PSP Walkthroughs: Metal Gear Acid Walkthrough

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Metal Gear Acid Walkthrough

  ___      ____    __  ____
 / _ \    /  __|  | |  |  _ \     -----------------------------------------
| |_| |  |  /     | |  | | \ \  
|  _  |  | |      |_|  | | | |    METAL GEAR AC!D FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
| | | |  |  \__    _   | |_/ /    By DragoonNight
|_| |_|   \____|  |_|  |____/  


              Section                                Shortkey (use Ctrl+f)
              -------                                ---------------------

   Section 1: Introduction                           (INTRD)

   Section 2: Version History                        (VHIST)

   Section 3: Story                                  (STRY0)

   Section 4: Characters                             (CHRCT)

   Section 5: Battle System                          (BTSYS)

   Section 6: Card System                            (CDSYS)
           6.1 The cards                             (CDS01)
           6.2 Card types                            (CDS02)
           6.3 Card packs / getting cards            (CDS03)

   Section 7: Combat Tactics                         (CMBTT)
           7.1 Grenades                              (CBT01)
           7.2 Sniper Rifles                         (CBT02)
           7.3  Gijin-san                            (CBT03)

   Section 8: Walkthrough                            (WLKTR)            
           8.0.1 Intro mission                       (WT001)
           8.1.1 Lobito Laboratory - Outside Gate    (WT011)
           8.2.1 Office                              (WT021)
           8.3.1 Ruins - Lower                       (WT031)
           8.4.1 Minefield - Lower                   (WT041)
           8.5.1 Armory                              (WT051)
           8.3.2 Ruins - Lower                       (WT032)
           8.6.1 Residential Zone                    (WT061)
           8.7.1 BRC-026                             (WT071)
         * 8.7.2 BRC-026                             (WT072)
           8.3.2 Ruins - Upper                       (WT032)
           8.8.1 Drawbridge                          (WT081)
           8.4.2 Minefield - Upper                   (WT042)
           8.9.1 Ebro Tower                          (WT091)
           8.9.2 Ebro Tower                          (WT092)
         * 8.9.3 Ebro Tower                          (WT093)
           8.10.1 Rope bridge                        (WT101)
           8.5.2 Armory                              (WT052)
           8.10.2 Rope bridge                        (WT102)
           8.11.1 Mountains                          (WT111)
           8.12.1 Outside FAR                        (WT121)
           8.13.1 Power plant                        (WT131)
           8.13.2 Power plant                        (WT132)
           8.12.2 Outside FAR                        (WT122)
           8.14.1 FAR                                (WT141)
          *8.14.2 FAR - B3F                          (WT142)
           8.14.3 FAR - B4F                          (WT143)
          *8.14.4 FAR - B5F                          (WT144)
          *8.14.5 FAR - ???                          (WT145)

         * = Boss missions
           8.SK Walkthrough spoiler key              (WTKEY)

   Section 9: Passwords                              (PSWRD)

   Section 10: Frequently asked questions            (FAQS0)
                Q: How do you use ammunition?        (FAQS1)
                Q: What does AC!D mean?              (FAQS2)

   Section 11: Credits, Copyright and Contact Info   (C&CTI)


  -->   Section 1: Introduction   (INTRD)


Metal Gear Ac!d is a turn-card-based tactical RPG for the new Sony PSP.
Players take control of the legendary Solid Snake for this all new mission.

While the Metal Gear series has been traditionally been in the Stealth-
based shooter genre, Ac!d takes that to a new level in tactical espionage
action by adding the element of a card-based battle system.

The result is a game that has some learning curve, but is pretty fun once
you get the hang of it.


  -->   Section 2: Version History   (VHIST)


Version 0.33 (04/16/05) : -Introduction, Story, Characters and Passwords
                          -Combat tactics completed for grenades and sniper
                           rifles. 3 parts of the card system completed.
                          -Walkthrough approx 33% completed (up to
                           mission 6).

Version 0.75 (04/24/05) : -Fixed some missing text in section 6.2 .
                          -Redid numbering system for section 8, missions 
                           in all maps will start at 8.x.1 instead of 
                           8.x.0 .
                          -Added section 10 : FAQ.
                          -Moved Credits, Copyright and Contact Info to 
                           section 11.
                          -Walkthrough 75% completed.

Version 1.00 (05/13/05) : -Walkthrough 100% completed.
                          -Added 7.3 and 10.2 .


  -->   Section 3: Story   (STRY0)


2016, a Jumbo Jet has been hijacked by two mysterious dolls, stating that 
they will release the jet and its passengers in exchange for something 
known as 'Pythagoras' from the Lobito research laboratory in Moloni.

The US government is concerned since senator, and presidential nominee,
Viggo Hach is onboard. They decide to retrieve Pythagoras, and call in
the services of Solid Snake...

  -->   Section 4: Characters   (CHRCT)


Solid Snake : The legendary hero from the previous Metal Gear games.
              Pulled out of retirement for this mission to retrieve

Teliko Friedman : Only serving member of the HRT team that was sent in  
                  before Snake. She was once Roger's student. She admires

Roger McCoy : CIA handler for this mission. Was formerly Teliko's mentor.

Alice Hazel : A psychic who helps the FBI and CIA on cases. Her abilities
              include remote viewing which helps the mission greatly.


  -->   Section 5: Battle System   (BTSYS)


 * Coming soon


  -->   Section 6: Card System   (CDSYS)


|  |
|  6.1  The cards  (CDS01)
       | CT      C |         CT = Card type : See (CDS02)
       | ________  |          C = Card cost
       ||        | |       PICT = Picture of the card
       ||  PICT  | |         CN = Card name
       ||        | |        DSC = Card description
       ||________| |        +++ = Rarity (the more +'s the rarer)
       | CN        |
       | DSC       |
       |       +++ |

Some very rare cards (+++++) are colored gold.
Some rare cards (++++) are colored dark grey.

|  |
|  6.2  Card types  (CDS02)

There are 5 types of cards:

 -Weapon cards:
   There are 2 types: 1) Can be used immediately
                      2) Must be equipped into inventory, then loaded with
 -Action cards: 
   Cards that equip to add some action to weapon cards, and cards that
   boost your combat abilities.
 -Support cards: 
   Cards that can be equipped for evasion, or other movements, and cost-
 -Item cards:
   Equipable items and medical items.
 -Character cards: 
   Various characters that have been in previous Metal Gear games, the uses
   and effects vary for these cards

|  |
|  6.3  Card packs / getting cards  (CDS03)

There are 4 different card packs: MGS1, MGS2, Chronicles and MGS3. The 
card packs contain different cards which vary with packs. Each different 
card can only be obtained from one specific pack.

Card packs can be picked up during missions or bought from the card shop 
using points. You get 3 cards per pack. The card shop will also offer 
single cards, 3 will be shown at a time, and will rotate at a rate of 1 
card per mission. Though these cards cost a lot more than the packs, and 
the price rises depending on the rarity.

Cards can also be collected from mission ranks. A rank of S, A or B will 
net you cards. A rank of S allows you to choose one card from a pick from
a selection of three. Rank A allows a pick from 2, B rank gives you a pick
from 1, which isn't really a pick at all.

Some missions have single cards lying on the ground for you to pick up.
These rotating objects in usually in plain view. Some missions will require
you to pick up (Card X) to complete.

Costs for card packs from the shop:
 MGS1         600 credits
 MGS2         900 credits
 Chronicle   1200 credits
 MGS3        1500 credits


  -->   Section 7: Combat Tactics   (CMBTT)

[---|  7.1  Grenades  (CBT01)
           Grenades are pretty useful at times, but not at others. Playing
the grenade card at the right time can get you out of a bad spot, while it
will attract unwanted attention at others.

Standard Grenades detonate after 8 cost and do 120 damage to all squares
around it. i.e. in a 3x3 grid

              - - -
             |X|X|X|        G = Grenade
              - - -
             |X|G|X|        X = Areas affected
              - - -
              - - -

An advanced type of grenade found later does 180 damage and sets all 
soldiers caught in the blast radius on fire. Grenades can also be 
detonated by gunfire. Simply aim at the grenade to blow it up. Be aware 
though, grenades also damage you if you are in the blast zone.

When enemy troops are bunched up shooting at you, it may be a good time 
to use one if you have it in your hand. However, if you're going for a 
'stealth' approach, grenades are loud and have the tendency to alert 

[---|  7.2  Sniper Rifles  (CBT02)
           Sniper rifles are the ultimate in stealth equipment. There are 
several types of rifles, of which the PSG-1 is the easiest to obtain. 
Sniper rifles do more damage than regular guns, and at a much greater
distance. The beauty of these guns are that ammo from one sniper rifle 
card can be used on the others, allowing up to 12 sniper rifles in your

The PSG-1 can hit an enemy with 90% accuracy from 10 blocks away, allowing
you to easily kill enemies without them seeing you. Even in close range,
they are tremendously useful. It has 2 shots for 60 damage each.

The SVD Dragnov has a lower accuracy (70% within 8 blocks), but has an 
ammo count of 3 and an attack of 70.

The Mosin Nagant has 60% accuracy within 9 blocks, and a huge attack of 
250. The downside is it has only 1 shot when used as an ammo card, and 
will only allow one shot regardless of what card you use as the ammo card.
Equip with an accuracy increasing card and you have a nice handy weapon.

The best tactic for snipers is to equip the PSG-1 and use PSG-1 and SVD 
cards as ammo. The Mosin can be used as well or saved for enemies with 
larger health. If the snipers miss the target completely, they will not 
detect you. However, if you kill an enemy and another one see him die, 
they will become cautious and investigate.

[---|  7.3  Gijin-san  (CBT03)

           A very useful card which increases Snake's attack by 30 until
the end of the mission. That's +30 ATK per bullet! Very handy to keep in 
your deck, in case you're surrounded. Using a sniper rifle wile having this
effect will give you instant kill on most troops.

The downside: the total points you receive at the end of the mission is 
halved. If you don't care, use this on every mission! It's super useful on 
boss missions.

  * More to come


  -->   Section 8 : Walkthrough   (WLKTR)


Please note that this walkthrough is for the default normal difficulty.
Some names have been edited out with < > for spoilers. A key is at the 
bottom (WTKEY).

*** DISCLAIMER: Because of the random-nature of the game, and the fact  *** 
*** that everybody has different styles of combat, it is hard to tell   ***
*** you exactly what to do, I can only guide you through the missions,  ***
*** how you do them is up to you.                                       ***

      / (WT001)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.0.1  Intro mission
/ Mission 1

From the main menu, choose 'New game'.

Watch the cutscenes until you can control Snake.

   * MISSION START - Head north and out of the forest *

Use the genome soldier card to move the space indicated by the little red

Watch more cutscenes.

Use the body armor card to move forward one space, and select 'Ladder ^'
Select the Front evade card and select equip, equip it into your inventory.
After the dialogue, select 'End'. When it's your turn again, use a genome 
soldier card to move as far as you can as indicated on the blue tiles. Use
your SOCOM and destroy the padlock. 


      / (WT011)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.1.1  Lobito Laboratory - Outside Gate
/ Mission 2

   * MISSION START - Make your way inside the lab through the North Gate *

The first mission, this one's a bit on the easy side. Most of the guards 
here have 40 HP, usually do not move and have no body armor with the 
exception of the one in front of the gate, who has 25 HP and armor.

Sneak up and kill the guard standing guard in front of the building next 
to you. After you kill him, grab the MSG1 pack inside. Sneak up to the 
area behind the two twin buildings and kill the guard in between them. Be 
careful, though, as he will occasionally move back and forth while staying 
between the two buildings. After you get rid of him, sneak up to the gate 
and take out the guard there. But be careful as he has armor that will 
absorb damage, so you will need to shoot him twice. If you want to get a 
stealth rating, you will probably need either a cost -4 card or use an 
Action + card before you attack him. After that, get rid of the last guard 
if you want. There is also a MGS1 pack in each of the two buildings. After 
that, go to the gate to finish.


      / (WT021)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.2.1  Office
/ Mission 3

   * MISSION START - Find Gary hiding in the north end of the control
                     office *

This stage takes place in two sections. The guards here have 40 HP and 
aren't equipped with armor.

It's a good idea to take out the guard on the right side as quickly as 
possible. Move 3 spaces as soon as you take control of Snake and hide on 
the right side of the desk.

 __D_____|G    |   G = guard
|     |__|     |   X = hide here
|_       X    _|   D = door
  |_        _|
    |_    _|    

There's also a MGS1 pack through the door on the left side. Once the guard 
is dead, proceed to the door. Kill off the guard inside and go to the other
door. There's a MGS1 pack in front of you, but don't be tempted to rush in
and take it because you'll be spotted by the camera. Simply destroy the 
camera from a place where it can't see you (use the overhead view to see 
where the camera's line of sight). After that, the pack can be safely 
picked up. Head to the other door now. Be careful not to enter the cameras'
line of sight. Make sure you have a turn before opening the door, and you 
can kill the guard inside easily. Since his back is facing you, you can get
a lot of damage done easily. Head to the other door of the room. Once 
there, stand in front of the door and open it. Then end your turn. The 
guard will walk away and you will be able to sneak up to his back and get 
rid of him. To the right side is a MGS1 pack. Stand on the white target 
to continue.

Alice will tell you that Gary is north and to head west to get there. Be
careful here as there are 2 cameras and a guard. Do not kill the guard
where the cameras can see him die, you may have to be patient and wait for
the guard to move first. To avoid the camera, simply walk under it. Walk 
inside the room to trigger a cutscene. The robot guard can be trouble, 
especially since it's not easy to get rid of it. The best way to do so is 
to sneak up behind it and use a FAMAS. The robot drops a MGS1 pack when 
killed. Just sneak around it if you want to bother getting rid of it. Don't
bother going to the north door, there's a door there that requires a 
keycard to get through. You will get one later. On other side of 
the double doors in the ease part of the room is one lone guard. Wait till 
he's not facing you and get rid of him. There's a MGS1 pack in the south 
part of the room. To complete the objective, walk to the entrance of the 
cubicles to trigger a cutscene.
   * MISSION CHANGE - Escape through the east exit and head for the 
                      residential quarters *

As of now there should only be 2 guards left (and the robot if you didn't 
destroy it). Move all the way back to the place you entered from and head 
east. Hide behind the corner and wait for the guards to position 
themselves so that you can kill one without the other noticing. For this 
part, an Action + card and Cost -4 cards are very useful. Once the guards 
are dead, head to the blue target to finish the mission.


      / (WT031)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.3.1  Ruins - Lower
/ Mission 4

   * MISSION START - Head east for the residential quarters *

You won't be able to finish the mission with your equipment right now. So 
there's 2 ways to get this done. For the quick way, simply walk up and 
stand in front of the wall with the cracks in it. Although, you'll get 

For the long and stealthy way, use 2 cards to head to the stairs and end 
your turn. Use a gun to take out the camera, but make sure the guards 
aren't looking in the direction of the camera, or they will see you destroy
it. Once the camera is gone, run to the wall and stand in the space in 
front of the section with the cracks. A cutscene will play, and you will be
instructed to head to the armory.

   * MISSION CHANGE - Return to the control office and head for the west
                      armory *

Just head back to the entrance, where there should now be a blue target. 
Get to it to complete the mission.


      / (WT041)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.4.1  Minefield - Lower
/ Mission 5

   * MISSION START - Take the western route out *

Be careful as there are mines all over the place, equipping a mine detector
would be a good idea. You don't have to worry about the guards at the top 
of the map since they can't get to the bottom area of the map. The guards 
have 40 HP and no armor.
|  _ M       G     __| |  |    |
|M| |   G  TT      ____|  |____|    S = Snake starts here
| |_|      TT           M      |    G = Guards start here
|          TT      _2_         |    M = Mines
|                 |___|M      S|    T = Truck
|            G        1<------ |

The two guards facing each other initially cannot see the other getting
killed. Use this to your advantage. Sneak down position 1 on the map, and 
take out the guard from here with a FAMAS. If you don't have one, wait at 
the start for one to pop up. The guards will not change positions if you 
stay at the place you started. Once that guard is killed, move back around 
the right side of the boxes to position 2 and wait for the guard to move. 
Sneak up to him and kill him. The last guard should be easy pickings, just
wait till he moves and then sneak up behind and kill him. Get to the blue 
target to end mission. Note that the gate will close if you are spotted and
the Alert bar is red. The gate will open again when the alert disappears.

      / (WT051)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.5.1  Armory
/ Mission 6

   * MISSION START - Get the C4! *

Sounds easy enough. The C4 is in a room on the second floor of the armory.
The guards here have 25 HP but are equipped with -80 ceramic armor, which 
means you'll need to get them from the back with the FAMAS to do enough
damage in one turn. Using a sword is also a good idea, since it bypasses
armor. Again, watch out for the camera's line of sight. Destroy them if you
like. Get to the white target on the western stairs and go up.

The C4 is in the room on the left, but be careful of the gun cameras and 
the patrolling robots. There's also a gun camera inside the room. Destroy 
it and grab the C4.

   * MISSION CHANGE - Get out of the armory *

Go back down the stairs. In the 2 rooms on the first floor are MGS1 packs.
Be careful though if you are going down the east stairs, as a guard 
standing there may see you. The yellow door requires a Lv1 keycard which
you don't have at this point. Just get back to the blue target at the 
entrance to finish. 


      / (WT032)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.3.2  Ruins - Lower
/ Mission 7

Make sure the C4 is in your deck, or Roger won't let you start the mission. 

   * MISSION START - Destroy the blockade *

The guards here have 40 HP and no armor, and there is a guard robot on one
of the raised areas.

Use 2 cards and get to the bottom of the stairs and end your turn. On your
next turn, sneak up and kill the guard. After that shoot the camera and 
wait for the C4 to pop up. It is better to wait somewhere where the guards
cannot see you. When you have the C4, walk up to the cracked section of the
wall and set it. Walk out of the detonation radius and then set it off by 
shooting it with a gun. 

   * MISSION CHANGE - Head for the residential quarters *

The blast will probably alert the guards, so you'll have a fight on your 
hands. After you kill them all off, run up to the thing on the ground that
is rotating. You'll pick up a stinger, but won't be able use it for now.
The stinger can be equipped into your deck after the mission ends. There 
is also a MGS1 pack on the raised area near the entrance. Get to the blue 
target to end the mission.


      / (WT061)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.6.1  Residential Zone
/ Mission 8

   * MISSION START - Rescue Dr. Flemming *

This map is made up of 3 buildings connected by a raised path between two 
of them. Dr. Flemming is in the East most building (the one furtherest from
the start). The guards here have 80 HP and armor. Also, they have Cyborg 
Ninja cards in their decks which can do 50 damage to you from anywhere on 
the map. It is a VERY good idea not to be seen, because the other guards
will be alerted to your presence and use their Ninja cards on you.

Sneak up and kill the guard in front of you, then enter the first building.
There are MSG1 packs in the SW and SE rooms, but be careful when getting 
them, as there are laser trigger sensors behind the doors. You must crawl 
under them to avoid setting off the alarm. Kill the guard and go out the 
door. Be careful you aren't seen as you make your way to the second 
building on the walkway.

There is a blockade in the second building, so you have to find a way 
around. First, there is a MGS1 pack in the door right in front of the 
blockade, again there is a sensor you must crawl under. Go out the north 
door and across the little bridge. There is a hard to see Nikita missile
next to the walkway, you were just on, you can go now and grab the missile.
After that, go to the ladder and climb down. A section of the ditch will 
require you to crawl under, then make your way to the other side and up the
ladder. Kill the guard and grab the MSG2 pack he drops, then go in the 
door, and out the east door to the walkway. Go across the walkway to the 
third building.

Walk in the building and stand in front of the terminal. Dr. Flemming is 
in the furtherest room, but there is a MGS1 pack in the room in the middle,
again with a sensor. Once you walk to the far door, there will be a 

   * MISSION CHANGE - Escape through the north exit *

Once the cutscene ends, you will have your partner, Teliko to help you, and
the alert will go off. Finish off all the soldiers that come after you and
head north. Teliko has a Lv1 key card to open the yellow door, and then you
can get to the blue target. Note that only Teliko can open the door, and 
must hold it open for Snake to go through. The gate to the blue target 
opens if you stand in front of it. Walk to the target to complete the 


Once the mission ends, your card deck size and max life will be increased, 
and you can now edit Teliko's deck, and use her on missions.

      / (WT071)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.7.1  BRC-026
/ Mission 9

   * MISSION START - Head for BRC-026 *

Settle in for a long mission!

At mission start, you are in a big warehouse, the goal is on the other 
side. The soldiers here have 80 HP and are equipped with body armor. 
There are also two robot guards here.

For the first part of the mission, the best way to get to the other end 
undetected is just to sneak past all the guards and robots. If you keep 
your cost low, you should be able to kill any guards that see you before 
they can report it. Kill anyone in your way and head to the other side.

The second part of this mission will require some teamwork. The doors must 
be activated by having one of your characters stand in front of a console,
so the other will be able to go through the door. The side of the console 
you have to stand at has a white text on the grey floor under the console.
It doesn't matter who does which job, as long as both characters are 
equipped enough to take out any enemies. For convenience, we will label 
them as 'A' and 'B'. You can use whichever character for 'A' or 'B' you 

Have 'A' move into the room on the west side of the entrance, dispatch the 
guard by sneaking behind him and shooting him or by using a grenade, and 
head to the space in front of the console. Once 'A' is in front of the 
console, the door labeled 'Security A' will open to the east of the 
entrance. Have 'B' move in, and take out the guard and stand on the space 
on the north side of the console. The door labeled 'Security B' will now 
open. Have 'A' move through the door and go into the room on the east side.
There are now 2 consoles in this room. Stand at the console on the NW side 
to open 'Section A'. Now 'B' can move into the corridor. Have 'A' activate
the other console so 'B' can move to the room to the west of where 'A' is 
now. Activate the console in here to open the door 'Security C' to the 
north. The last console is behind the door and to the east, stand on it to 
keep the door open. Once both characters are through the door, this part is

The last room on this floor has 2 guards in it, kill them both. One drops a
MGS2 pack for you to pick up, head up the stairs to the white targets.

Get ready for more door-opening action! (Note that you are facing south at 
the start). Have 'A' move into the west room and kill the guard. Move to 
the console to open the door for the east room 'Security D'. Have 'B' stand
in front of the console to open the south door labeled 'Security E'. In the
meantime, have 'A' grab the MGS2 pack from the little room. Once the door 
is opened, go through it, and stand at the west console to open the door 
for 'B'. After 'B' is out of the room, you can move 'A' to the other 
console, which will open the doors in the main corridor. Have 'B' head 
through the east door and into the little room off the main corridor. The 
last console is there, so now 'A' can join 'B'. The rest of the mission is 
pretty straight forward, grab the 2 MGS2 packs in the C-shaped room and 
head to the white targets to finish.

You will now be on a raised catwalk. Try to kill the guard below you from 
here because you will now have bonus damage from being higher than him. Or,
you can head straight through the double doors. Go down the stairs and kill
the 2 guards here, then head through the door on the west side. Go through 
the corridor to the big room you were just walking over, and kill the guard
if you haven't already done so. Grab the 2 MGS2 packs and head out the 

We're almost at the end. There's a room right next to where you entered, 
just move either Snake or Teliko there to trigger a cutscene. Once the 
cutscene is over, the mission is complete.


      / (WT072) 
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.7.2  BRC-026
/ Mission 10 - Boss mission

   * MISSION START - Defeat  *

Boss battle time! Note: for spoilers, the name is edited out. The key for 
names is at the bottom of the walkthrough (WTKEY).

This mission is actually in 2 parts, the first being the boss battle. But 
this is VERY important: once the boss' HP reaches 0, you will be sent 
straight to the 2nd part of the mission, keeping all equipment, costs and 
HP the way they were. So it's important to beat the boss when all your HP 
is high and costs low, or you will have a hard time in part 2.
The boss  has 1000 HP and 6 equipped items, and 2 equipped Chris 
Jenner cards that prevents falling. The boss attacks with a PTRS-1941 (a 
soviet anti-armor rifle) which isn't available in the game for you, and 
which does 90 damage for front hits. He will also counter your attacks. The
best way to defeat him is to use explosives, since he cannot counter them. 
Grenades are the best way, but also utilize the explosive barrels to your 
advantage. Just evade him using the boxes in the warehouse, and throw 
grenades and shoot them to detonate. You can use one of your characters to
lure him, and the other to attack. Defeat him with whatever way you see 

Once his HP reaches 0, you will move on. You will end up in the area with 
the doors that must be opened with the consoles, and the alert will be on.
Since you are attacked from all sides immediately, you will likely die 
quickly if your HP was low and costs high when you defeated the boss.

Fortunately for you though, all the doors are unlocked, you don't need to 
do all the annoying console-hop that was in the last mission. Kill all the 
guards and get to the blue target that is at the west end of the corridor 
containing the last console. Only one person needs to get there, and the 
mission will end anyway.


      / (WT032)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.3.2  Ruins - Upper
/ Mission 11

   * MISSION START - Head west and make for the drawbridge *

If you have the stealth card (#81), now is the time to equip it.

The upper part of the ruins map that you were at earlier. It is possible to
get from the top part to the bottom, but it takes a lot of cards to do so.
The guards here have 80 HP and body armor, there is also a robot and 2 
cyphers (the round donut-like things) which cannot attack, but 
have huge sight range. Sneaking to the end in this mission is almost 
impossible unless you take out the drones first, but you might get spotted 
doing so.

If you don't care about getting caught, rush out and destroy all the drones
and kill the guards. This way will enable you to get the stinger on the 
ground, but a lower rank at the end. You can always come back for the 
stinger later though.

If you want to take the stealthy approach, keep to the north wall and equip
the stealth if you have it. Since there is a laser wire detector right 
above where you start, use a card to stand in place and crawl, then crawl 
under the detector and end you turn. Do this for both Snake and Teliko. 
Wait for the guard to move out of the drones' line of sight and shoot him 
in the back. Go around the barrel and crawl again, crawl under the truck 
and stand up. If the drone sees you, there will be a green ! above it's 
head, if you leave its line of sight right after, a ? will be displayed and
nothing happens. If the guards see you, take them out as quickly as 
possible. Crawl under the 2nd truck and get to the blue targets to end the 


      / (WT081)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.8.1  Drawbridge
/ Mission 12

   * MISSION START - Cross the drawbridge *

During this mission, Teliko will get separated from Snake, and you lose 
control of her for a while, so take out any cards from her deck you want to
keep for Snake, and unequip Snake with cards that affect partners.

There are two objects on the ground to pick up, have Snake go for the one 
next to the shed, and Teliko to get the other. Have either of them move 
across the bridge to trigger a cutscene.

   * MISSION CHANGE - Head for the shed in the south *

Discard until you have enough equipment for a quick fight (grenades are 
highly recommended), then head south.

   * MISSION CHANGE - Exterminate enemy soldiers *

After the cutscene, there will be four soldiers, two with 50 HP and two 
with 80 HP, all equipped with body armor, who will rush to attack you. If 
you have the grenades, then getting rid of them will be easier. Use 
whatever method you like to get rid of them.

   * MISSION CHANGE - Head west *

There's a blue target on the west side of the map, head to it to finish the


      / (WT042)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.4.2  Minefield - Upper
/ Mission 13

   * MISSION START - Take the western route out *

Equip a Mine D. if you want to.
|   ___      __    |_| M      |
|M |P  |    | _|  G    _      |     S = Snake starts here
|  |__ |    |_|   M   | |_    |     M = Mines
|    |_|   G     |-|  |___| S |     G = Guards start here
|          G     |_|   M      |     P = MGS2 pack
|                             |
|_______    __________________|

A fairly easy mission, the guards have 80 HP and body armor. Sneak up 
behind the guard to the NW and take him out. Head west to the white crates 
and wait. By now one of the guards in the middle will have moved closer to
the north, sneak up behind him and take him out. Next kill the guard behind
the shed, then the remaining guard in the middle. Lastly, kill the guard 
next to the cliff. There's a MGS2 pack in the shed. Head to the blue target
to finish.


      / (WT091)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.9.1  Ebro Tower
/ Mission 14

   * MISSION START - Infiltrate the factory and take out  *

First grab the MGS1 pack from the SW corner, but watch out for the wall-
mounted gun, then proceed to the door. Move to the door and watch a 

   * MISSION CHANGE - Search for an enemy soldier's uniform *

The guards here has 100 HP and is equipped with body armor and front evade.
In the west room there is a Uniform-B and a Uniform-R, the east room has a
Uniform-G, pick them all up. Watch out as the east room also has a guard 

   * MISSION CHANGE - Get out of the factory *

Once you have all the uniforms, head back to where you came in. There 
should now be a blue target there, move to it to end the mission.


      / (WT092)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.9.2  Ebro Tower
/ Mission 15

Make sure you equip Uniform-B, Uniform-G, Uniform-R and C4 in your deck.

   *MISSION START - Infiltrate the factory and take out  *

Although you must equip the Uniform cards in your deck, you don't really 
need to use them. They will get you past soldiers easily, but you have to 
wait or hope the pop up in your hand. When you equip one, Snake's 
appearance will change. The areas in the map are outlined with red, blue or
green lines indicating the uniform you should be wearing there.

The guards have 100 HP and are equipped with body armor and front evade.

Equip Uniform-R if you have it and head to the north door of the room, if 
you have the Uniform-R, walk past that guard and head to the east door, if 
not, kill him. You can kill him anyway even if you have the Uniform-R. Once
you get to the door, equip Uniform-B if you have it, if not kill the guard 
inside. There is a duct on the floor you have to crawl through, then head 
out the door. You will now be on the north side of the big room, head 
across and kill the guard and head up the stairs. Note: this is a red 
section again, so you may want to equip the Uniform-R if you didn't have it
or equipped Uniform-B. You don't HAVE to but it's a bonus for getting you 
past the guard.

Once up the stairs, head to the door on the south side of the catwalk and 
go in. Be careful of the laser sensors and get to the console. After the 
dialogue, head back out the door and go down the ladder. Kill the guard to 
get him out of your way and cross the bridge. Go through the door on the 
other side into a room with a catwalk. This section is blue. Here you can 
go above or under the catwalk to the other door, however, there are laser 
sensors under the catwalk which you must crawl under. There is also an MGS2
pack under the catwalk. Also watch out for the guard under the catwalk. 
Head out the door and to the cracked wall. Plant C4 there and shoot it to 
blow up the wall. Head in and it's mission complete.


      / (WT093)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.9.3  Ebro Tower
/ Mission 16 - Boss mission

Make sure you have Mine D. in your deck, some healing items would also be 

   * MISSION START - Track down  and retake Pythagoras *

You start in a corridor, the boss is on the other side of the door. Before
you head in, equip any equipment you want, but make sure you have a Mine D.
equipped. Head to the door when ready.

   * MISSION CHANGE - Take out all enemies in your path *

This boss battle is against . Person Y has 800 HP but no armor. 
Watch out as 's weapon does 40 damage to you.

The battlefield is riddled with mines, courtesy of . Take out any
mines in your way. Also, there are special spaces littered throughout, they
give special bonus to whoever is standing on them. The spaces do the 

 RED spaces gives increased ATK power.
 BLUE spaces gives increased DEFENSE.
 GREEN spaces gives increased HIT rate.
 YELLOW spaces refreshes your hand.

A good strategy would be to take the hill and hold it, not only do you have
the advantage of height, but also all four bonus squares available to you. 
Take out  in whichever way you please. Once 's health 
reaches zero, the mission is complete.


Once the mission is over, your max life will be increased and you will get 
access to the Chronicle pack in the card shop.

      / (WT101)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.10.1  Rope bridge
/ Mission 17

You will now have control of Teliko again, and she will have the same cards
she had when you lost her at the drawbridge.

There are UAV Cyphers floating around, so you won't be able to cross 
undetected, Roger suggests you go to the armory, so go.

      / (WT052)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.5.2  Armory
/ Mission 18

You should make sure you have the Key Card Lv.1 and Key Card Lv.2 in your 
deck first, it'll make things a lot easier.

   * MISSION START - Get the PSG-1! *

The soldiers here have 100 HP but no armor. This mission is similar to the
last armory mission, just get the PSG-1 and get out. The PSG-1's are 
upstairs in the rooms with red doors, you will need a Key Card Lv.2 to get 
in. The yellow doors require Key Card Lv.1 to get in.

Make your way up either the north or south stairs, and get to the rooms 
with red doors. Watch out for wall-mounted autoguns and patrolbots. Each 
room has two PSG-1's. Go in one of the rooms (watch out for the laser 
sensor) and destroy the wall-mounted autogun. After that, grab the rifles 
on the ground, once you get two PSG-1's, you will be instructed to get out 
of the armory. The west room has a MGS2 pack if you didn't go in there.

   * MISSION CHANGE - Get out of the armory! *

Although you only need to get two PSG-1's for the mission, I highly 
recommend you get the two in the other room as well, it will make things 
easier for you later, and you get two cards for free. The red door on the
north side of the first floor has a MGS3 pack inside, so go and grab it. 
After that, head back to the entrance and get out.


      / (WT102)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.10.2  Rope bridge
/ Mission 19

Equip all the PSG-1's you got from the last mission into one of your 
character's decks.

   * MISSION START - Wipe out all enemies *

Depending on your luck, this mission can be really easy or really hard.

There are five UAV Cyphers here, the donut-shaped ones have 60 HP each. The
octagonal-shaped ones have 70 HP and can attack you. If any of them sees 
you, troops will start poring out from the other side of the bridge, if you
kill one, another will come. It is highly recommended not to be seen at 
all. You should be able take out all the cyphers from your starting point.

Be careful though, the cliff edge is mined and the cyphers will eventually
get to where you are. Take them out before then.

If you are seen, four shield soldiers will come and attack you. They have 
140 HP, armor and use pistols. These troops are really annoying, since 
their shields makes their front defense much higher than normal. Grenades 
are very effective against them. If you kill them, more will come so that 
there are always four soldiers at a time. The good news is that some of 
them may drop card packs, and they will eventually stop coming.

Once all the cyphers are shot down, the mission is complete.


      / (WT111)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.11.1  Mountains
/ Mission 20

   * MISSION START - Take the northern route out *

The soldiers here have 100 HP, and the ones in the hoversleds have 180 HP.

The map is pretty straight forward, kill everyone and get to the end. There
is also a Nikita Missile and a Stinger to pick up. 

First, run up the hill and grab the Nikita, this is also a good vantage 
point to kill off the guard on the hoversled. Have your other character 
kill the guy on the ground. Move on.

The two guards on the ground don't move, so move your people into place so 
you can attack both at once.

Moving on, snipe the guard near the exit before going up the ramp, use 
snipers as much as much as possible to take out the rest of them. If you 
don't have snipers, it will be hard to take them out before they see you, 
so just rush up and kill them the best way you can. Once all the guards are
dead, head to the blue targets to finish.


      / (WT121)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.12.1  Outside FAR
/ Mission 21

   * MISSION START - Head for the thermal power plant *

The guards here have 70 HP and no armor, but their shields give them very 
high defense from the front. You must shoot them from the sides or the 

There are MGS2 packs in the NW, SW buildings, a MGS1 pack in the SE 
building, and a chronicle pack in the middle building.

Try to take out the guards with sniper rifles if you can, otherwise sneak
up behind them and shoot them.

The one guard at the end of the long corridor in the north has a chronicle 
pack, however, there are four wall-mounted autoguns defending the corridor,
also the guard will be replaced by another once he dies. If you want the 
chronicle pack, snipe the guard and take out the gun cameras. Using 'Metal
Gear' may be useful to take them all out at once. Once the guards dies, 
move towards the pack. However, Roger will but in twice to try to stop you.
Ignore him and head towards it.

Once you pick up everything, head to the blue targets to finish.


      / (WT131)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.13.1  Power plant
/ Mission 22

   *Head for the powerhouse control room.*

Get ready for probably the longest mission in the game!

Most guards here have 100 HP, some are equipped with front evade, but most 
don't have armor. Some guards have 160 HP and specialize in hand to hand 
combat, and can do quite a bit of damage, stay away from him! Make sure you
have a guided missile (Nikita is good) in your deck.

The first part is a L-shaped corridor. Have your characters move in and 
take out the guards in whatever way you see fit, make sure to grab the MGS1
and the MGS2 packs here. If you set off the alarm though, all the remaining
guards will come rushing at you, and you may find yourself overwhelmed. 
Head to the white targets at the end of the corridor.

The second area is a maze-like area, paths are blocked off by various 
machines. Navigate to the end while taking out enemies, staying on the 
catwalk and shooting them from above is a good strategy. There is a MGS2 
pack right in front of you, hidden under the stairs. Next, head up the 
stairs, cross the catwalk to the northern set of stairs, and then across 
the ground level to a MGS1 pack hidden NE of the big red thing. Go to the 
last set of stairs and go up, follow the catwalk to the chronicle pack and 
then to the white targets at the end.

The third are is like the first, only straight. There are four guards with
100 HP and rear evade, one hand to hand combat guy with 160 HP and one with
40 HP and body armor. Take them all out and grab the two card packs on the 
ground. Head to the white targets.

The forth area has floors that are electrified, and thus will fry you if 
you try to cross. The guards here have 100 HP and front evade, and watch 
out for the laser sensors right next to where you start. Roger instructs 
you to use a RC missile to take out the control boards. Take out the three 
guards and stand in front of the electrified floor. Shoot a missile and 
maneuver it to the control board. If you don't know where it is, follow the
yellow wires, it's a grey thing in the NW area. Once you destroy it, move 
onto the once-electrified floor. The room at the end of the electrified 
part has a chronicle pack inside. Direct whoever has a missile to the big 
space at the SW side of the map. There should be a vent there, shoot a 
missile through it and over to the other control board. Once it's 
destroyed, you can move over to the white targets at the end, but watch out
for the laser sensors.

The fifth area is like the third area, the three guards here have 100 HP 
and no armor or evade. There are also two robot guards with 160 HP. You can
take out two of the guards immediately by destroying one of the barrels, 
which will ignite the others as well. One of the guards drop a chronicle pack.

The sixth area is the last, and is similar to BRC-026, the guards have 100 
HP and no armor or evade. Snake will start in front of the left door, and 
Teliko at the right. Move them through the doors they start in front of. 
Once Snake reaches the corner, shoot the guards and move on to the console,
once there, the door for Teliko will open. Move Teliko to the console 
inside the room, and the next door for Snake will open. Inside that room is
a Stinger, so go grab it. Once Snake is out of the room, you can move 
Teliko out the door to the next console. As for Snake, grab the MGS1 pack 
on the catwalk, then the MGS2 pack in the building above the one which 
contained the Stinger. Once Snake reaches the last console, the gate for 
Teliko will open. Once Teliko moves past the gate, move them both to the 
end. Once one of them reaches the last door, it's mission complete.


      / (WT132)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.13.2  Power plant
/ Mission 23

   * MISSION START - Work your way out of the powerhouse in the dark *

Throughout the mission, you will be working in the dark. Because of this, 
you will only be able to see several spaces in front of you. Even worse, 
you will lose your vision after you are attacked. After some time, your 
vision will come back, but during that time, you are vulnerable! You line 
of sight is indicated by the little yellow squares.

This is the same as the sixth area of the last mission, only everything is
dark. Have Snake move out the west door, this is the way he came in. Have 
Teliko move out the east door, this is the way she came in.

The rest is pretty much the sixth part of the last mission, only in 
reverse. Move Snake to the small building and activate the console, this 
will open the gate for Teliko to get to the console to open the exit door 
for Snake. Snake can now move to the console to open the exit door of the 
SW building for Teliko. Take out any troops you see on the way.

You will now be in the fifth area, there are three guards here with 100 HP,
no armor or evades. You may not be able to see them, but there are two 
guards near the barrels in the middle, you can shoot the barrel to kill 
them both, but doing so will set off the alarm. There are also two robot 
guards with 140 HP.

You will now be in the forth area, just run straight back to the entrance, 
but watch out for the laser sensors. There are some guards around the 
entrance, so watch out. They have 100 HP and evade, so just kill them all. 
If you find yourself in a fight, you can always run straight to the exit.

You will now be in the third area, there are 4 guards on the ground with 
100 HP and rear evade, and one on each catwalk with 40 HP, but these guys 
are hand to hand combat types and do a lot of damage.

Once you get to the second area, there will be a cutscene.

   * MISSION CHANGE - Wipe out all enemies *

There are five guards, one has 110 HP with rear evade, one has 110 HP with 
no evade or armor, one has 160 HP and is a hand to hand type and there are 
two with 100 HP, no evade or armor. Defeat them all to win. Watch out as 
they are armed with P90's, which will knock you down. My advice is to stay 
on the second level and snipe them out.

When you defeat them all, it's mission complete.


After the mission, your deck size and heath will increase, and you will 
have access to the MGS3 in the card shop.

      / (WT122)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.12.2  Outside FAR
/ Mission 24

   * MISSION START - Look for the entrance to the underground passage *

There are four guards with 70 HP here. They have no evade or armor but are 
equipped with shields, as such, you will need to attack from the sides or 

At the start if Snake has enough weapons to attack, rush up to the guard at
the SE and kill him from behind. Same for Teliko and the guard in the NE. 
If they don't have weapons to attack, move them in between the trucks to 

The entrance you are looking for is in the NW area. If you press triangle 
and go to overhead search mode and move the screen up and down a bit in the
area, you should see two small black lines in the ground, that is the 

     |  __  |            
     | |  | |
 ____| |__| |____
|  _           __      O = entrance
| |_|         |
|      O   _  |
|      _  |_| |


      / (WT141)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.14.1  FAR
/ Mission 25

Equip an RC or Nikita missile and a Stinger missile.

   * MISSION START - Head for the hanger *

Head forward and take out the wall-mounted machine gun. Tur the corner but 
don't go too far, or you'll get attacked by the other wall-mounted gun. 
Take that one out. This area has two robot guards with 140 HP, so take them

The door to the next area is locked, and the console is on the second floor
behind an electrified floor. However, you cannot just shoot the RC missile,
because it will get blown up by the machine gun. Use a stinger or sniper 
rifle to destroy it first, then shoot the RC into the electrified area. The
control box is on the second level, so maneuver the missile through the 
vent in the back of the room to the second level, you should have just 
enough fuel to make it to the target. Also, use your aerial view to see the
machine gun's ranges and make sure not to fly your missile through those 
areas. Once the control box is destroyed, send someone in to activate the 
console to open the door. There's also a MGS1 pack in the corner.

In the meantime, send your other person to the NE area, there's a MGS2 pack
in the NE room. Be careful of the guard inside though. This guy has 110 HP 
and rear evade. Once the console is activated, the door will open, head to 
the white targets to move on.

The second area is just a big 3x3 grid. A map is below.

 _______ ___E___ _______
|       |       |       |    x = Destroyable walls (use C4)
|  1g   |    G  |       |    M = Wall-mounted machine gun
|   3   |       |       |
|_______|_______|___x___|    G = Guard (100 HP, drops MGS1 packs)
|  gC   |       |       |    g = Guard (70 HP, equipped with shields)
|M      |    G  |    2  |    
|   g   |       |       |    S = You start here
|___x___|___x___|_______|    E = Exit
|       |       |       |    
|       |       |      M|    1 = MGS1 pack
|       |       |       |    2 = MGS2 pack
|_______|___S___|_______|    C = Chronicle pack
                             3 = MGS3 pack

If you decide to go through by blowing up the walls, the explosions will 
attract the guards' attention. To get through without using C4, follow this
 _ _ _


      / (WT142)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.14.2  FAR - B3F
/ Mission 26 - Boss mission

   * MISSION START - Defeat  *

Once again, you must fight , who now has 1500 HP and the same 
equipment as the first time you fought him. Not to mention a whole bunch of
guards with 120 HP each.

Your best shot is to take out the minions first, then use the same tactics 
as last time against him.
 But now you should have better equipment than the
last time, which can help a lot. If you snipe or shoot him from behind, he 
can't shoot back!


      / (WT143)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.14.3  FAR - B4F
/ Mission 27

   * MISSION START - Take out the guard who locked the door *

There are three guards with 100 HP, one has armor, one has rear evade and 
the other has P-90's. The forth guard has 125 HP with Chris Jenner.

Use whatever means you like to take out the guards, then head to the end 
once the door is unlocked. There's also a MGS3 pack in the space between 
the fan and the wall right next to where you start.


      / (WT144)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.14.4  FAR - B5F
/ Mission 28 - Boss Mission

   * MISSION START - Figure out how  is disguised and defeat
                     her *

It's twins!  is disguised as Teliko!

The way to tell them apart is to use the overhead view.  should 
have 800 HP and armor and an evade equipped.

Sometimes, on her turn,  will throw a flash grenade, this will 
cause her and Teliko to randomly warp to other places on the map. Also, 
afterwards, you will lose control of Teliko for a while and she will target
you like an enemy.

Once 's HP reaches zero, there will be a dialogue and the mission
will be over.


      / (WT145)
   /  MG:AC!D  *  8.14.5  FAR - ???
/ Mission 29 - Final Boss Mission

   * MISSION START - Destroy  *

Snake and Teliko will end up in different areas. Teliko will be supporting
while Snake fights . Equip Snake with Cost -x cards, sniper 
rifles and seeker missiles (the Stingers). The Gijin-san and Bomb Blast 
Suit cards are also helpful. Equip Teliko with Ally Cost -x cards, lots of
self-healing and ally-healing cards and some weapons.

-> First part - Teliko: 

Teliko really can't do much here. Although the cutscene tells you to 
destroy the consoles to disable the arms, they aren't affected by 
explosives and most weapons. That means Snake will probably destroy the 
arms themselves before Teliko finishes the job. Killing the patrolbots 
won't help either, as they keep coming as you destroy them.

All Teliko has to do is stay alive and keep using Ally Cost -x cards so 
Snake can kill  faster. Heal them both if necessary.

-> First part - Snake:

 has two large arms with 500 HP each. You have to destroy them 
both. The arms have four missile each which detach, then launch after 10 
cost. The missiles do 100 damage to everything in a 3x3 area. 

Snake can only fire on the arms when the missiles have detached and are 
preparing to fire. Also during that time, squares will light up indicating 
where the missiles are targeted. Needless to say, avoid those areas! Also, 
it fires a laser at you if you get too close. Once both arms are gone, the 
battle will go to the second part.

-> Second part - Teliko:

Once again, Teliko doesn't have much to do. Just keep herself alive and 
keep Snake's costs down.

-> Second part - Snake: 

's main weapon is some sort of particle cannon / giga flare, 
which will kill you in one shot. Once it crouches to aim the weapon, you 
have 20 cost to get out of its way! The weapon's area is very wide so I 
recommend you run to 's side to avoid it. The first shot will 
also detonate most of the boxes on the map, so stay away from those too.

 has 1000 HP, and you can only shoot it while it's crouched. 
Once you step out of it's line of fire, it will maneuver itself so it can 
shoot you again. While it's moving don't move until it crouches again. Once
it crouches, move out of the way and unload everything you have at it. 
Repeat as necessary. You win once it's HP reaches 0.


This is the last boss, so you've cleared the game! Congratulations!

* W A R N I N G * S P O I L E R S * W A R N I N G * S P O I L E R S *
* W A R N I N G * S P O I L E R S * W A R N I N G * S P O I L E R S *
* W A R N I N G * S P O I L E R S * W A R N I N G * S P O I L E R S *

 /  \___________
| /\  __   _   _>    (WTKEY)  8.SK  Walkthrough Spoiler Key
| \/ |  |_| |_|

  : Leone
  : Clown (swallowtail)
  : Teliko
  : Metal Gear

Metal Gear fans probably know that the last boss of every game is Metal 
Gear already, but it's still a spoiler for first-time players.

* W A R N I N G * S P O I L E R S * W A R N I N G * S P O I L E R S *
* W A R N I N G * S P O I L E R S * W A R N I N G * S P O I L E R S *
* W A R N I N G * S P O I L E R S * W A R N I N G * S P O I L E R S *


  -->   Section 9: Passwords   (PSWRD)


Some cards cannot be found in packs until you unlock them with a password.
You will also get the card when you input the password. The password input
screen is in the main menu.


Card #173 Viper : .............Viper

Card #178 Mika Slayton : ......Mika

Card #182 Karen Hojo: .........Karen

Card #184 Jehuty: .............Jehuty

Card #199 XM8: ................Xmeight

Card #200 Kosaka Yuka: ........Sabrage (For JP version)

Card #201 Yoshida Asaki: ......Nomel (For JP version)

Card #202 Saitou Yuu: .........Elyts (For JP version)

Card #203 Shibuya Eri: ........Maeb (For JP version)

   Note: The passwords for #200-203 have not been released for the US 
         version. I have read at some boards that Konami has decided
         to take these cards out of the US version for whatever reason.
         It's a big loss to those who want to have every card in the game,
         but they're not very useful in combat anyway.


  -->   Section 10: Frequently asked questions (FAQS0)

(FAQS1)  10.1  That pesky ammo!

Q: How do you use ammunition?

A: When you equip a weapon, you must select another weapon card and 
   select 'use', you will be taken to the equipment screen. Equip this card
   over the original card to fire the weapon. However, the weapon card you 
   equip over must use the same type of ammo as the original card, the 
   description will tell you the ammo type of the weapon. If you can equip 
   it as ammo, it should say 'loading' instead of 'equip' over the grey 

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