PSP Walkthroughs: SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo 2 Walkthrough

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SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo 2 Walkthrough

Game: SOCOM fireteam bravo 2
Author: stanpowers
Started guide: December 1st, 2006

Table Of Contents
1.0  Introduction
2.0  Controls
3.0  Gameplay information
4.0  Campaign walkthrough
5.0  Crosstalk objectives walkthrough
6.0  Dynamic missions walkthrough
7.0  Bonus objectives walkthrough
8.0  Character Customization
9.0  Weapons
10.0  Multiplayer
11.0  Faqs
12.0  Update history
13.0  Credits
14.0  Contact
15.0  Legal

1.0  Introduction

About a week after it came out, I bought this game and was very amazed.
This game had great multiplayer and single player. 
I checked Gamefaqs, and saw that there wasn't any Faqs for this game yet.
So now I made this Faq so that everyone will know where and how to unlock 
everything, and will have no trouble beating the campaign on elite mode.

2.0  Controls

3.0  Gameplay Information

Single Player

Unlike it's predecessor, Fireteam Bravo 2 has a far better single player 
campaign. The missions, while still pretty linear,
can still be finished in other ways. In every mission, you have primary 
objectives, secondary objectives, bonus objectives, and crosstalk objectives.
While the first two have to be completed, the bonus and crosstalk objectives 
are just for the fun of getting more CE points and unlocking new things.
After you finish all campaign missions, you can still replay the missions,
restart the campaign, or play dynamic missions that have a certain objective 
you need to complete and get harder the more times you play them.

Command Equity points

Command Equity (CE)points are used to buy new weapons, purchase new costumes 
for character customization, order air and artillery strikes, and also supply 
drops. You can get these points for completing campaign missions, dynamic 
missions and even for winning games in multiplayer.

Local Influence

Local Influence (LI)points are used for unlocking black market weapons for 
missions. You can get these points by restraining hostages, or capturing 
enemies non lethally. 


Multiplayer in this game, offers both Ad Hoc and infrastructure play with up 
to 16 players per map. The multiplayer offers a wide variety of maps, game 
modes, and social options. You can make your own clan, and the number of 
players in Fireteam Bravo's multiplayer is immense.

For more information on multiplayer, see the multiplayer section of this 

4.0  Campaign Walkthrough

Eagle's Nest
Command Equity:
Mission overview:

After the short cutscene, head forward and up the hill to be greeted by your 
first enemy. If you want, sneak up on him and knife him, otherwise, just kill
him. Take a right after the enemy, and kill the next one. Around the left 
corner after the last enemy, there will be two more, kill them, and follow 
the path. In the next area, there will be three enemies on the ground, and a
sniper up on the cliff, kill them all and take the right path that will lead 
you to a crashed helicopter site with two enemies down below. First, take 
out your photo binoculars, and take a picture of the helicopter. Then, 
you can either snipe the enemies, or just throw a grenade. 

When they're done, go back the way you came, and go to the path you ignored 
before. While climbing up the hill, you will be ambushed by another enemy, 
let him have it! While following the path, just keep killing enemies on 
your way, when you come to a fork in the road, take the left because it's 
safer and enter the house on your left. When you enter it, there will be a 
folder on the table, take it and proceed through the next door. Kill the 
enemies and restrain the villager. In the next house, kill the enemy 
behind the crates and take a photo of the map on the wall, then exit through 
another door. Outside again, kill the two enemies and restrain the second
villager. The next house has another enemy kill him, plant the charge on the 
pile of crates, and exit through the window.

Take cover behind some barrels or crates, you will be attacked by a group of 
enemies. When they're all dead, proceed to the truck and plant a satchel 
charge. Now continue down the path, killing enemies on your way, and when 
you get to the ambush area, take out your grenades and throw them at the group
of enemies coming from your left. After, another group will come from the 
right, eliminate them and now pat yourself on the back, you finished your 
first mission.

Last Harvest
Terrain: Rural
Command Equity: 525
Mission overview: Infiltrate a poppy plantation and shut it down.

At the beginning, go straight to the village, kill all the enemies. Exit the 
village through the cave and kill all the enemies, plant a charge on the two 
crates by the left path. Follow the river until you
see a cutscene, after that, kill any enemies you see here. Go to the shed and
try to open the door. The HQ will tell you that you need to sabotage
the vent in order for the enemy to come out, so do just that. When the enemies
come out, kill the three guards. (Continue behind 
the shed and to the right, past a small bridge. Here, blow up the stash.)
That's only needed because these objectives can appear in two different areas.
	If you don't kill any enemies up to this point, you will
	find a Nav point called, RAINBOW. Go to it's end, you will find a pot of
	gold, press Square when near, and you will either get 50 or 5000 CE.

When this is done,
continue down through the shed and kill the bad guys in this next room. Take
Enter the room on your right  restrain the hostage, take the journal from 
the table, enter the room to your left, restrain that hostage and then 
continue down the tunnel. Here you will find three more hostages, restrain 
them. Continue down another small tunnel, kill the enemies here and 
secure the hostages. Go right and then straight in another room. 

Here one of
the enemies will be the overseer, use a non lethal weapon on him and restrain
him. Photograph the map on the right wall and take another map from the table.
Exit this room and follow the tunnel to your right. Once you're in that room,
kill all hostiles, then go to the end of the room to your left, photo these 
crates and then plant a charge on them. When you completed all the objectives,
exit the underground base the way you came in and there you go, mission

Shift Change
Terrain: Urban
Command Equity: 430
Mission overview: Destroy all the heroin caches in the cartel warehouse area.
Restrain any civilians you find and keep an eye out for any intel items you
come across.

Follow the Nav point codenamed "Charlie" and then follow the right wall until
you find a crack in the wall, go inside and kill all the hostiles. When you
come out, go right until you come across a door, enter that room, and then 
the next one, which contains the first heroin cache. Plant a charge on it,
then backtrack to outside again. Once outside, head left, then right and 
through the door straight ahead. 

Continue through this room, to the next one, 
and blow up the second heroin cache. Exit by following the next few rooms 
back to the big courtyard. Turn right, and then head forward. When you get to 
a door, enter the room and then the one after it, destroy the third cache,
then backtrack outside. 

A bit to the right, you should notice another door,
go inside that room and to the one proceeding it to find yourself in a huge 
warehouse. Kill all the hostiles here, secure the workers in the middle of
the room, and photo the equipment to the left of the workers, continue
through the door. Blow up the fourth heroin cache and exit the room.
Go to the side room on the left side of the warehouse, blow up the last 
cache and finish off the enemies. Choose any of the three extraction points
and go there, mission accomplished.

Dragon's Den
Terrain: Private Estate
Command Equity: 415
Mission overview: Capture HANGMAN, a suspected druglord controlling the local
cartel, for questioning.

Follow the path straight ahead, kill all the enemies near the small lake and 
tell your teammate to disable the boat. Instead of going to the villa like HQ
tells you to, turn left and go to through the small waterfall,
you will be inside a cave. To your right, there will be some kind of torture
machine, take a photo of it, then continue through the cave until you arrive
in a room with a lot of enemies, kill them so that they don't get in your 
way, and then blow up the stash with a charge. Follow the path through the 
cave and you will find yourself inside the villa, HANGMAN will be right in 
front of you, DON'T KILL HIM! First, look around on the second floor, to find
some intel, then, follow HABGMAN to the boat, killing enemies on your
way. Watch the cutscene and restrain HANGMAN. Backtrack to where you started 
the mission and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Traffic Control
Terrain: Rural Airport
Command Equity: 545
Mission overview: Find evidence of drugs being transported out of the 
country from this location.

Once you start, move into the airport through the crack in the wall.
Kill any enemies you see and then move to the first warehouse. Photo the drugs
on the table, exit the warehouse and go into the second one, clear the enemies
photo more drugs, plant a C4 charge on the fuel truck, and get out. In the 
third warehouse, once again photo the last drugs and then take a picture
of the helicopter in the middle of the room. Exit the warehouse through 
the crack in the wall, kill all the enemies outside, plant a charge on the
truck to the right, and then enter the building to the right of the fuel truck
you just blew up. Enter the room to your left, kill the enemies and rescue
the hostage. Go to the room to the right of this room and get the intel on
the table to your right. Exit the way you came, but this time go to the room 
on your right. Secure the hostage and photo the white board, then continue
outside. Enter the baggage claim building and secure the hostage, then enter 
the next room, secure the hostage to your right, and grab the laptop from 
the desk. Enter the next room, kill all the enemies and open the next door.
You will be greeted by a cutscene, kill the enemies in that area, and 
plant a satchel on the plane. Congratulations, mission accomplished!

Cascade Effect
Terrain: River Valley
Command Equity: 395
Mission Overview: Locate and destroy any uranium processing equipment in the
hydroelectric compound and secure any uranium already processed.

Once you begin, follow the path past the two bridges, killing enemies in
your path until you come across a lake. Follow the FOXTROT Nav point.
Keep going forward, until you come across a machine gun nest. Kill all the
enemies around it, and continue down the path until you reach a bridge.
Snipe the enemy in the guard tower, and go past the bridge, turn right
and the right again, then go across the next small bridge and go inside 
the building. 

Go to the other side of the room past this one. Pick up the
intel from the crates, photo the centrifuge to the left, and then blow
it up. Turn around and enter the next room. Go up the stairs to the left,
and go into the room, take the briefcase with the uranium and go down
the stairs again. Exit the building through the hall to the right.
When you exit, go forward, and then to the right and follow the path to 
the helicopter. Tell your partner to plant a satchel on it, then fall in
the small river, and up and to the building on your right.

Enter, plant a satchel charge on the centrifuge, and then get out of there.
This time, go into the building in front of you, and blow up the last 
centrifuge. Exit the building through the front entrance, eliminate the 
enemy forces that try to get past the bridge, and then head for the 
extraction point. If you didn't set off any alarms, you will get a crosstalk
effect, otherwise, mission accomplished!

Unacceptable Losses
Terrain: Mountain/Urban
Command Equity: 425
Mission Overview: Destroy AA defences so US forces can land and investigate
what is happening in the stadium.

Go down the path while killing enemies on your way until you reach your 
first AA gun. Plant a charge on it, and continue down the path. Through
the tunnel, and through the door into the sweat shop. Photo the room,
and secure the prisoners. Go into the next room, photo the weight room,
provide aid to the POW, and the prisoner in the fenced in room.

Exit the building, follow the path while killing any enemies in your way.
Follow the mountain path until you reach the second AA gun. Plant a charge
on it, and then continue down the mountain pass. Once it ends, go down the 
stairs and kill all the enemies. If you wait a bit, you'll see SPECTER behind
the fence, going into the building with his team. Anyway, go into the 
building to the right. Secure the prisoner in the shower, and continue to the
next room. Once you enter the pool room, kill all the enemies, and photo
the gas in the pool. Order your partner to sabotage the generator.

Once that's done, go to the chain link fence part of the room, and secure the
two prisoners. Exit the building, look to your left, you will see some kind
of small generator, sabotage it, then continue down the path again.
When you reach the last AA gun, blow it up, and congratulate yourself.
Mission complete!

Force Multiplier
Terrain: Urban
Command Equity: 450
Mission Overview: Intercept a mercenary convoy and protect the citizens of
the town from capture.

Go straight and blow up the bridge. Go back and follow the path. Meet the 
rebels and kill the enemies around the corner. Head right, to the North-East
building. Go in, kill the enemies, and secure any hostages. Now do the same
for the other two buildings, and head past the archway until you watch a 
cutscene. Go through the door in front of you, and kill the enemies across
the road near the stairs. 

Then go there, up the stairs, and into the room
to your left. Kill the enemy and restrain the villagers. go back to the 
corridor and to the left, enter the next door. Go to the left again, and 
through the crack in the wall. Through the door, up the small stairs, and
through the next door. 

Jump down from the roof, and then to the left. Watch
the cutscene, and kill all the enemies with a grenade or two. Destroy the 
convoy vehicles, then continue down the road, but turn to the left to enter
the marketplace. Kill all the enemies, and restrain NIGHTHOWL's wife.
Exit the way you came, except this time go to the main plaza, and eliminate
all the enemies here. After that's done, you win the mission.

Steel Trap
Terrain: Converted Oil Rig
Command Equity: 560
Mission Overview: Shut down a defence platform to allow Naval forces to land

Go down the set of stairs to your right, and toss a grenade at the enemies 
behind the containers, then advance to the next Barge. Kill all enemies here
and past the next bridge onto the oil rig. You will be greeted by a nice
surprise. Follow the corridor and kill the enemies in your way, and in the
storage room. 

Go up the small stairs on your right, and then go outside. Down the stairs,
through the door, into the next room, and then into the control room.
Turn the power back on, and now prepare to be ambushed. Kill all the enemies,
and go to the door on your right. Head through the corridor just to find
yourself outside again. Head through the rooms, and the corridors, until you
arrive in a room with a lot of stairs. 

Go into the room on your left, and
rescue the worker, then restrain him. Exit this room through the back, on your
way outside, turn right, and take the bomb schematics from the table. Then go
outside, watch the cutscene, climb all the stairs, then head to the room on
your right. Secure the two technicians, head back, but this time go to the 
room you ignored before on your right. Head right, then left, and blow up
the AA gun. Go through the door next to the gun, then go down the stairs
to your right. turn left, and look up, photo the map, then climb the stairs.

Go to the left of the room, then to the left again, and then up the stairs
to your left. Blow up this AA gun, and you're done.

Groud Zero
Terrain: Urban
Command Equity: 540
Mission Overview: Rescue NIGHTHOWL before the mercenaries capture him.

Head forward, and take a picture of the nuclear weapon in the ditch. Head 
right, and rescue the two people on each side of the door. Head inside,
and follow the corridors, through the cracks in the wall. Then ouside, then 
continue until you come across two doors. Go through the one on your left,
and jump down the roof. Turn left and save the villagers. Head back down the 
road and to your left, go through the archway, kill the snipers, and go into
the building on your left. 

Climb up the stairs, turn right, and go to the
church by the walkway near the left wall. Secure the villagers in the middle
room of the church. Go straight and to the right, up the stairs. Secure
this last villager, and then get ready to fend off enemies from all sides
of the church. NIGHTHOWL will surprisingly arrive to your aid out of nowhere.
When all the enemies are dead, you win. Mission accomplished!

Terrain: Badlands
Command Equity: 535
Mission Overview: Enter the mercenary bunker and destroy their operations
in the area.

Follow the path and turn right on the fork in the path. Approach the small
enemy bunker with caution, and snipe the enemies quitly. 
Then go to the right of the bunker and follow that path. Then turn 
right, and then take another right path. Continue until you see a small 
bunker entrance, blow up the door, and then kill the enemies inside.

Go to the left and then down the stairs, plant a charge on the tank, then 
go to the corridor on the right of the now blown up tank. In the room at the 
end of the corridor, turn to the room n the left, and kill the enemies there.
Then grab the intel to your left, and exit the room through the corridor
on your right. At the end of this corridor, in this room, go through the door
across the room, don't go outside yet. In this next room, destroy all four 
generators, Go to the next room, and then to the control room, kill all the
enemies, photo the huge map on the wall, then return to the previous room, 
and go outside this time, blow up the radar, and you're home free!

Ascending Storm
Terrain: Remote Mountain
Command Equity: 455
Mission Overview: Destroy the radar station and any enemy helicopters you

Climb up the hill and kill the guards, then follow the path and take a right
on the fork. eliminate the mercenaries here, and then enter the house, secure
the technician, and order your partner to sabotage the console. Exit
the house, and go inside the tunnel to your right, blow up the grate, and
continue down the path, and up the rise. You will be at the airbase, blow
up the truck in front of you, then enter the building to your left. Kill
the enemies in here, and then exit. Blow up the next truck, then go to the 
the right of the road, past the garage, and into the building. 
Take the intel from the table in the room to your right, go back in the 
corridor, and go down the stairs at the end of it. Blow up the chopper on 
the platform, then kill any remaining enemies. Mission complete. 

Border Town
Terrain: Derelict Urban
Command Equity: 520
Mission Overview: Talk with the informant to locate and capture the mercenary

Go straight past the car, and into the town square. Kill the enemies here, 
then into the hotel. To the left of this room, take the intel from the table,
go up the stairs and down the corridor to your right. Secure the informant 
to the first small room on your right, and climb out the window. Kill
the enemies on the roof, and the snipers, then go down to the street using
the planks. Go to the left, turn right before the bridge, aid the civilians,
then go past the bridge and kill any enemies you see. 

Destroy the vehicles to your left, in the building on your
left, to your left, to your right, and In the building to your right.
In the building to your right, kill the enemies, kill the enemies in the
adjacent room on the right, and then keep shooting RAREBIT until she 
surrenders. Restrain her, photo the map, and grab the laptop. 
Go outside, and create a signal near the fuel tanks. Mission complete.

Dark Heart
Terrain: Dry Riverbed
Command Equity: 875
Mission Overview: Infiltrate the enemy base and capture CONDOR, the mercenary

This is the last mission, and is pretty long, prepare yourself!
Photo the helicopter in front of you, Go through the east riverbed, and
kill all the enemies there. Proceed to the west riverbed, and kill all the
enemies here too. After the cutscene, enter the huge ship, destroy the truck
and the tank, and the ammo cache. Proceed up the stairs in the back of the
room. Follow the corridor, go up the next set of stairs, and turn right 
in the end of the corridor. Turn right again, and follow the corridor.
Past this room, follow the corridor, and go up the flights of stairs.

Once you come out outside, Blow up the huge artillery guns in back of you,
and in front of you. Then go up the flights of stairs in front of you, 
until you reach the top room. Shoot CONDOR a few times, then watch the 
cutscene, and restrain him. Congratulations, you finished the Socom fireteam 
bravo 2 campaign. 

5.0  Crosstalk objectives walkthrough

For those of you that want to quickly find out how to complete the crosstalk
objectives in certain levels, this section is for you.
I myself don't have Socom Combined Assault, but I still unlocked the crosstalk
objectives just for the fun of it.

Eagle's Nest
Secure Crash site 
Description: By providing support at the overlook in the EAGLE'S NEST
mission of SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2, SPECTER's team will have less enemies
to deal with at the crash site in the WINTERBLADE campaign mission.
How to complete:

Dragon's Den
Obtain Smugglers' Time-Table
Description: By obtaining intel on the smuggling operations
in the DRAGON'S DEN mission of SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2, the deploy time of
SPECTER's team in the STOCKPILE campaign mission is adjusted to arrive
before the heroin crates are scheduled to be moved.
How to complete: 

Cascade Effect

How to complete: Don't trigger any alarms in this mission.

Force Multiplier
Demolish Bridge
Description: By destroying the bridge in the FORCE MULTIPLIER mission of
SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2, the possibility of enemies flanking SPECTER's team
in the STORMCLOUD campaign mission is removed.
How to complete: Blow up the bridge in the beggining of the mission.

Unacceptable Losses
Sabotage Transformer
Description: By disabli9ng the transformer in the UNACCEPTABLE LOSSES
mission of SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2, SPECTER's team is able to more easily 
enter the camp in the CHOKEHOLD campaign mission.
How to complete:

Steel Trap

How to complete: Obtain the schematics for the explosives in this mission.

Photograph Map
Description: By photographing the map showing possible ambush locations in
the STEEL TRAP mission of SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2, SPECTER's team is ready
for the mercenary assault in the FROSTBITE campaign mission.
How to complete: 


How to complete: Obtain the request for extra forces in this mission.

Non Mission

FTB2 Shadow Element Cinema
Description: The SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 SHADOW ELEMENT Cinema has been
unlocked for viewing in SOCOM: Combined Assault Extras.
How to unlock:

FTB2 Turning Point Cinema
Description: Completing the TRAFFIC CONTROL mission of SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2
has unlocked the SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 TURNING POINT Cinema for viewing
in SOCOM: Combined Assault Extras.
How to unlock: Complete the TRAFFIC CONTROL mission in SOCOM: Fireteam 
Bravo 2.

FTB2 Karim's Orders Cinema
Description: Completing the STEEL TRAP mission of SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2
has unlocked the SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 KARIM'S ORDERS Cinema for viewing
in SOCOM: Combined Assault Extras.
How to unlock: Complete the STEEL TRAP mission in SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2.

FTB2 Endgame Cinema
Description: Completing the DARK HEART mission of SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2
has unlocked the SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 ENDGAME Cinema for viewing in
SOCOM: Combined Assault Extras.
How to unlock: Finish the DARK HEART mission in SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2.

FTB2 Main Theme
Description: The SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 Main Theme has been unlocked in the
SOCOM: Combined Assault Jukebox.
How to unlock: 

Seal Weapon Set
Description: Unlocking all the CE weapons in SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 has
unlocked the Seal weapon set for use in single player and co-op missions 
in SOCOM: Combined Assault.
How to unlock: Unlock all the Command Equity weapons in SOCOM: Fireteam 
Bravo 2.

Rebel Weapon Set
Description: Attaining Superb Local Influence rating in SOCOM: Fireteam 
Bravo 2 has unlocked the Rebel weapon set for use in single player and co-op
missions in SOCOM: Combined Assault.
How to unlock: Get Superb Local Influence in SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2.

MM-1 Multiple Grenade Launcher
Description: Unlocking the MM-1 Multilauncher in SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 has
unlocked the MM-1 Multilauncher for use in single player and co-op mission
in SOCOM: Combined Assault.
How to unlock: Buy the MM-1 Multilauncher in SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2.

6.0  Dynamic missions walkthrough

In this game, these missions replace Fireteam Bravo 1's instant action 
missions. You can reaply them any time after you finished that campaign 
mission. They give about 1/3 of the CE points that their campaign mission
gives. And usually have such objectives as: rescue the hostages, kill
a VIP, or sabotage generators. These missions are just for fun, or for
getting CE points. You are not required to complete them.

7.0  Bonus objectives walkthrough

(coming soon)

8.0  Character customization
(coming soon)


9.0  Weapons

This section is dedicated to all the weapons in the game. 

Primary weapons:

STG 77SR-22
R 303
MM-1 MultiLauncher

Secondary Weapons:

Less-Lethal M4-90
Repeating Crossbow
9mm SUB


Primary weapon:

M203 M680
M203 HE
M303 LL

Secondary weapon:



Med kit x5
Extra Ammo
Body Armor
AN-M8 x2
M7-A3 x2
HE x2
Mark 141 x3
M67 x3
Stinger x3
Claymore x2
PMN x2
AT-4 x2
RPG-7 x2


Photo Binoculars
Supply Drop
Air strike/Artillery Strike

10.0  Multiplayer

Here I will post a few multiplayer strategies that I found useful when I first
started playing.

Game Types

Free For All:
It's an all out deathmatch with every player fighting for their lives.

A battle between the Seals and the Mercenaries. The winner has the last man 

The Seals must at least rescue two hostages or eliminate all the mercenaries.
The Mercenaries must either prvent the Seals from rescuing any hostages,
or kill all the Seals.

Find the bomb, and plant on the enemy HQ, then secure it until it detonates.

Free For All, except this time, you have to find the special object, and 
hold in your possetion for as long as you can.

Intel Grab:
Grab the opposing team's intel from their base and then return it safely
to your base.

Tug Of War:
Take control of the control points scattered around the map, whichever team
controls the most at the end of the game, wins. 

Tips and hints:

- Don't camp, people hate that and will ignore you.

- Don't glitch, only glitch in "glitch" rooms.

- Don't do noobish things, will ruin your reputation big time!

- Stick in groups, other players are your ticket to winning a game.

- Take cover, and hide well if you're sniping. (Rooftops and secret passages
  work well).

  (If anyone has other tips, please e-mail me)

11.0  Cheats And Easter Eggs

Pot O'Gold
In the mission, The Last Harvest, in the poppie field, there is a rainbow, in
order to see it, you can't kill any enemies!
At at the end of this rainbow is a pot of gold that will give you either 50 CE
points, or 5000 CE points. It depends if you're lucky. If you do not see it,
Then either you or your partner killed someone.

Crazy Jump
In the level "Private Estate" go up to the 2nd floor. Find the stereo 
(you'll know what it is, it'll have the "USE STEREO" action) If you walk up 
to it you'll notice you can stand on it. Walk up to it and as you're going 
up, activate it and you should fly about 5 feet away. If you do it perfect 
you'll go into he next room.

Multiplayer Glitches

Warning, These glitches are prohibited to use in multiplayer, and are on my
guide just for the sake of information. People don't like glitchers, and 
neither do I. If anyone sends an e-mail regarding any of these glitches, I
will ignore you for the rest of my life!


Stairs glitch

In the level "Cutoff" inside the level are two staircases. If you choose the
right stircase, then go in the corner and into prone, and move slowly away 
from it. You will get sucked into the staircase. On the left side however, 
you have to do the exact same thing, but this time move slowly to the left.

12.0  Update History

01/12/06  Started guide

02/12/06  Started the first five campaign missions, added weapon section,
          added game information section.

04/12/06  Posted guide on gamfaqs, added multiplayer, faqs, bonus objectives
          sections. Corrected a few minor errors.
05/12/06  Added five more campaign missions walkthroughs.
09/12/06  Finished main walkthrough, added the crosstalk objectives. Made
          a dynamic missions description, added a few bonus objectives, fixed
		  glitch descriptions, and added a new glitch.

10/12/06  Added a few "glitches" might remove them later on.

13.0  Faqs

Q: Can I customize my character?

A: Yes you can.

Q: How many people go online usually?

A: At least 10000 normally.

Q: When will you finish your guide?

A: Hopefully soon, but I'm a busy person, and have a life apart from those
people that camp for days to get a PS3 or a WII.

Q: How can I get CE fast?

A: Redo the first campaign mission over and over, reset your campaign.

14.0  Credits
gamefaqs : For posting this guide, and for encouraging me to write FAQs.
Me : For making this guide.
You: For reading this guide.
YoYo-Pete: For letting me know about a very interesting easter egg, for 
letting me join his cool clan, and for letting me post a few of his tips. 
Luis Gonzanez: For telling about a few of the bonus objectives I missed.
Jason Ragsdale: For letting me know about a crosstalk and bonus objective I
sL33pY-_-Je5u5: For letting me know that you have to restrain every enemy up
to the point of the rainbow in order for the easter egg to work in Last 
Harvest. And for letting me know about a crosstalk objective.
Cooldude26: For showing me a cool glitch.

15.0  Contact

If you have any questions or tips please e-mail me at:
I will write back as soon as I can.

16.0  Legal

Nobody has the permission to copy or exploit this Faq because that's called 
plagiarism. If anyone steals this Faq and takes credit for it, I have full
rights to sue that person.

The following websites have my permission to post this guide:
		               copyright stanpowers 2006, 2007

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