart has
been destroyed that he no longer has immortality. He now asks if he can ride
on the Flying Yacht but has to go back and pick up something he's left behind.
Head back to the Yacht and get ready to go when Sabo returns. Once he does
returns it's time to take off and leave the falling continent. The quake
causes the Yacht to quake also which ends up tossing your party off. As you
fall, Kai has to quickly transform into a bird and carry you to safety. You
decide you need to go back and talk to Guilda and Narcia before continuing
any further. The game will ask you to save. Best do so now. One book down.
======================= END OF BOOK 1 - ICE DEMON ============================

B. Book II Ice Demon - Dark World


The second book begins back at Guilda's Treehouse. You inform Guilda that the
Book of Darkness has been stolen. Guilda also informs you that the Big Four
are headed for Sword Mountain. Right then a Def Robot walks in and delivers
a message from the Gami Gami Devil. Of course it's addressed to Narcia, and
it invites Narcia and her friends to come to Gami Gami City where Gami Gami
Devil says that he'll pick everyone up on his great flying machine and take
them to see this wise man from Sword Mountain named Raduk. It appears Raduk is
quite familiar with the World of Darkness and may prove to be helpful on
the matter. Against White Knights better judgement, the group agrees to head
for Gami Gami City.


Head back to the mountains and through the cave. Remember you'll cross two
wooden bridges along the way, so don't get lost. Actually it would be
hard to get lost as there's pretty much just one way to go. Once you enter
the cave you see the elevator. Hop on and ride it up to come out near
Gami Gami City. Head down the metal stairway and you'll soon be met by the
Gami Gami Devil. He'll toss the ladder down to you so you can hop aboard his
brand new flying ship, the Gami Gami Wing DX. Off to Sword Mountain to see

----- 3. SWORD MOUNTAIN -----

As Gami Gami Devil shows off the remote control of his ship, he accidentally
drops the remote control and the ship crashes into the water. Wander over to
the two-story hut over near the waterfall and head up the ladder where you'll
find 4 beds in which you can rest and then save your game. Always remember
to save your game as often as possible. Might be a good time to stock up on
some items while you're down at the bottom of the mountain.

******* GENERAL STORE *******
Zephyr Symbol  - 1200 Gold
Fang Charm     -  800 Gold
Forest Leaf    -   20 Gold
Forest Shower  -   65 Gold
Panacea        -   40 Gold
Dragon Tear    -  250 Gold

******* EQUIPMENT SHOP ********
Steel Sword   - 1200 Gold
Dreamchaser   - 1250 Gold
Broad Sword   - 2400 Gold
Boink Hammer  - 1100 Gold
Steel Bracer  - 1120 Gold
Eye Ring      -  800 Gold
Wooden Shoes  -  600 Gold

After you've stocked up on some items and new weapons and armor, head to the
north-west part of the village where you'll see a waterfall with a bunch
of people standing around and a guy standing under the waterfall. No need
to spend much time here for now, as most of the people will only tell you that
this waterfall was created by Master Raduk and it's where people train to
become servants of Raduk. Head to the right and up a tiny ladder and get
ready to scale the mountain.

Scaling the mountain is pretty straightforward. Head to the far left and
keep going until you find a ladder up. Keep heading up until you reach a
large wooden bridge. Cross over and then climb the ladder to reach Raduk's.
Go inside and have a conversation with the ever-humble Master Raduk. Once
you've asked Raduk for help in finding your mother's lost soul, Yaboo
appears. Not to worry as Raduk zaps him away almost as fast as he appeared.
Now that your convinced that this is indeed THE Master Raduk, he tells you
that in order for a human to survive in the World of Darkness you must have
the Book of Darkness. He also informs you that you're too late as the Big
Four got there before Pietro and company and stole the Book of Darkness. There
is one bit of good news. Raduk informs you that even though the Big Four have
the Book of Darkness, they still cannot enter the World of Darkness. It
seems that without Raduk's approval, the passage to the World of Darkness will
never open. Raduk agrees to open the passage to the World of Darkness for you
since your intentions are genuine. He then asks you to follow him up to the
top of Sword Mountain when you're ready. 

Head up the ladders again, and keep climbing until you reach the top. You'll
know you're close when you reach a VERY long ladder. Raduk informs you that
Sword Mountain is, in fact, hollow and inside is the passage to the World of
Darkness. As Raduk opens the hole to the World of Darkness, he tells you to
head to the World of Darkness and ask for the Dark King, Danu. He says that
King Danu should know where your mother's soul is being held. Just before you
jump into the hole, the Big Four appear and take out Raduk with one super
magical blow. Everyone but Carpa jump into the hole, leaving Carpa behind to
attack your party. Time for a boss fight.

(((BOSS: Carpa - 1784 Hit Points)))
This is the most challenging boss fight you've encountered so far so be ready
to heal and attack with your more powerful special skills. Carpa will cast
"Circle Wave" that has good range and packs a devastating punch. Another 
strong spell Carpa has is "Voltecs" and it will damage your entire part with
equally damaging results. This is not going to be an easy boss fight if you
haven't leveled up like you're supposed to. Pietro seems to inflict more
damage using just his standard attack as his "Dragon Fang" and "Slicing
Wind" don't do much damage. With everyone else, use special skills early and
often. If you find this boss too tough to beat, it might be a good idea to
head back down the mountain and battle some enemies to level up a bit more.

----- 4. WORLD OF DARKNESS -----

After you've defeated Carpa, you go over to help Master Raduk who is lying
on the ground. Turns out he's okay, and was quite impressed with your battle.
After a short conversation with Raduk you hop into the hole and begin your
trip to the World of Darkness. Actually you begin falling, and falling, and
falling. Luckily you land on the back of "Mac the Whale" who introduces 
himself to your party. Mac the Whale explains to you that anyone that comes
to the world of darkness must appear before Dark King Danu. Mac takes you
to King Danu. 

Once you arrive at the palace of Dark King Danu, head up the glass stairs and
then up the white stairs until you come to some people standing around. There
are no shops of Inns here but you can buy items, recover, and even save by
speaking to the different people standing around. Once you've finished
saving and purchasing items, time to head up the stairs again. When you come
to the room with the large pink carpet in the middle, head over to the right
side and continue climbing sets of stairs to find a treasure chest with a
"Forest Drizzle" in it. Go back down one flight of stairs and head upwards
toward a doorway that's barely visible. Enter this doorway and you'll be in
King Danu's throne room. You can't miss the king, he's enormous. Go talk to
him. He'll ask you why your here in the World of Darkness. King Danu isn't
much for talking to children so she looks into your soul to find out why
you're here. Danu informs you that your mother's soul is indeed in the
World of Darkness and that you may find her soul and take it with you. King
Danu tells you to tell Mac the Whale to take you to Devil's Planet, where you
will find your mother's soul. But she warns you that you can only take your
mother's soul out of the World of Darkness if she is willing to go. If she is
not willing, you can never take her out of this world.

Before leaving for Devil's Planet, head out of the throne room and up the set
of staircases on the right side of the room. Use the tiny entrances you can
see off to the right of the narrow platform at the top of the stairs. You'll
come into a black and white polygon-like maze. Talk to all of the people
inside the maze. It's not imperative, but they do offer some advice for your
travel to Devil's Planet. Time to head back to Mac the Whale and head off to
Devil Planet to find your mother's soul. Might be a good idea to go ahead
and save your game before leaving as well.

----- 5. DEVIL'S PLANET -----

After a short trip on the back of Mac the Whale, you will arrive at Devil's
Planet. It's a spooky place, and Mac warns you all that the Ice Demon's soul
is here making this a dangerous place. Mac also lets you know that if you need
to rest or save your game, you can always return to him to do so. Save your
game before you leave Mac and get ready to tackle Devil's Planet.

When you step onto the planet, head left and up around the winding rock base.
You'll see a few treasure chests, but most are either empty or contain only
1 Gold. You'll come to a broken down wall. Enter here and keeping heading
right. You'll soon come to a lone house. Go in and you'll see a woman in
a wedding dress. Speak to her and she'll heal you and save your game for you.
She then warns you to turn back as there's nothing but sadness ahead. But
as usual, nobody listens. So leave the house and keep heading off to the
right. When you come to a blue crystal floor, walk onto it. Pietro will be
knocked down and when he gets up, everyone hears a noise and the ground
begins to shake violently. 

Up above, the now "Big three" (since you took care of Carpa) are trying to
use magic, but it's not working. Standing in the middle of the ice crystal is
Pietro's mother, Sania. The Big Three are trying to weaken Sania's shield so
that they can attack her. They hit Sania with every bit of magic they have
but Sania tells them that their powers are far too weak to harm her. Right
at that moment Sania transforms into a dragon and attacks the Big Three.
As the Big Three are about to give up, Pietro comes flying down to the ice
crystal where his mother is standing. As Pietro approaches his mother,
Yaboo hits Pietro with a magical attack and sends him over the edge of
the crystal platform, hanging on for dear life and pleading with his mother
for help. As Sania walks over to help Pietro up, Yaboo jumps in and shatters
the seal releasing the evil Ice Demon. Pietro and Sania float back down into
the ice cavern where Pietro's friends are all located. Pietro kneels beside
his mother laying on the cavern floor and Sania begins telling Pietro the
story of her and his father.

Sania tells Pietro that she is really a dragon, but she turned into a human
in order to be with King Paulo. She tells him that 10 years ago she fell
in love with Pietro's father. She also tells Pietro how the Ice Demon
attacked PoPoLoCrois and she had to turn back into a dragon in order to
defeat the Ice Demon and save the Kingdom of PoPoLoCrois. But when she
was sending the Ice Demon to the World of Darkness, the Ice Demon kidnapped
her soul and took it with him. Sania explains to Pietro that she had to seal
the Ice Demon's soul inside Devil's Planet in order to keep the Demon from
returning to PoPoLoCrois once again. Now that the Ice Demon's soul has been
released, Sania must now hunt down the Ice Demon again and bring his soul
back to the World of Darkness. But she is too weak from the encounter with
the Big Three so now it's up to Pietro and his friends to track down the
Ice Demon at the bottom of the Ice Tower.

----- 6. ICE TOWER -----

Head down the icy slopes and pick up the "Knight Stone" and "Nova Stone" from
the treasure chests. Keep heading down the many icy staircases until you 
reach the Big Three trying to resurrect the Ice Demon. They aren't too
pleased to see you once again, and this time Dorun will attack you.

(((BOSS: Dorun - 2096 Hit Points)))
Dorun will cast a spell called "Earth Fear" that will damage your entire
party so be ready to heal up. Use everyone's special skills, and Narcia's
Retribution will come in handy here as well. It at least give you a little
more attack power and a slightly raised defense. Dorun will also cast "Slow
Bind" that will slow down one or more of your party member's attack speed.
This won't prove too big of a problem as it never seems to hit more than one
character at a time anyway. Just keep attacking Dorun and healing when the
need arises and you won't have any trouble taking him out. I found him
easier to beat than Carpa.

After defeating Dorun, you look over to see the Big Two reviving the soul of
the Ice Demon. Sania quickly moves over to them and tells that that she will
not allow the Ice Demon to return. As Sania tries to transform into a dragon
but just doesn't have the strength and falls to the floor. Yaboo covers
her in ice and then smashes the floor with his staff which causes the tower
to begin to crumble. Backtrack up the icy stairs and slopes. You'll soon be
shown the icy planet crumbling as you plummet back onto Mac the Whale's back.
From the back of Mac you can see the Ice Demon flying away with the Big Two
as well as your mother. Pietro cries out for his mother, but it's too late.
Mac decides it's best that you go back and talk to King Danu again to find
out what to do next.

----- 7. BACK TO KING DANU -----

Head up all of the staircases again and back into King Danu's throne room.
Danu will immediately feel your failure to get your mother's soul back and
will see that you have awakened something that brought disaster to your
world years ago. Danu tells you that right now, Yaboo is guiding the Ice
Demon back to Earth. White Knight and Gami Gami Devil please with King
Danu to send guards to defeat the Ice Demon but Danu isn't willing and tells
Pietro that he should be the one to defeat the Ice Demon and save PoPoLoCrois.
The time has come to head back to Earth so you can deal with the Ice Demon.

Head back to Mac the Whale. He'll take you back to Earth. On the way you
will come into contact with a Guard who'll tell you that Yaboo and the
Ice Demon have already passed through back to Earth. The guard will lead
you through the portal back to Sword Mountain.


Upon returning to Sword Mountain you decide that you must go tell Master
Raduk about the Ice Demon returning to Earth. Head back down the mountain.
Talk to the villagers and they'll tell you of the eruption on Sword
Mountain. They'll also tell you that Master Raduk wants to speak to you and
is waiting for you on the outskirts of the village. Go speak to him asap.

----- 9. MASTER RADUK -----

You can find Master Reduk in the little woodland area near the bottom of
the mountain. It's the place with the little ladder and the two treasure
chests. Once you get to this clearing, Master Raduk will come spinning down
to talk to you. He tells you that he already knows about the Ice Demon's
return and tells you that the Ice Demon has headed PoPoLoCrois!
Since Gami Gami's ship crashed, Master Raduk will teleport you back to
PoPoLoCrois where you find everything has been frozen in ice. 
======================= END OF BOOK 2 - ICE DEMON ============================

C. Book III Ice Demon - Snow Land


After Raduk has teleported you back to PoPoLoCrois Castle, you begin to have
a talk with your father, King Paulo. He decides to tell you the story of how
he met your mother Sania. "One day while I was hunting in Flonel Forest, I
met a dragon there...The most beautiful dragon." King Paulo tells you of
meeting a beautiful white dragon and feeling a special connection to this
dragon. He came back to the forest one day to see the dragon but it wasn't
anywhere to be found. Instead a beautiful woman was there and they fell in
love and were married. But when the Ice Demon attacked the kingdom, he watched
as Sania turned herself back into the dragon in order to fight the Ice Demon.

As King Paul is finishing up his story, a castle maiden comes running in
to inform the King that Queen Sania's body has disappeared from the tower.
Pietro runs away, feeling like it's all his fault that his mother is now gone.
As Pietro stands near the river feeling bad about the events that have
transpired, a voice comes to him. It's the Ice Knight who promptly
attacks Pietro. But a powerful force blocks the Knight's attack as Narcia
comes running to Pietro's rescue. The Knight begins to attack Narcia now,
but Narcia quickly turns into Kai and shatters the Ice Knight with one
swift kick. But Pietro now knows that Narcia is Kai and Kai is Narcia.
Narcia collapses, so Pietro carries her back to PoPoLoCrois Castle to
get her the care that she needs.

As Pietro waits outside of the castle room where Narcia is, Guilda finally
calls Pietro to come into the room. Guilda will explain to Pietro that
Narcia was in fact Kai and that Narcia wanted to help Pietro so she risked
her life to change into Kai using the Gold Key but that Narcia wasn't
supposed to let anyone know who she really was and that is why she was hurt.
Guilda has sent the castle magicians in search of a cure for Narcia and they
return with the "Seed of Soma." Guilda uses the Seed of Soma on Narcia but
it doesn't help, and she then concludes that they need the entire "Soma
Flower" in order to cure Narcia. Guilda tells Pietro that there are no
Soma Flowers in existence and that it takes 100 years for a Soma Flower
to bloom. That's when it dawns on Guilda that perhaps the Fountain of
Gallop could be used because time passes hundreds of times faster there.
Guilda gives you the Seed of Soma and now you must seek out the fairies at
the Fountain of Gallop. Time to head out.

----- 2. FOUNTAIN OF GALLOP -----

As you leave PoPoLoCrois, the guard will close the gate in order to keep
the Ice Demon and his minions out of the city and castle. Head to Takinen
Village. Once you get to Takinen Village head to the left and go around
the brush and then head up until you read a small bridge. Cross the bridge
and then head off to the left. This will take you to the Fountain of Gallop
where you need to plant the seed. Cross the lily pads to the small island
out in the middle of the pond to plant the Soma Seed. Pietro throws the seed
into the fountain and in no time a fairy appears. It turns out that she is
a friend of Narcia and uses her magic to make the Soma Flower grow right
before your eyes. Take the flower and head back to PoPoLoCrois Castle.

----- 3. CURING NARCIA -----

Once you return to PoPoLoCrois the guard will open the gate for you and
White Knight comes running out of the gate to you. He asks how you are, and
soon Gami Gami Devil comes running to you as well and informs you that the
king wants you at this important meeting they're having. Head to the castle.
First take the Soma Flower to Narcia. Pietro will hand the flower to Narcia
and she'll eat it. Guilda asks Pietro if he did something for the fairy at
the Fountain of Gallop as the fairy has given Pietro not the flower that
blooms every one hundred years, but a Soma Flower that blooms ever 
THOUSAND years. She tells Pietro that Narcia will be fine now, but that she
needs her rest. Guilda sends you on your way and now it's time to go see
what your father, the king, wants. Head to the throne room and then up the
stairs on the right side of the room. The guard at the door will tell you
that the king is waiting for you. Enter the door and speak to King Paulo.

After you've spoken to King Paulo, he will tell you to listen to what
everyone has to say. Sabo explains that the Ice Demon that attacked the
kingdom 10 years ago has indeed returned. He tells how his minion, Yaboo,
has built a Temple of Ice located deep in the northern lands. Sabo also
tells everyone where the northern lands are located. "From Gallop
Fountain, go through the forest, and continue north. The Temple of Ice is
located far in the north land. There's nothing there but snow and ice."
Sabo reveals to everyone that although the Ice Demon's soul has returned,
the demon's body must still regenerate. He's sure this is what Yaboo is
working on right at the moment. It is decided that someone must be sent
to stop Yaboo from reuniting the Ice Demons soul with his body. Everyone
volunteers, but King Paulo tells everyone that he has already chosen who
will travel to the Ice Temple and stop the Ice Demon once and for all. That
person is Pietro!

As soon as Pietro accepts the challenge, White Knight, Gami Gami Devil,
and Narcia all come into the room and join Pietro. Now the time has come
to head to the north lands and the dreaded Ice Temple.

----- 4. TRIP PREPARATIONS -----

Now is a good time to check out the new items available at the shops in
the City of PoPoLoCrois. Outfit your characters with better weappons, armor,
and items for the long journey to the north lands. After you've done so,
rest at the Inn and save your game.

******* TRAVELER SHOP *******
Sentinel Staff  - 2000 Gold
Steel Bracer    - 1120 Gold
Rubber Shoes    - 1000 Gold
Forest Charm    -  800 Gold
Zephyr Symbol   - 1200 Gold
Fang Charm      -  800 Gold
Forest Leaf     -   20 Gold
Forest Twig     -   50 Gold
Forest Shower   -   65 Gold
Panacea         -   40 Gold
Dragon Tear     -  250 Gold
Blessed Water   -  180 Gold

After you've stocked up for the long trip to the north lands, leave the City
of PoPoLoCrois and head to Takinen Village. Follow the instructions that you
were given and head to the Fountain of Gallop. You'll notice that the fountain
is now frozen and you can walk across it. Head right through the gap in the
two large trees and you'll enter the north lands. It will be easy to tell,
as the ground is frozen solid.

----- 5. WHITE VILLAGE -----

Follow the icy trail until you come to the open ice land. You'll know it when
you see it because it's almost solid white ice. Head straight ahead and up
a little and soon you'll come to "White Village." Talk to the people there
and many will tell you about how cold it is and how difficult it's making
there life. Find the Inn and rest and save your game. There's still a lot
of work to be done. 

******** GENERAL STORE *********
Vindication     - 3600 Gold
Mallet          - 1800 Gold
Warrior Bracer  - 1600 Gold
Forest Ring     - 2000 Gold
Forest Leaf     -   20 Gold
Forest Twig     -   50 Gold
Forest Shower   -   65 Gold
Panacea         -   40 Gold
Dragon Tear     -  250 Gold
Blessed Water   -  180 Gold

The Inn and General Store are both downstairs, so don't forget to look for
the stairs leading down in the buildings. You'll begin to hear talk from the
villagers about how the Ice Tower was constructed in only a matter of days
which they all find miraculous. Once you've stocked up on supplies and saved
your game, it's time to head for the Ice Tower.

----- 6. ICE TOWER -----

Exit the village and head straight up. You'll soon hit an icy embankment.
Follow the embankment to the left until you come to a corner. Step into
the corner and Pietro will speak to the group telling everyone that this is
the Temple of Ice. Yep, that's right. It's the Ice Tower and it's BIG! Head

Proceed forward until you come to a bright yellow cylinder of light. Approach
it and Zoldan will laugh at you. He tells you that he will not allow you to
reach the top of the tower. He says Lord Yaboo is holding a ceremony and is
not to be disturbed. All of a sudden Zoldan will appear right in front of
you. Time for another boss fight.

(((BOSS: Zoldan - 2412 Hit Points)))
Zordan will cast "Air Slasher" that will do some damage to everyone in your
party, so watch out for it, and heal accordingly. Use Narcia to heal members
or your group and use the other characters to inflict special skill attacks
on Zordan. Once again, this shouldn't be a difficult fight as long as you've
leveled up a little bit since the fight with Dorun. Zordan will also cast
"Down Burst" which does some good damage to your party members but has
limited distance so try to keep your characters a little spread out for this
fight and this spell shouldn't cause you too much trouble. Overall this is
not a difficult boss fight at all.

As Zoldan is defeated and fades away, he exclaims to you that you're too late
and that everything is already in place since his lord has been revived.
Walk into the yellow light and you'll be transported to a beautiful icy
cavern maze with blue and yellow cylindrical lights everywhere. Head down, 
right, all the way down, left and then up to that yellow light. Go ahead and
take the "Eternal Symbol" from the treasure chest and then go back to the
yellow light you just passed. Go up and to the right and into that yellow
hole. Now go left, up left, up, left but don't walk into that yellow light.
Instead go left, up, right, up, and then all the way to the right. Just below
you should be a yellow light. Head into that one. Now head left into that
yellow hole. Now head right, down, and then right into the light. Head all
the way to the left and into that yellow light. Now just down and to the
right is another yellow light, get in there. Now you'll be in a part of the
cavern that has an icy staircase and a treasure chest. Grab the "Forest Rain"
from the chest and head up the staircase. Grab the "Summer's Fury" from
the chest at the top of the first staircase and then go back down and up the
other staircase. Continue climbing all of the staircases until you reach
yet another yellow light. Enter. You'll come out at the entrance to a
icy platform that will quake and move upward when you stand on it. You're 
going to the top!

Pietro sees his mother trapped in the air above an icy sculpture. Narcia
sees that a light from the sky is what's holding her up above the sculpture.
White Knight will try to get her out of the light to no avail. Yaboo's voice
tells White Knight not to touch the glass orb with his filthy hands and
appears in front you you. Yaboo explains that they are draining Sania's
draconic energy in order to revive the Ice Demon's body. As Gami Gami Devil
tells Yaboo that he is the most evil one around, another boss fight ensues.

(((BOSS: Yaboo - 2820 Hit Points)))
The glass sculputre in the middle of the battlefield will prove to be a bit
of a pain during this fight, as it's difficult to get a good line of sight
for Gami Gami Devil and White Knights. Yaboo will cast a "Magma" spell that
can be quite devestating for one character so be sure you keep an eye out if
he casts this spell. Use Narcia's "Retribution" spell to boost your one of
your character's offensive and defensive capabilities. This will help do more
damage until you can get your characteer's better positioned. Try to surround
Yaboo with your characters as it will not only keep him from hitting all of
your characters at once with one of his spells, but it will also allow you
to get hits on Yaboo from the side and behind him. "Nova" is an earthquake
spell that Yaboo will use that can do some significant damage to any of
your characters that are within range of Yaboo when he casts it. A lot to
watch out for but you'll do better if you can try to position your characters
farther apart from each other. You'll do most of your damage using Gami Gami's
"Gami Missile" and White Knight's "Aerial Slash" so use them as often as you
can and use Pietro and Narcia for healing and restoring magic points in White
Knight and Gami Gami Devil. It may take longer than previous bosses, but
you'll take out Yaboo without too much trouble.

After you dispatch Yaboo, he admits that you're stronger than he expected but
that he doesn't care because it doesn't matter what happens to him now because
the world will soon be covered with death and darkness. He tells you that the
Sacred Ceremony is now complete and that he's going to use Sania's body as
the host for the resurrected Ice Demon. Then he crumbles into peices right
before your eyes. You see Sania's ice orb shatter and her body lifted into
the sky. All of a sudden lighting strikes the ground where the sculpture was
and it shatters into a million peices revealing the Ice Demon. Pietro is mad
because the Ice Demon has taken over his mother's body and he approaches the
Ice Demon. The Ice Demon isn't happy about this and grabs Pietro. But Sania
somehow manages to fight the Ice Demon from inside of him and created a
bright glowing light that frees Pietro from the Ice Demon's clutches. Sania
begins speaking to Pietro..."I heard you Pietro, and it helped me free myself
from the Ice Demon's body. He can't use my power anymore. Get up now, and be
brave." At that moment Sania's soul flies away into the air above you. Guess
what? Yep...another boss fight. And not an easy one, at that.

----- 7. ICE DEMON -----

(((BOSS: Ice Demon - 4408 Hit Points)))
The Ice Demon will use "Ice Edge" in which he'll stab one of your characters
with his giant sword doing massive damage. Try to keep your weaker characters
out of his reach unless you want them taken out quickly. "Dark Edge" is 
another attack that can do some damage, especially since it hits multiple
characters. Ice Demon is a bit tougher than any of the bosses you've faced
up until now, so don't underestimate him. In fact, you should watch out for
his "Dark Curse" spell more than anything, simply because it hits all of your
characters and does quite a bit of damage. As with most boss fights up until
now, if you have enough healing items and are leveled up alright, this battle
shouldn't be too difficult, just a bit longer than most previous boss battles.
Use White Knight's "Ballistic" and Gami's "Gami Missile" and you should take
the Ice Demon out before too long. As with Yaboo, try to keep your characters
spread out a bit so he can't hit too many of them at once, unless he casts
"Dark Curse", which luckily doesn't happen too often.

After defeating the Ice Demon, it will shatter into peices leaving a glowing
light in it's place. Turns out that glowing light is Pietro's mother, Sania.
The whole place begins to rumble and the floor shatters leaving you all
falling. The glowing light catches all of you and trnasports you out of
the collapsing Ice Tower. Pietro is finally reunited with his mother at long
last. Now the menace of the Ice Demon is over and peace has been restore
to PoPoLoCrois. Sania began healing her mind and body.
======================= END OF BOOK 3 - ICE DEMON ============================

D. Book IV Ice Demon - Broken Peace

As Pietro awakes to begin Book IV, King Paulo comes into his room and asks
Pietro how long he plans to sleep? King Paulo has something to tell Pietro.
King Paulo tells you to come to his room when you're ready and he'll tell
you then. Time to get up and get started on yet another adventure. 

----- 1. QUEEN SANIA'S RETURN -----

Head to the king's room. The king tells you to head to the back room. He
asks you if you're ready, so simply reply "yes". In fact, you'll have to
reply "yes" three times just so the king will get it through his head that
you are indeed ready. Go in to the back room. It's your mother, laying in bed
and waiting to see you. Ten years you've waited for this day. And now it's
here. You embrace your mother and the king plans a huge celebration to
commemorate the return of Queen Sania. All is well in PoPoLoCrois once
again. At least for the time being...
======================= END OF BOOK 4 - ICE DEMON ============================


E. Book I Dark King - Pietro's Trial

.....TO BE CONTINUED..........................................................


Boink Hammer - A commonly used child's hammer. Makes a distinct sound.
Broad Sword - A wide-bladed sword commonly used by soldiers.
Bronze Scimitar - Bronze-plated sword with moderate strength.
Dreamchaser - When used, this magic staff causes opponents to fall asleep.
Iron Sword - A powerful sword, but heavy and hard to handle.
Long Sword - A long-bladed sword commonly used by knights.
Mallet - Small hammer used as a weapon due to its size and weight.
Oaken Staff - A sturdy staff made of oak.
Sentinel Staff - Gives user an aura of physical attack protection.
Short Sword - A small sword that provides minimal offensive strength.
Steel Sword - A sharp and powerful sword made of fine steel.
Training Sword - Blacksmith training students forged this poor quality sword.
Vindication - Lightweight blade that increases critical hit rate by 10%.
Wooden Stick - A wooden stick with minimal stength. It is easily broken.

Bronze Bracer - Bronze-plated bracer commonly used by soldiers and swordsman.
Cheap Shoes - Cheapest shoes available. Only slightly better than bare feet.
Leather Shoes - Shoes worn by commoners, that are more comfortable.
Metal Bracer - A standard bracer used to slightly increase defense.
Oaken Bracer - An inexpensive and durable bracer made from oak.
Rubber Shoes - Made of comfortable rubber with added agility.
Steel Bracer - A sturdy, but lightweight, bracer crafted from fine steel.
Warrior Brace - Worn by warriors for added protection from physical damage.
Wooden Shoes - Shoes made from wood that allow more comfortable travel.
Worn Bracer - A simple, inexpensive bracer used by a novice swordsman.

Eye Ring - A magic ring that offers additional protection from attacks.
Falcon's Charm - Fashioned using falcon feathers to increase agility.
Fang Charm - Created using a fang from a snake to increase attack.
Forest Charm - Fairy dust is sealed inside.
Forest Ring - Enchanted with fairy power to increase user's magic power.
Glass Ring - A glass ring that could easily be broken.
Rainbow Charm - Created to capture the color of the rainbow to increase luck.
Toy Ring - Commonly found in a toy store, this child's toy has no effects.
Wolf Charm - Fashioned using wolf fur to increase defense.
Zephyr Symbol - Created with the forest's zephyr to increase magic power.

JEWELS & ORBS (Espers):
Calm Jewel - Summons "Flying Cat"
Heal Jewel - Summons "Sheep"
Sleep Jewel - Summons "Maestro"
Slow Jewel - Summons "Octo"

Blessed Water - A party member recovers 50 magic points.
Dragon Tear - A party member's life is restored.
Forest Drizzle - The entire party recovers 250 HP.
Forest Leaf - A party member recovers 50 hit points.
Forest Shower - The entire party recovers 100 hit points.
Forest Twig - A party member recovers 200 hit points.
Moon Stone - Increases a character's max magic points by +5 points.
Panacea - A party member's abnormalities are removed, excluding dead.
Seafood Lunch - A variety of dead fishes. Popular among women.
Speed Seed - increases a character's agility.
Star Stone - Increases a character's max hit points by +5 points.
Takinen Brea - Locally baked bread found only in Takinen. Heals when eaten.
Walnut - A favorite among squirrels for the yummy goodness found inside.

Naguro's Shovel - Can be used to dig holes to trap enemies in battle.
Piggy Bank - A child's coin bank in the shape of a pig.
Yacht Part - Special part needed for the Flying Yacht.

Pennant - A gorgeous emblem that would make any room look fancy.
Lantern - A miniature lantern found in Gami Gami City.
Gami Gami Doll - A realistic model of the Gami Gami Devil.
Gami Gami Cake - A sweet and low carb desert found in Gami Gami City.

Bomb - Has a potentially massic explosive power. Handle with care.
Chewed Gun - Strawberry scented and coated with mold. Usage unknown.
Iron Cluster - Remains left from a steam powered machine. Nothing but junk.
Junk - Arm parts left from a steam powered machine. Nothing but scrap.
Pheonix Feather - A sharp feather from the legendary bird that rose from ash.
Tire - Once owned by the Mimic Panda. An unknown item.

  ENEMY                   HIT               ITEM(S)                SIZE  
-LOCATION                POINTS             DROPPED
Acornholio               16 HP              Forest Leaf            Small
Ammonite                 71 HP              Forest Leaf            Medium
-Hata Hata
Ammowar                  276 HP             Panacea                Medium
-Cotrico Island
Ankylosaurus             237 HP             Meat,                  Medium
-Hot Springs Cavern                         Lizard Tail
Assassin Chef            243 HP             Pancakes,              Medium
-Pasela                                     Forest Shower
Bad Kitty                319 HP             Panacea                Large
-Fairy Castle
Barbaran*                55000 HP (?)       None                   X-Large
-Maria's Temple
Baru                     1412 HP            None                   X-Large
Boxie                    15000 HP           None                   X-Large
-Maira's Temple
Brown Mouse              20 HP              Nuts                   Small
Burning Snowman          128 HP             Lightstone             Medium
-Ice Field
Carpa                    1784 HP            None                   X-Large
-Hata Hata
Caterpillar              158 HP             Panacea,               Small
-Mountains                                  Blessed Water
Centipede                181 HP             Mini Glove,            Large
-Hata Hata                                  Forest Twig
Chaos Angel              523 HP             Angel Wing             Medium
-Maira's Temple
Chaos Commander          1124 HP            None                   Large
-Maira's Temple
Chaos Dragon             453 HP             Dragon Tear            Large
-Remoria Continent
Chaos Emperor            683 HP             Kanesada               Large
-Maira's Temple
Chaos Hound              367 HP             None                   Medium
-Remoria Continent
Chaos Knight             384 HP             Firestrike,            Large
-Remoria Continent                          Icestrike
Chaos Mage               91 HP              Blessed Water          Medium
-Devil Planet
Chaos Slug               104 HP             None                   Small
-Devil Planet
Combat Knight            108 HP             None                   Medium
Condor                   307 HP             Forest Seed            Large
-North Mountain
Dagon                    167 HP             None                   Small
Dark Lion King           6516 HP            None                   X-Large
-Cotrico Island
Dark Mage                44 HP              Blessed Water,         Medium
-Godrif                                     Panacea
Death Trumpet            232 HP             Forest Drizzle,        Medium
-Roma                                       Pure Water
Devil Bat                32 HP              Oaken Bracer           Small
Dinner Set               224 HP             Spoon, Knife, Fork     Medium
Doll                     267 HP             Forest Seed,           Medium
-Steel Devil Castle                         Boink Hammer
Dorun                    2096 HP            None                   X-Large
-Devil Planet
Dragon Spirit            927 HP             Dragon's Memory,       Large
-Maira's Temple                             Dragon Tear
Elysium Bird             53 HP              Forest Leaf            Medium
Evil Castanet            226 HP             Castanet,              Small
-Roma                                       Dried Scallop
Flower Dragon            194 HP             Flower Pipe,           Large
-Mansel                                     Pure Water
Foul Drum                269 HP             Drumstick              Medium
Frilled Lizard           198 HP             Pure Water             Medium
-Hot Springs Cavern
Gami Gami Armor          1236 HP            None                   X-Large
-Gami Gami Castle
Gargoyle                 407 HP             Gargoyle Eye           Large
-Remoria Continent
Garp                     10500 HP           None                   X-Large
-Fairy Castle
Genocider                314 HP             Bolt,                  Large
-Steel Devil Castle                         Dud
Giant King               663 HP             Jewel                  Large
-Maira's Temple
Guard Knight             98 HP              None                   Medium
Gorg                     12750 HP           None                   X-Large
-Cotrico Island
Gorgon                   293 HP             Living Pebble          Large
-Cotrico Island
Gray Mouse               163 HP             Fang                   Small
Griffin                  715 HP             Phoenix Feather        Large
-Maira's Temple
Hatamoto Robot           277 HP             Kiyomitsu              Medium
-Steel Devil Castle
High Mandragora          186 HP             Radish, Panacea        Medium
Hippopotamus             212 HP             Dud,                   Large
-Mansel                                     Forest Twig
Horned Penguin           128 HP             Pillow, Horn           Medium
-PopoloCrois                                Blessed Water
Hydra                    853 HP             Hydra Orb,             Large
-Cotrico Island                             Spiked Tail
Hyena                    192 HP             Leftovers              Medium
Ice Demon                4408 HP            None                   X-Large
-Ice Tower
Ice Warrior              145 HP             Shaved Ice             Medium
Iceman                   163 HP             Shaved Ice,            Large
-Ice Field                                  Blessed Water
Kelpman                  247 HP             Seafood Salad          Large
-Bayshore Street
Kraken                   275 HP             Appendage,             Large
-Bayshore Street                            Stuffed Squid
Lionman                  318 HP             Lion Mane,             Large
-North Mountain                             Takinen Bread
Living Dead              147 HP             Panacea                Medium
-Cave of Kings
Lizardman                289 HP             Roasted Lizard,        Large
-Cotrico Island                             Lizard Tail
Maira                    16000 HP           None                   X-Large
-Maira's Temple
Mandragora               24 HP              Radish, Forest Leaf    Medium
Manticora                351 HP             Forest Rain            Large
-Fairy Castle
Mantis Weasel            46 HP              Short Sword            Medium
Mantrap                  181 HP             Forest Twig,           Large
-Jungle                                     Panacea
Maracas                  245 HP             Forest Twig            Medium
Medic                    82 HP              Forest Leaf            Medium
Mimic Panda              24 HP              Tire                   Medium
Mini Demon               1812 HP            None                   Medium
Minotaur                 214 HP             Kunishige              Large
-Cave of Kings
Mr. Pepper               28 HP              None                   Small
Mud Drone                18 HP              Forest Leaf            Small
Negative Energy          295 HP             Sphere of Light,       Small
-Fairy Castle                               Holy Water
Ninja Robot              32 HP              Bomb                   Medium
-Gami Gami Castle
Orc                      48 HP              Forest Shower          Medium
Orc King                 618 HP             None                   X-Large
Orc Warlord              175 HP             Orcish Staff           Medium
-Cave of Kings
Overheat                 291 HP             None                   Medium
-Steel Devil Castle
Pansy                    281 HP             Holy Water             Small
-Fairy Castle
Pecker                   23 HP              Phoenix Feather        Medium
Phantom Harp             238 HP             Pure Water             Medium
Pill Bug                 32 HP              Panacea                Small
Platypus                 18 HP              Nuts                   Small
Pot Snake                194 HP             Forest Shower          Medium
-Hot Springs Cavern
Pteranodon               188 HP             Forest Twig            Large
-Hata Hata
Robomander               2313 HP            None                   X-Large
-New Gami Gami Castle
Robot Boxer              283 HP             Magnet                 Medium
-Steel Devil Castle
Rune Pod                 92 HP              Blessed Water          Medium
Saber Cat                185 HP             Tiger Fang             Medium
Sabertooth Tiger         68 HP              Tiger Fang             Medium
-Hata Hata
Samurai Robot            55 HP              None                   Medium
-New Gami Gami Castle
Scavenger                232 HP             None                   Medium
-Bayshore Street
Screamer Bird            78 HP              Iron Sword             Medium
-Hata Hata
Sentinel                 78 HP              Panacea                Small
Shadow Robot             173 HP             None                   Medium
-Gami Gami Castle
Shell Camel              194 HP             Turtle Shell           Large
Shell Slug               284 HP             Blessed Water          Small
-North Mountain
Skeeterfly               324 HP             Fairy Bow              Medium
-Fairy Forest
Skeleton                 154 HP             Bone,                  Medium
-Cave of Kings                              Forest Twig
Skewered Rocks           167 HP             Slough Rock,           Medium
-Mountains                                  Forest Twig
Slugger                  34 HP              None                   Large
Snowman                  124 HP             Snow Ball              Medium
-Ice Field
Specter                  175 HP             Pure Water             Medium
Splatter Weasel          119 HP             None                   Medium
-Ice Field
Squirrelly               28 HP              Walnut                 Small
Steamed King             192 HP             None                   Medium
-Gami Gami Castle
Steamed Power            48 HP              Iron Cluster,          Medium
-Gami Gami Castle                           Junk
Steel Devil              7125 HP            None                   X-Large
-Steel Devil Castle
Striker Bird             168 HP             None                   Medium
Technician               234 HP             Plastic Ball,          Medium
-Bayshore Street                            Pure Water
Tent Bug                 334 HP             Takinen Bread, Beetle  Medium
-Fairy Forest                               Corn, Forest Drizzle
Todestul                 178 HP             Pure Water             Medium
-Cotrico Island
Treant                   189 HP             Pure Water             Large
Trio Robot 1             3250 HP            None                   Large
-Steel Devil Castle
Trio Robot 2             4000 HP            None                   Large
-Steel Devil Castle
Trio Robot 3             3500 HP            None                   Large
-Steel Devil Castle
Turtle Camel             183 HP             Turtle Shell           Large
Twin Snake               249 HP             Shiny Scale,           Large
-Devil Planet                               Bright Scale
Ulthra                   2386 HP            None                   X-Large
-Mine Tunnel
Vampire Bat              42 HP              Forest Leaf            Small
Wererabbit               302 HP             Forest Drizzle         Medium
-North Mountain
White Ant                185 HP             Chewed Gum             Medium
-Cotrico Island
Worker                   112 HP             None                   Large
Yaboo                    2820 HP            None                   X-Large
-Ice Tower
Zard                     3078 HP            None                   Medium
Zombie Dragon            1027 HP            None                   Large
-Maira's Temple
Zordan                   2412 HP            None                   X-Large
-Ice Tower
Zul                      7875 HP            None                   X-Large
-Cotrico Island

*Barbaran is the final boss in the game and therefore is not listed in the
Battle Journal. I estimated his hit points, mostly because the fight with him
is so incredibly long and drawn out that I honestly lost count. : )

<<< You are welcome to post this FAQ on your web site, download it, 
or print it out for your own personal use, I only ask that you please not
modify or change it. If you have any questions or spot any errors, please
feel free to contact me via email at: . Enjoy! >>>

PoPoLoCrois Faq copyright (c) 2005 Corbie Dillard

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