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Coded Arms Walkthrough

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Coded arms boss guide version 1.06

copyright 2005 shadow griffin (Grifyn Remer-Jayne) all rights reserved

1.)Version history
4.)Tips and tricks
5.)Infinity mode
6.)Colossus level 60

1.)Version history

1.00 - Most of guide finished, few moves missing from the move list
1.01 - Finished colossus's and Enforcer's move list, added infinity section, 
       added colossus level 60 section, added a few other little things.
1.02 - Lengthened boss strategies, added new info and details to them.
1.03 - Added one of Enforcers missing attacks, added "found in" section in 
       bosses section, added a few other random bits and pieces.
1.04 - Added to the Tips and Tricks section.
1.05 - Added some more to the tips and tricks section.
1.06 - Added to mantis strategy section.

2). Introduction

Alright then, this is a boss guide for coded arms, a quite solid FPS. I must 
mentions coded arms has 3, and only 3 bosses in the entire game, so don't 
criticize me over the length of this guide.

Alright before we begin wit the bss strategies, I'll make a short list of what 
I think are the best weapons to use in the game against the bosses. Please 
DOn't argue with me about this, although you may mail me with your own

Assault Rifle
RPG (for knocking him off the ceiling)

RPG (for his head)
Shotgun (for his head)
*Vulcan (for his assorted body parts)

Assault Rifle
Photon MG
**Any of the grenade launchers
Chaff Grenades

*the vulcan will not be found til infinity mode, although it will be useful for
eliminating the bosses on those same stages.

**launchers may prove ineffective on later incarnations of enforcer (in 
infinity mode)


Alright, time for the actual strategies, keep in mind I'm open to all other 
strategies. If you mail me a very useful one, I'll definitely put it up.

A. Mantis

descripton: A giant bug that spits fire
Found in: Ruins level 13, infinity level 10 (and every 30 levels from that, 40,
70 and so on).
Weak point: Under belly
best weapons: Shotgun
              RPG (for getting him off the ceiling)
              Assualt Rifle
              Vulcan (unlock in infinity mode)
              any other rapid fire weapon that you have leveled up
Strategy: Right of the bat mantis will be open for a shot, I suggest the 
shotgun. The battle takes place on an arena with a small raised circular 
platform in the middle. Mantis will run around the platform using various 
attacks. Dodge or avoid them and keep hitting him again and again with your 
weapon of choice. Some times mantis will hop onto the ceiling, if you want to 
get him down, fire an RPG or other high power weapon at him. If you want some 
free shots, and have honeypot grenades, use em.

If mantis jumps and clings to the walls, I just suggest dodging his attacks, 
and waiting for him to come back down to the ground, you could also fire an RPG
or other explosive weapon at him. Same goes for when he's on the ceiling. If 
mantis stops suddenly, and his mouth starts flaming, move, NOW. He will launch 
a fireball, that upon impact with the ground, will explode into flame, covering
quite a large area, causing a large amount of damage.

Jdrift has quite the strategy:

"While perusing your boss strategies, I realized that my technique to defeat
Mantis without incurring any damage was not included. All that needs to be done
is a lightning-fast retreat to the lower level of the room (not sure if this
works in Infinity), backing up till you are up against the ledge and centered
perfectly with the corner where the door is located; In this position you can
fire at Mantis with impunity, not having to worry about getting stomped, hit
with fireballs or flame. Using this method, Mantis certainly is the easiest of
the three bosses to decommission."

A very good strategy, basically back up against the wall mantis is standing on 
at the beginning of the fight. I tried this and he won't be able to get you 
with his jumping attacks (very good), and usually will miss with his fire (in
very rare situations). Remember, stand still. This strategy will leave him very
open to your attacks, hit the glowing orbs on his sides.

Thanks to Jdrift for the strategy. Extra points for putting up with my 
questions til I understood it ^__^
List of attacks: 
-Mantis will jump up then come back down, striking you. Just
stepping back will avoid this, jumping too.
-Mantis will blow fire at you, just get out of the way or you will lose a lot 
of health.
-Mantis will jump onto the central circular platform in the room, and will 
rotate around, spitting fire at you. Just strafe to avoid the fire.
-Mantis will jump onto the wall and roceed to spit fireballs at you. Once again
strafe to dodge them.
-Mantis will jump onto the ceiling and crawl around for awhile. If you want to 
get him down and do a little damage, hit him with an RPG or other hih powered 
-Mantis will stop take a second or two to puff up a giant fireball and launch 
it. This fireball will explode and throw fire everywhere. Make sure to get out 
of the wat the moment you see this, it causes a lot of damage.

B. Colossus

description: A huge towering enemy, with very powerful and plentiful weapons.
Found in: Base level 13, infinity level 30 (and every 30 levels from that, 60,
90 and so on).
weak point: Hole in head
best weapons: RPG (a must for the hole in his head)
              Shotgun (for the hole in his head)
              Vulcan (if you want to shred off his arms, Unlocked on infinity 
strategy: Battle starts out at colossus's feet, you will have to run up the 
platform until you're head level with him. Alright ill start by stating that 
you can do one of two things, you can blow his arms off (not suggested) to make
things a little easier, or you can just run straiht up to his head (suggested).

A lot of people seem to have trouble finding out what to do about this boss. To
actually cause him damage you have to hit his head, while the hole in it is 
open (he opens it periodically, from time to time) and red smoke and fumes are
coming out. Run up the platforms, til you're head level with him, dodge his 
attacks, and when the hole in his head opens, fire an RPG or other weapon into
it. Rinse. Repeat, simple as that.

Some may prefer a shotgun over an RPG, if you have trouble jumping over his 
laser attacks, try it with the shotgun and see if it's any better. If there are
small bugs annoying you, Situate yourself next to the elevator and hop right on
then right off again (the point here is to start the elevator, not to ride up
to the next floor, STAY on you current floor). The bugs disappear any time the
elevator (and as the game falsely assumes, the player), go up to the next 
floor. Do this periodically to clear the level of bugs.

For a more in depth explanation of colossus, check out section 6 in this guide 
(colossus level 60).
list of attacks:
1st level:
-He'll shoot some blue plasma from his right arm. This does more damage then 
the green, jump over it.
-He'll shoot green energy from his left arm. This does less damage then the 
blue plasma, also jump over this.
2nd level:
-Same attacks as level 1
-He'll shoot a ball of green energy from his left hand (only one glob of it), 
then throw a slice of blue energy at you with his right. Strafe the green glob 
then jump to avoid the blue wave.
3rd level (stomach): 
-he'll launch meteor like things at you from his stomach, these can be hard to 
avoid, I'd just suggest getting to a higher platform ASAP. 
4th level (head): 
-He'll shoot lasers out of his eyes, then sweep them across the platform, just 
jump over them.
-He'll ram his left arm onto the platform. Two globs of green energy will come 
out of his arm towards you.
-He'll throw a blue energy slice at you with his right arm (same attack as on 
level 2).
5th platform (take elevator):
-He'll shoot blue homing energy at you
-He'll also shoot green homing energy at you.
-If you need some health up there, there's some on the bridge, but watch out 
for colossus' attacks.

C. Enforcer

description: A weird floating robot with miniguns, a giant head, and a 
             thruster pack.
Found in: City level 13, infinity level 20 (and every 30 levels from that, 50,
80 and so on).
best weapons: Any of the grenade launchers (might not work on later stages)
              Photon MG
              Vulcan (unlocked on infinity mode)
              Assualt Rifle
Strategy: Arggghh, out of all the bosses this one is the most annoying, he has
tons of damaging attacks. Alright best place to hit this damn robot is his back
but it wont be easy to get behind him. Just keep firing at him, dodging his 
various attacks and hitting him frequently. One of Enforcers favorite attacks 
is to project a forcefield going in a cross-like pattern. This can be hard to 
avoid at first, but hiding behind the four columns in the room makes avoiding 
this a breeze (you still have to watch out for missiles). Usually after the 
forcefield move, Enforcer leaves himseld open to attacks (the forcefield 
usually leaves his back facing you).

A special note, if Enforcer starts sneaking around the outside of the arena, 
don't venture into the middle (he will suddenly zoom across the middle). Also 
if enforcer starts spinning around very fast, get your ass out of there, and 
hide behind one of the columns, because he will release a combination of all 
his attacks at once, this causes a lot of damage. Use Chaff Grenades, if you 
have them, and it works for you.

When you first fight him (in sector 2), The grenade launchers will be extremely
useful, but be careful. In infinity mode (atleast for me) he suddenly seems to 
develop a tolerance for the launchers, so I would suggest either the vulcan (if
you have it), the Photon MG, or the Shotgun, if you're fighting him in infinity
list of attacks:
-Enforcer will fire at you with his 2 miniguns, just dodge or jump over this.
-Enforcer will launch missiles from him, these will lock onto you and follow 
you, just side step and they won't be a problem.
-Enforcer will start spinning around wildly then suddenly launch a flurry of 
all his attacks at once, hide behind a pillar to avoid damage.
-Enforcer will stay on the outside of the area. Suddenly he will run across the
middle of it. To avoid this don't go into the middle of the area when you see 
enforcer moving around the outside of it.
-Enforcer will do his cross shield move, and move foward. Just stay behind a 
column and when the last part of the shield passes you, jump out and nail the 
boss in the back
-Enforcer will do the cross shield move, but stay in the middle of the area, 
and rotate around. Hide behind a column until his back's toward you, and then 
jump out and unload everything on him.
-One of the appendages on Enforcer will start glowing red. He will slide up 
next to you and fire a laser at you. Back away when you see this happening.
-Enforcer will launch blue waves at you. It's quite easy to jump over these, 
but keep an eye on them.

4.) Tips and tricks

- The difficulty order of the bosses In my opinion is Mantis, Colossus, 
Enforcer (from least difficult to greatest), although a lot of people seem to 
find colossus strangely difficult. Once you learn to deal with him he can be 
quite easy (except for level 60).
-The vulcan (properly upgraded to atleast ver. 4) will make short work of 
Mantis and Enforcer, and will shred colossus' arms off. Make sure to upgrade 
this weapon constantly after you get it in infinity mode.
-The shotgun is probably the most useful weapon in the game, make sure to get 
it to ver. 6 RIGHT AWAY. It can take care of enemies very easily, has great 
ammo capacity, and is quite effective on early bosses.
-there's always some health somewhere in the boss room, for mantis, it's in the 
farthest corner of th room, for enforcer it's in one of the corners of the room
and for colossus it's in the highest level of the room (accessable from the 

-You can usually just forget about all is attacks and run straight up the 
platform to his head, this saves ammo, and time.
-For more about colossus see section 6 of this guide (colossus level 60)

-Remember to take that free shot right when the battle starts
-You can avoid some of his attacks by taking shelter behind the circular 
platform in the middle of the room.
-The shotgun is your best friend if this is your first time fighting him.
-"Sniper rifle is great to knock Mantis off the ceiling. Also with Mantis, if 
you aim for the glowing parts on its sides, does massive damage. Combine with 
Honeypots for easy shots. Just throw down an H-pot, move to the side, and fire 
away with shotgun/assault rifle. (At least with mine - my AR was a Lv. 6)" - 
-"After you shoot it off the celling it rotates 90 degrees... so rush it from a
side or behind so you have a better chance of unloading into it's underside
while it's stunned." - ashelth

-If it's your first time fighting him use the grenade launchers if nothing else
seems to be working (even at ver. 1 they do quite some damage, especially the
bolt and napalm launchers).
-A lot of people on the boards like aiming for his thruster on his back (with 
the grenade launchers), give it a try if you're having trouble.
-"For enforcer this wastes some ammo, but if you have the Bolt Launcher and
Judgement in adjacent slots, when he first appears, fire a Judgement missile at
the bulbous part of his upper body, then switch to the Bolt and fire at the
same spot, then switch back and forth and keep doing it till he moves. By
switching you ignore reload time, and I usually do 30% of his life before the
battle even starts." - StugIIIG
- "On a side note, to me the Enforcer is the easiest boss, practice cycling
through the weapons to cut reload time, you can hit him with all 5 weapons
before he makes a move for you. I go in with chaff, grenade lch, napalm lch,
bolt lch & judgement in that order and take him head on. start with chaff,
cycle through the rest, beat him in under 5 minutes , and all my lch are only
lvl 3-4 ;)" - iTrini

5.)Infinity mode

One of the cool features about CA is infinity mode. This mode allows you to 
play, well, forever. Another feature of this mode is a boss every 10 levels, 
and believe me, they do get harder. They don't become unbeatable, until level 
60 of course but we'll talk more about that later.

Infinity mode bosses will always be assisted by other enemies (sometimes they 
constantly respawn, sometimes they're pre positioned at the start of the 
fight). Here's a list of the enemy assistants I've encountered:

Accompanied by those damn tiny scuttling bugs, that blow up if you shoot them 
and latch on to your face and blow up anyway if you don't. Can be very annoying
to avoid, although I developed a strategy to get rid of them (check my in-depth
colossus strategy).

Accompanied by those stupid robot suicide bombers, or the helicopter things 
that drop bombs on you.

Accompanied by those scuttling bugs again, or rarely by sharp shooters, high 
up in the corners of the arena.

Another change with infinity bosses is that they will get A LOT TOUGHER. If 
you use a specific weapon for each boss (and you should) I would suggest upping
it to its maximum ver. 6. This will help you out a lot in the long run (in the 
boss battles above infinity level 30).

You will eventually reach infinity level 60 (if you're determined enough), and 
will be quite surprised at the amazingly tough boss that awaits you. To give 
you an idea of what this will be like, I faced colossus and the blue plasma he 
shot at me did around 40 damage each time, each of his meteor strikes did 
around the same thing. If you're good enough to beat level 60 you will be 
rewarded with the final weapon however.

6.)Colossus level 60

You may be wondering what this is. Well I had to fight colossus on level 60, 
and because of how hard he was, I developed an extremely In depth strategy for 
fighting him. This is pretty much only for fighting him on level 60, he'll 
probably be to easy on other levels to use this strategy. Honestly an in 
depth strategy for colossus on level 60 might seem to specific, but if you're 
ever going to fight him on that level, chances are you're going to need this 

Before I go completely into it, here are the most important points.

-Equip a pistol or grenade, DO THIS, it will make you run fast. Preferably the 
virus pistol.

-When you're going towards the ramp at the beginning, always go by his left 
side, not his right. You'll take less damage.

-ALWAYS HUG THE WALLS. When you're running up levels 2, and 4, interestingly 
hugging the walls will obstruct a lot of his attacks.

-Use the elevator trick (created by stugIIIG). Basically what this trick is, is
a way to avoid taking all damage (and avoiding all the little scuttling bugs 
that would take away tons of your health). When you're doing this the hole in 
colossus' head won't open, but it'll allow you to blow his arms off.

-After his arms have been destroyed, climb the elevator to level 5, and keep 
damaging him when the hole in his head opens, preferably by throwing grenades.

-If the scuttling bugs are getting to close, there's a trick to make them 
disappear. Get on the elevator, then quickly jump out of it instead of riding 
it down. All the bugs will disappear! This is because the game thinks you 
rode the elevator down to the other level. Do this periodically if the bugs are
getting to close.

Ok now for the extremely detailed strategy. The battle with colossus is in a 5
floor arena. Floor 1 is colossus' feet, floor 2 is his hands, floor 3 is his 
stomach, floor 4 is his head, and floor 5 is above his head.

Alright, now what to do:

Floor 1

Run around colossus's LEFT side (your right). Jump onto the ramp.

Floor 2

Hug the walls, don't jump, don't look at colossus, look straight ahead. Sounds 
strange, but you'll avoid most of his attacks. Make sure you're actually 
hugging the walls, meaning that you're touching them.

Floor 3

You're going to take the most damage here, there's really no good way to avoid
the meteors he shoots from his stomach. The only way I've found to do this, is 
to memorize the sound he makes when he shoots them. Then jump as soon as he 
does. If you've timed it right, the meteors will hit where you jumped, too high
to hurt you. But it's tricky, I suggest you just run right through, as fast as 

Floor 4

Same as floor 2, hug the walls look straight ahead, ignore colossus. You'll 
dodge most, if not all of his attacks, sometimes he wont even attack! Run onto
the elevator go to floor 5, but then go directly back down to floor 4. While 
you're riding the elevator try to back into the corner of it and hold the 
button to move back until the elevator reaches floor 4. It's very hard to 
explain, but if you did it right, colossus should:

1) Only fire his lasers, not do anything else.
2) The little bugs should ignore you, they won't seem to notice you.

If this didn't happen keep trying, you'll get it eventually. If it did, good, 

At this point colossus should be missing you with his attacks (if some hit, 
reposition yourself, or do the elevator trick again). Pull out a gun (the only 
one that works really well is the vulcan, hope you have it at ver. 6, along 
with atleast 600 ammo) and blow both his arms and shoulders off. You might have
to reposition yourself with the elevator trick (there's more than one place 
where his attacks can't get you) to target his other arm, but you should 
destroy them eventually. Then ride the elevator to floor 5, high above him.

Floor 5

Alright we're almost done. Now you're high above colossus, and the only attack 
he has left, is his stupid laser attack, which can't even touch you, if you're 
close to the elevator. The only threat to your health (which is probably quite 
low) are those stupid scuttling bugs, which will continue to respawn. There's 
quite an easy way to avoid them, as I already mentioned . Everytime those bugs
get to close jump on the elevator, then quickly jump off. The elevator should
go down to floor 4, but you should still be on floor 5. This will get rid of
all those bugs, repeat it everytime they get to close.

Now we're left with how to deal damage to colossus, if you have any high level
RPG's or themed RPG's (judgment, inferno, onslaught) use them, otherwise use 
grenades (you should have tons). Link, and napalm grenades are best, athough 
all of them will work. Just keep chucking them onto colossus, make sure to 
clear the floor of bugs every once in awhile, and you should have him beat. 
You're rewarded with the 23rd weapon, the trident. Congratulations.

Hope you found my strategy helpful, it did take me a few hours to come up with,
however the main part of it (the elevator trick) was invented by stugIIIG, I
thank him, as I probably wouldn't be able to beat colossus without that trick.

*side note* well I tried colossus with this strategy again, beat him my first 
try, in about 15 minutes.

special thanks to:

Konami for their solid FPS
CjayC for Gamefaqs
stugIIIG for his elevator trick, which saved my ass while fighting colossus.
The ASCII Generator: for my great title

People who contributed advice and tricks:


If you want to contribute anything mail me at

copyright 2005 shadow griffin (Grifyn Remer-Jayne) all rights reserved

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