PSP Walkthroughs: Ape Escape: On the Loose Walkthrough

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Ape Escape: On the Loose Walkthrough

Ape Escape:On the Loose
By Ryan Su

i. Story
iii.The Time Station
vii.Monkey signs
viii.Closing and Legal stuff

A young monkey named Specter was bored
of his cramped cage and the same sights
everyday. One day, he discovered an old
man who was taking notes from Specter's
information board. But the old man had
forgotten something, a shiny hat. The 
monkey reached out, there he grasped it,
put it on, and screamed,"Finally, it is 
the time for the apes to rebel!" Right 
there, he charged at the bars of the cage.
It burst open, giving the ape freedom.
There, Specter ran around the amusement
parks, freeing all of his fellow monkeys.
"Quick! To the nearest building!" cried 
Specter. The nearest building just 
happened to be a laboratory of the man
who created the helmet. The man, Professor,
had been working for years on one project,
the time station. Professor was a kind 
man, so he let two of Katie's friends 
(his grandaughter) be the first time travellers.
He was waiting for a knock on the door,
while rummaging around for his Peak
Point Helmet. The Peak Point Helmet
was designed for one purpose, raising
the human IQ. But if put on a monkey,
the results would be disastrous.
He told his grandaughter to keep
on searching, while he answered the 
door. He was expecting Spike and Buzz,
his grandaughter's friends, but was
surprised at the monkey army.
"That's my... that's hat!
He's got my hat!" Professor exclaimed,
as several apes rushed in, binding the 
Professor. Several more apes rushed in,
binding Katie. Specter ran into the 
Time Station. Monkey's began following
him. Suddenly, the door banged open. 
Spike and Buzz were in the doorway.
"What the..Professor! Katie!" Buzz exclaimed,
as he realised the situation. He ran over to 
free the Professor but -
"No, Buzz!" the Professor warned as Buzz 
reached down to free him.
"You'll get sucked into the vortex!"
He was right. Buzz was getting sucked in, too.
"Buzz! No!" Spike cried. He ran towards Buzz and 
reached out for him in a futile attempt to free him...
"Buzz! Spike!" Katie yelled as they were both sucked 
into the vortex. The last monkey shrugged and leapt 
in too. There was a blinding flash of light and 
the vortex closed. Spike and Buzz are alone, trapped 
in time as Specter attempts to
change history. Can you help them escape? 
Sex - M.
Age - 10.
Height - 135cm.
Weight - 32kg.
Spike's hobby is mainly hanging around the 
Professor's laboratory to see what the 
Professor will come up next. When he learned
the Professor had completed a time machine,
he couldn't wait to see it, and maybe try it out!

Sex - M.
Age - 60.
Height - 170cm.
Weight - 80kg.
When he was a child, he loved messing around
with various gadgets. Now that he's older,
he tends to a careless sometimes, leaving
his experiments around for people to
stumble across, such as the Peak Point Hat.
He relies on Katie to make sure he doesn't get
himself or others into trouble. Although he is 
a bit worried about Spike, he is clandestinely
excited that his Time Station worked.

Sex - F.
Age - 14.
Height - 155cm.
Weight - ?kg.
Katie lives with her grandfather, the Professor 
and constantly tries to keep him out of trouble.
She is really impatient, and is annoyed by the
messes her grandfather makes, but not as much
as Spike, who constantly gets in her way, but
is still her friend. She is a genius with 
computers and both the Professor and Spike
relies on her to keep the Time Station working,
so that Spike and Buzz can return safely home.

Sex - M.
Age - 10.
Height - 138cm.
Weight - 34kg.
Spike and Buzz are friends, but that doesn't stop
them from having a bit of rivalry. So it's not
all surprising when they both want to be the first
in the Time Station. But when Buzz tries to help the 
Professor, he gets sucked into the Time Vortex. 
Where can he be? just play the game.

Sex - M (presumably).
Age - 4 (human years).
Height - 125cm.
Weight - 28kg.
Specter used to live in a cage at an amusement park.
There, he would keep people entertained by doing
tricks and doing mischief. All of that changed when
he found the Professor's hat, Peak Point. Now, he is 
an evil ape planning to take over the world, and only 
Spike to stop him!
                The Time Station
You will return to this area once you have cleared
a stage. The Time Station is quite useful in 
some ways. You can load/save your game, view the
Monkey Book, select a stage to enter, recap on 
the training and play some cool mini-games.
I'll explain each one separatley.

Load/save- just as the name describes, you load
or save the game, just step on the red button

Monkey book- view a file of all the monkey's

Warp screen- just like a stage select, you
can choose which stage you wish to play
or you can do the stage in Time attack mode.

Training- you can recap on the training
scenario when you obtain a new gadget.

Level 1:
The Lost Land: Fossil Field:
There are four monkeys, but you only need three 
to continue. All 3 can be caught with your net, 
except one on a cliff, who you'll have to catch 
when you get the propeller later in the game.

Level 2:
The Lost Land: Wetlands:
1st Monkey: Straight ahead over the bridge.
2nd Monkey: Then Dive in the water, and you'll 
see him when you pop up for air.
3rd Monkey: On the right cliff  and go through 
the tunnel.
4th Monkey: Over the water, the opposite of 
the above cliff.
5th Monkey: Again, you need a propellerso get him 
later. He can be found on a cliff to the right before 
you go through the tunnel.
6th Monkey: Dive from the right cliff , and you'll go 
so far down you'll see the 6th monkey.

Level 3:
The Lost Land: Dinosaur Area:
1st Monkey: Near the waterfall
2nd Monkey: Behind the waterfall
3rd Monkey: Under the pterodactyl's eggshell.
4th Monkey: Disturb the dinosaur with the monkey on his back and he'll
run towards you, causing the monkey to fall off.
5th Monkey: You'll have to come back once you get the slingshot
Dart through the doorway and you'll be locked in a cage.
Fire bullet at the switch to open cage, and then another at the ape
riding the dinosaur.

Level 4:
Mysterious age: Thick Jungle:
1st Monkey: In the third wasp nest on the left.
2nd Monkey: Hanging from a tree.
3rd Monkey: Perched on a post.
4th Monkey: After rowing over to the pier, climb up the wooden post.
5th Monkey. Slap the wooden wheel with the oar to open a gate.
The monkey's on the grass ahead.
6th Monkey: In the campsite at the top of the tree trunk bridge.
You may have to come back later for the following, if you 't have the equipment.
Then head for the door near the enterance. Use the bouncy platform to
get across
7th Monkey: On the grass after the bouncy platform.
Then jump in the river and swim up the tunnel without the post-markers.
8th Monkey: When trying to escape, hit him in the blimp three times with your
9th Monkey: Use your slingshot to knock him from the tree to your right.
10th Monkey: Use your sky flyer to get into the cliffs. He's by the campsite.

Level 5:
Mysterious age: Mysterious Ruins 1:
A large part of this level is blocked off unless you have the sky flyer.
1st Monkey: Waiting outside the circle.
Go upstairs towards the building at the top. You'll find a brown square that
you into water. Dive in and keep out of sight of the monkey.
2nd Monkey: Go to the bridge round the corner and sneek up on him 
from behind. Head back up the lift and leap across to the mainland 
and the big round building.
3rd Monkey: Past the little purple devils. Grab him, leap over the 
trapdoor and let the monkey drop you down below.
4th Monkey: On the opposite side of the moving platform.
5th Monkey: After some platforms.
6th Monkey: At the top of the slope. Bag him to get through to the main 
7th Monkey: Waiting outside.
The rest must be done once you have the sky flyer.
8th Monkey: Straight ahead
9th Monkey: Hop over the wall, with the propeller. Monkey in the middle.
10th Monkey: Working a wind generator in the big hall to the left.
11th monkey: On the thin ledge above monkey 10.
12th Monkey: At the building on the top of the floating columns.
Fall off to the left of the top column.
13th Monkey: On a little platform.

Level 6:
Mysterious age: Mysterious Ruins 2:
Leap over the barrels and push the block.
1st Monkey: Behind the gate
Through the wall you can see a switch. Hit it with a pellet.
Walk over the bridge which appears.
Jump on the moving platform and shoot the switch to your left.
2nd Monkey: Across the next bridge.
Head back and walk left over the bridge. Smack the switch on the right to
open the door.
3rd Monkey: Hit the switch inside.
4th Monkey: Head back out and hit the other switch.
5th Monkey: Walk left to the cog, and hit it with your staff.
The rest must be done once you have the sky flyer and RC Car.
6th Monkey: Drive the car through the gap in the green cage.
Clamber up the pool across the water to the top
Use the propeller to float across to the tower, for the last monkey.

Level 7:
Primative Ocean: Craggy Beach:
Monkey's 1+2: On the beach
Monkey 3: On a sun bed
Monkey 4: In the Hammock
Go through the enterance
Monkey 5: Sitting on the other side of the bridge.
Monkey 6: Over the metal bridge in a flying ship
Monkey 7: Sitting on a high ledge on the other side of the bridge, so use
the sky flyer
You will need the dash hoop.
Head through the door across the bridge and hit the wheel inside to open the
Monkey 8: Spin the dash hoop through the croquet hoops.

Level 8:
Primative Ocean: Primitive Ocean:
Monkey 1: Hit the monkey on the back of the shark, and catch him when he falls
Swim through the gap on the right and hop onto the first platform and on into
the beanstalks.
Monkey 2: Holed up on the grass above.
Jump back into the water.Go up the slope to your left and hit the wheel.
Use the dash hoop to speed over the bridge and catch Monkey 3.
Monkey 4: Jump back into the water to catch the swimming ape.
Monkey 5: Keep on paddling straight and catch the monkey on the other side.

Level 9:
Primative Ocean: Garburin's Island
Fire a pellet at the monster and go through the gaping mouth.
Monkey 1: Up the ramp on the left. (Watch out for barrels)
Jump off the ramp and through the door on the right.
Whack the furry tonsil with pellets to turn on the lift.
Use the lift to go to the canyon.
Monkeys 2+3: Stun them with the slingshot.
Standing on the switches in the opposite tunnel operates the doors, but
you'll need the dash hoops to get through to bag Monkey's 4+5.
Return later with the propeller and RC car.
Use the propeller to get up on the ship, to find Monkey 6.
Head back to the mainland and shoot through the door.
Monkey 7: Round the corner.
Head back into the monsters mouth.
Monkey 8: Driver the car into the cube to lure it out.
Monkey 9: Turn and jump into the cave.
Monkey 10: Dangling from a hairy tonsil in the belly. Shoot with 
the slingshot.

Level 10:
The Ice Age: Ice Land:
Monkeys 1+2: In the igloos.
Spin round and jump on the pole.
Monkey 3: Smash the Ice.
Monkey 4: On the first mammoth.
Head under the arch, up the slope and hit the big wheel at the top.
Monkey 5: Jump on the lift and he's on a ledge to the right.
Monkey 6: Hop back on the lift and jump to the other ledge.
Come back later with the propeller
Monkey 7: At the top of the Arch.

Level 11:
The Ice Age: Slide down the mountain:
Hover over the drop.
Monkeys 1+2: Sitting in a room at the table.
Monkey 3: Hover to the top of the mountain.
Go through the door and up the stairs and you'll see another Monkey.
Monkey 4: Jump in the pool and get him.
Monkey 5: On the platform to the right. Use propeller to reach.
Jump down and head up the slope.
Monkey 6: At the top of the slope.
Take the dinghy across to the island.
Monkey 7: Trying to escape on a flying ship. Shoot him down.
Head over to the land on the left.
Monkey 8: Same as before.
Monkey 9: Across the thim walkway.
Monkey 10: In a cave to the right, and you'll need to dive underwater to get

Level 12:
The Ice Age: Spa of Ape:
Monkey 1: Down the gap beneath you.
Monkey 2: Dive beneath the waterfall.
Jump out of the water and up to the raised platforms.
Hover to the top and use the dash hoop to run across the falling bridge.
Monkey 3: On the other side of the falling bridge.
Follow the path around.
Monkey 4: Hover off the ledge on your left.
At the bottom of the mountain, head through the door and kill the bears.
Take firstleft and left again to get Monkey 5.
Flick the switch and make two left turns for Monkey 6.

Level 13:
Civilisation: Wabi Sabi Temple:
Monkeys 1, 2 and 3: Upstairs.
Head through the door of the main building..
Monkey 4: By the table.
Monkey 5: On the statue.
Monkey 6: On the roof
Monkey 7: Down the well.
Climb up the cabinets on the right and hover to the walkways for Monkeys 8 and
Drop down the well again and jump across the pillars to the left until you
reach the
red switch.
Smack it to open a hidden room with Monkey 10 in.

Level 14:
Civilisation: The Great Wall:
Monkey 1: Use the moving platform and the first platform on your right.
Follow the wall around to the door
Monkeys 2,3 and 4: in the middle.
Head through the double doors and hit the switch on your left with the
catapault to get the lift to work.
Walk round the wall at the top, double jump over the logs.
Monkey 5: Drop off the tower onto the grassy platform.
In the tower, hit the gong with your catapult to bag Monkey 6 in the flying
Hop down the hole, and down the pole for Monkey 7.
Make your way back to the lift to find Monkey 8.
The final one will be just outside the double doors ahead.

Level 15:
Civilisation: Crumbling Castle
Stand by the fence near the cliff.
Monkey 1: Drop off the precipice.
Monkey 2: Around the corner
Head up to the bridge. Go into the castle and whack the spinning tops.
Monkey 3: Through the left hand door.
The wheel on the left raises some pillars, so use stairs and propeller to get
Dodge barrels by staying on right hand side, run to top of building.
Monkey's 4+5: On the chandeliers, use sky flyer.
Monkey 6: Behind the door
Monkey 7: On the battlements
Leave the castle.
Monkey 8: Drop down to the grass below.
Monkey's 9,10,11: Around there
Go back to castle gates.
Monkey 12: On the Chair
Monkey's 13+14: On the Chandeliers again.
Monkey 15: On the top of the fight hand staircase.
Monkey 16: Use the sky flyer to get the other.
Spin round and slide down to the left.
Jump from halfway down will land you in a room of gibbons.
Knock out the orange bird,
Monkey 17: Slide down the slope to the ledge ahead.
Slip down the rest of the slide and onto the bouncing platform
Monkey 18 Spring up to a high platform.
Dropping down leads you to the hall and a knight. Smack it 5 times.
Monkey 19: In the pool
Monkey 20: In a cell, flick the switch to let him out.
Hop out of the water and onto the right-hand side of the wall.
Leap over to the wooden platform, and jump the gap.
Monkey 21: Leap the cogs, he's on the right.
Continue to fight a boss.

Level 16:
Base of Spectre: Carion City

New Gadget: RC Car Monkeys: 8/13 Spector Coins: 3
After completing the RC Car training, it's time to catch some more
monkeys! Head up the steps and drive the RC through a hole in the cage to
chase Monkey 1 out, then go and net him. Jump up the tree stumps to
reach the cave with Monkey 2 in the boxing ring.
Head to the left of the waterfall and smack the two onion men. Go under
the pipe (you can't fly up there) and a large yellow robot will drop in. Avoid
his rotating arms, then his laser bolt, and go and whack him with the Club.
Quickly run away to avoid his arms again and keep repeating the process
until you've blown him up. Now go and catch Monkey 3 just behind him -
opening a hatch elsewhere. Head back past the tree stumps and up the long
staircase. Drop down the hatch.

Head down the stairs and kill the dividing pink creature. Don't bother trying
to fly to the mesh ledge with the monkey - you can get him later. Drive the
RC Car into the small cage at the far right, onto the floor switch to open the
gate - at which point the monkey there will probably get away. Kill the pink
creature there, then drive the RC Car into the cage to flush out Monkey 4.
Catch him, then head up the steps to catch the armed Monkey 5.

Continue to the top and head round to the right. Drive the RC Car up the
slope, through a hole in the right fence, and down onto the floor switch.
Now quickly jump up the platforms before they slide back in. Kill another
pink creature, then drive the RC Car into the cage and round to the left,
over a narrow bridge, to collect Spector Coin 1. Drive it onto the floor
switch, then slide yourself down onto the mesh ledge (which you passed
earlier) for Monkey 6.

Drop down and use the RC Car to reopen the gate. Head up the steps and
swim over the water to the large sewage pipe to enter it. Jump and fly over
to the ledge by the cage (you can't get in there yet). Jump via a large barrel
to the top of the cage for Spector Coin 2. Now slide down the slope (near
the far middle) and fly off the end, onto the ledge with Monkey 7 and an
Extra Life.

Drop down and jump onto the lift, to take you up. Head back up to the top
and fly over to the ledge by the cage. Jump and fly, via the barrels, to the
next large pipe - if you fall onto the slope, just keep double-jumping and
flying. Kill the pink creature, then swim/fly over to the low platform and
jump up the rest to the high ledge, where there are two armed apes.
Quickly net Monkey 8.

Extras: Catch Monkey 9 where you caught Monkey 8. Dive down in the
water there and swim through the tunnel to find Monkey 10 swimming
around. Climb out and net Monkey 11 - the one you saw in the cage by the
barrels. Swim back through the tunnel and head into the pipe with the 
sky flyer- use the Super Hoop to run past the rotating blades and smash
the purple creatures. Swim to the left of the pool and fly up to the alcove
with the Energy Chips. Jump outwards to fly up to the top for
black-trousered Monkey 12. Drop back into the pool and swim through
the hole opposite . You emerge at the top of the waterfall near the start of
the level. Climb out and collect Specter Coin 3, then net Monkey 13 on the
pipe - careful not to fall off!

Level 17:
Tool Factory
Monkeys Required: 7/10 Spector Coins: 2
Go down to the tank and jump in it. Press R3 (push right stick in) to fire
the cannon and blow up the striped wall behind. Then use the target view
and press L3 to shoot down the flying saucer piloted by Monkey 1. Blow
up the rest of the walls and the spinners, then head up the slope, blasting
more spinners. Over to the left, Monkey 2 will jump into a gun turret when
you approach. Just keep blasting the cannon at it to blow it up, then catch
the cheeky monkey. Go past the turret and enter the sliding doors.

Head up the steps and over to the opening sliding doors and go through.
Ignore the monkey in the left cage and drive the RC Car around the
transparent tunnel, as you walk along the top. Drive it onto the switch to
make some steps appear, then jump up them and drop down the other
side. Either bring the old car through, or drop by the sign and send another
into the hole. Drive it over the moving ledges to the next switch, then jump
up the steps to the other side. Call up a new RC Car and drive it into the
next transparent tunnel and onto the first switch. Jump onto the sliding
ledge which appears, then drive the car onto the second switch and run
onto the second ledge to grab Spector Coin 1 (if you miss it, just drive the
car back onto the switch).

Sneak up the slope to catch green Monkey 3, watching out for his missiles.
Put the RC Car on the floor switch to raise the gate, then go through.
Return through the sliding doors and head right into the now opened
doorway. Step onto the ledge and it'll start moving through the lava - move
from side to side to dodge the spiked rollers. At the other end, drop down
and rotate your Club on cog wheel 1, then 2 and 3. Quickly jump up the
raised platforms to the top. Jump up at the Energy Chips for an Extra Life.
Use the Super Hoop to quickly cross the conveyor belt, avoiding the
hammers. Exit through the sliding doors.

Shoot down the spaceship, then go and catch Monkey 4. Flick the lever to
send the lift down, then fly down. Now hit the cog wheel to form the bridge
up top - keep hitting the wheel until the lift is down, then quickly take it up
and cross the bridge. Enter the sliding doors.

Watch out - Monkey 5 will burst through the crates ahead, driving a
missile-firing robot. Try to get behind it and hit its back with your Club. At
this point it will jump and come slamming down to earth, so beware. Keep
moving and, when it charges across the floor, go and hit its backside again.
Eventually you'll destroy it and be able to net the dazed ape. Fly up to the
large wall of crates and over to the far ledge to exit through the sliding
doors. Rotate your Club to kill the spinner, then time your jump onto the
semicircular ledge to avoid the first set of spikes. Move further along when
the second spikes contract - keep jumping/flying like this all the way to the
far side.

Hit the cog wheel to drop the large pipe ahead, then jump into it. At the
top, jump back onto the mesh ledge to catch Monkey 6. Jump back to the
pipe, then fly to the top of the next one for Spector Coin 2. Return to the
previous pipe, then jump/fly down to inside the second pipe.
Use the cookie jar to replenish lost energy, then jump on the far conveyor
belt. Run left (against it) and jump to the next one . Run left against it to
jump to the next one. Repeat this process until you can jump to the small
ledge (above a counter) with Monkey 7.

Level 18: TV Tower
Monkeys Required: 0/12 Spector Coins: 2
Another stage where there's no target number of monkeys, but you'll need
a few to open a door. Head up the steps and through the doorway. Shoot
down the blue floating security guns, then go and net Monkey 1 on the left.
Go through the sliding glass doors on the far side. Shoot down another
security floater, but watch out for the missile-firing Monkey 2 dropping out
of the left passage. Once you've caught him (you may need to chase him
round to the right), fly into that passage and hit the red button to drain the
pool in the first room.

Head back to the pool and drop down to enter the sliding doors. Shoot the
two security floaters and follow the path round - watch out for gunfire from
the ape hanging around below. Head down the slope and into the boat.
Row it to the ledge with Monkey 3. He'll probably dive in the water and
swim away, but if you get back in the boat he'll return. Once you've caught
him (and opened the door back in the first room), paddle the boat to the
tunnel and jump out. Use the Slingshot to shoot down Monkey 4 hanging
around, then net him.

Retrace your route up through the drained pool and enter the now opened
three-monkeys door to find another tank. Get in and drive down the path,
using the cannon to blow up the first two red tortoises. Drop down to the
grass to capture Monkey 5.

Back in the tank, drive it further along the path. At the top, blow up the
two sets of grey crates to reveal a cookie jar (the red button just activates
the lift back down the grass). Drive the tank up the next path and blow up
the crates wall to reveal Monkey 6, who gets in a gun turret. Keep blasting
it with the cannon to destroy it, then net the ape - opening the three
monkeys door back down the path. Go back there and enter it.

Cross over on the moving platform and you'll meet Spector and Buzz
again, along with the Professor and Katie whom they've kidnapped. After
the cut-scene, you're up against Spector's battlecruiser. It'll try to frazzle
you with a thruster blast, so avoid getting underneath it. It'll then either
missiles (jump/fly to avoid them) or drop a bomb (jump to avoid the
shockwave). It'll then land and fire a couple of attacks: either flames or
flying saucers. Stand to one side to avoid the flames; fend off the saucers
by rotating your Club. When a green light is revealed on the middle of the
ship, rush in with the Super Hoop to hit it. The pattern then repeats until
you've hit the green light five times - note that you can also hit it when the
ship swoops to drop a bomb. With his ship destroyed, Spector runs off to
fight another day.

Level 19: Spector Land
Monkeys Required: 0/24 Spector Coins: 10
Once again, there's no target number of monkeys, but you have to catch
some to open the main gates at the far end. Up behind the fountain is a
cookie jar, so return there whenever you need health. Enter Western Land
on the left. Use the Slingshot to shoot down Monkey 1 on the right roof,
then quickly go and catch him. Shoot Monkeys 2, 3, and 4 through the
opening shutters in the far building and catch them in turn. Exit and head up
the steps to enter the Coaster. Head forward and down the stairs, then fly
over to the right ledge. Ride the moving platform to the next ledge and
down the tunnel to find Monkey 5 in the arcade. Retrace your route and
head up the steps to the roller coaster. Get in and ride it along the track,
jumping the barriers to avoid losing health. You can also jump for Energy
Chips and an Extra Life. You need to roll over Spector Coin 1, but jump
for Spector Coin 2. Get off at the end and head upstairs to find Katie
trapped in a cage.

Head through the doors and dodge the giant blade while whacking the
spooks which appear. Go through the next doors and avoid the ghost to
smash his urn. Continue straight along the path to find Monkey 6 in a cage
- dash through when the door opens. Catch him, then step on the left
button to create some platforms in the room through the bars. Put the RC
Car on the other button and exit through the door. Return to the doors
where you smashed the ghost's urn and enter the red doors on the left.
Jump and fly straight up for Spector Coin 3. Jump along the platforms and
through the doors. Whack the spooks and head down into the pit to catch
Monkeys 7, 8, and 9 to release Katie from the cage. After the cut scene,
get on the roller coaster back to the start, then exit.

Enter the Specter Circus to find the Professor locked up. After the cut
scene, head right and jump up all the bouncy platforms, killing the clown
bombs on the ledges. Climb along the stripy poles and kill more clown
bombs to find a cookie jar. Continue up more bouncy platforms to the top
of the cage to find the clown boss. Avoid him running you over as you
keep hitting him. He'll then start throwing bombs at you, so rotate the Club
to destroy them. Keep hitting the clown when you have the chance and
he'll eventually fall through the roof. Hover down to the floor and hit the
clown, then jump/fly away to avoid him as he rolls. When he knocks
himself out, hit him again. Repeat this process until he's defeated. After the
cut scene, exit.

Enter the Go Cart and go up through the arch. Buzz will attack for the third
time, this time in his racing car. Unfortunately you don't get a car. Instead
you have to fend off or avoid the remote control cars and missiles he fires
at you. Stand on the red zone (turning it green) for a while, then Buzz will
zoom towards you and smash into the side. Jump/fly to avoid him and
quickly whack the green light at the back of the car. Eventually it'll blow up
and the ejected Buzz will be knocked to his senses. Exit after the cut

Enter the now opened far gates to see another cut scene. Proceed along
the path and down onto the metallic ledge. Fly right around the upper
ledges to find Monkey 10. Slide down to the bottom and step on the
switch to open the teleporter - jump onto its roof for Spector Coin 4
before entering.

Take the lift up. Head right, collecting Spector Coin 5, and enter the right
doors. As you head down the slope, a monkey will press the emergency
button to start the machinery. Fly up the narrow ledges to the left of the
blades. Head along the top ledge and shoot the right red button to open the
hatch on the floor. Fly over for Spector Coin 6, then hover down. Drop
down the opened hatch to catch Monkey 11. Head back up the slope to

Back outside you'll find two flying saucers have appeared. Use the Club
(while standing on a podium) to knock them both down for Monkeys 12
and 13 - opening the central doors. Use the cookie jar before entering

Head forward past the spinners and up the stairs. Head round to the left
and enter the opening gate. Stand on one of the floor switches and drive
the RC Car onto the other to open the next gate. Then use the Super Hoop
to dash through it to the purple room. Enter the monkey's mouth and head
up the slope. Go right, past the spinners, and drop down below the mesh.
Head past the arches for the Extra Life and hit the cog wheel to extend the
monkey eyes above! Head back through the speed arches and bounce
back up. Head up the slope and fly via the eyes to the ledge. While you're
here, catch Monkey 14 and use the RC Car to chase Monkey 15 out of
the cage. Hit the red button to drop the forcefield back in the purple room.
Head back there and up the stairs to enter the doorway.

Hit the crystal for an Extra Life and head up the path to the cookie jar.
Either kill the robot by hitting it repeatedly in the chest, or simply run past
it. Continue past the spinners and drop down when the forcefield moves
away, then up the other side. Head past the spinners and over the narrow
walkway, collecting the Extra Life. Head round the red ledge, flying via the
bouncy platform. Continue onwards and upwards, past another robot, lift,
and conveyor belts.

Jump on the blue platform to move to the green ledge and cookie jar.
Head up the green path, past a robot and forcefield - collect the Extra Life
below it. Bypass the spinners and robot to catch Monkey 16 on the purple
ledge. Head up the gold path to exit through the doors.

Get the Extra Life from the crystal and slap the spaceships. Fly up via the
rollers for another Extra Life. Time your jump and flight past the spike ball,
via a moving platform, to the purple ledge. Fly up to the green ledge and
follow it round. Time for some more RC Car action: drive it into the
transparent tunnel and onto the middle switch to raise the section. Move
yourself to the left edge and drive the car onto the left switch to extend a
ledge - then quickly jump and fly across.

Grab and ride the moving bar (or fly over it) to the purple ledge. Head left
and look up to see a button: shoot it, then quickly jump up via the sliding
steps. Head over the narrow red ledge, then time your jump via the
lined-up bouncy platforms. Hit either cog wheel to move the 'bat' to catch
the white 'ball' platform, then quickly get on it and ride it up. Jump off at
other end and head up onto the lift. Jump off at the top and proceed
towards the doorway - retreat when a green robot drops in. Shoot him
from distance with explosive or triple shots. Go through the doorway and
hit the red button to be transported to the next section.

Drop down and kill the spinner, then get the Extra Life from the left. Head
forward, riding the moving ledge to the other side. Exit through the doors,
back to the first room. Turn right and go through the opened passage
behind the Spector picture at the far end. Take the lift up.

Grab the Extra Life from the crystal, then walk onto the lift to ride it up.
Head right along the ledge and onto another lift. At the top, you'll get
another cut scene with Spector before the big showdown. As soon as the
target screen appears (with you in the distance), start moving to avoid the
missiles. Keep running to avoid being targeted and run towards the gun at
the front of the view to hit it. Watch out for when it charges up: get ready
to jump and fly over the shockwave. Pick up any cookies to replenish your
health and keep hitting the gun to eventually destroy it.

After the cut-scene, you face Spector's giant robot. It has several different
attacks to avoid. Watch out for the round drones which fire at you. Run to
avoid the green shadows where the missiles will land. When it raises both
its arms, jump/fly to avoid the shockwave from its thumping fists. Move to
the opposite side to avoid the laser fire from its arm, then move in to hit the
green light on the end of it. Repeat the same pattern, hitting the other arm.
When you've hit each arm twice it'll fall off - collect any cookies left
behind. When both arms are destroyed, head to either side: the torso will
fire to destroy the area you're on, so get ready to fly back to the middle,
then hit the green light. If the robot starts firing consecutive blasts, get in
close, so can easily fly to the far side area, then to the middle. With just a
few hits, the robot will explode.

These are all of the items that you can collect
in the game:

Cookies- Brown colored, and they replenish Spike's
health bar. Some stages have infinite cookie-pots
that you can smash with your stun club.

Specter Coins- Silver colored, gather as much
as you can to earn mini-games.

Energy chips- Acts like coins, Triangle shaped, 
either hollow or filled. Filled gives you 
one chip, and hollow gives you 10. Collect 100
of them to gain an extra life.

Monkeys- The goal of the game, chase and capture
them. they look like normal apes, except with 
a hat on top. Their state is determined by their
head lights and the color of their pants.

T-shirts- Gives you one extra life.

In this order: location, description, and their use

Stun Club
Location: Starting Equipment

Description: A light blue glowing stick of energy

Use: Your main weapon of the game, to stun the apes
as you capture them. There are some moves you can 
execute like the spinning attack, spin  around and press 
the stun club
Time net
Location: Starting Equipment

Description: A glowing net

Use: swing at an ape to capture it, but be careful,
they can be tricky to get
Water net
Location: Primordial Ooze stage

Description: A small yellow net device

Use: use it when you go underwater, to capture apes
underwater, press R
Monkey Radar
Location: Thick Jungle Stage

Description: a movable radar used to detect monkeys

Use: use the analog stick to point it in various directions,
there will be a monkey sign over where you point it. press
L to switch to the monkey camera
Location: Before entering Cryptic Relics.

Description: a slingshot like device that launch bullets

Use: hit out-of range enemies, press x to change the 
type of ammo you want to use

Normal- Normal bullets

Flash- Sort of like normal bullets except they explode
upon impact

Guided- it follows the enemy around until it hit an obstacle
or the enemy
Dash Hoop
Location: Crabby Beach

Description: yellow green stiped hula hoop

Use: hula hoop it and you can go faster
Sky Flyer
Location: Frosty Retreat

Description: Stick with two green wings

Use: rotate the analog stick to propel yourself higher and higher
Race Car
Location: City Park

Description: small car controlled by a remote control

Use: sweeping monkeys down by running into them, trigger floor
switches and to reach small areas
Magic Punch
Location: received at the beginning of the first stage you try to
enter after completing the Monkey Madness stage and seeing the 
Credits once.

Description: red boxing punch on an extensible arm

Use: knock down the flashing gates and blow open the glowing 
            Monkey Signs

Blue- calm and relaxed

Yellow- alert, leave them to turn back to blue

Red- has seen you and either run like crazy or attack you

Yellow- normal ape, no special abilities

Light blue- cowardly, always try to run away, but can't 
run very fast

Blue- same as Light blue, except runs faster

Red- angry, and fierce, don't let them see you

White- Alert, impossible to sneak up on, 
only capture option is to chase them around

Green- Eyes like a hawk, can spot you from a distance,
this is where stealth comes in

Black- mean apes, armed and wear shades, they will
attack as soon as they spot you.

       Closing and Legal stuff
This guide can only be used on
If you ask nicely, I may grant you permission
to use this FAQ. You can contact me at

Please do: use refer to this FAQ if you need help

Please don't: copy any part of this FAQ without my permission

I will add more to this guide when I have time, I know
there are a few things missing, and I will update as 
soon as I get a chance
I guess that's about it. *signs off*

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