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Logitech PlayGear Mod Headphones
Form: 9.5
Function: 10
Overall: 9.7

If you spend any time at all traveling with your PSP, you've no doubt come to the realization that the headphones packed in with the system just aren't going to cut it. But with so many different styles of headphones out there, it's tough to figure out the best deal for your money. That's where Logitech and the new PlayGear Mod headphones come in. They are stylish, affordable, and comfortable, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their pack-in headphones.

The PlayGear Mod headphones are one-size-fits-all, and are made of a lightweight polycarbonate with a black and silver glossy finish that matches the PSP perfectly. The headphones only weigh 1.7 ounces, so you barely notice you have them on. To wear the headphones, you simply slide them on from behind your head, where they rest comfortably on your ear. If you're moving around, you can use the detachable "comfort ring" which slides over the top of your ear, and helps keep the headphones in place. The headphones are just flexible enough that you don't feel like they are going to break, but they have enough rigidity to them that they don't feel flimsy. Replacement ear pads and a two year limited warranty are included, so you can rest assured that the headphones will last for quite a while.

Great looking headphones that don't great are worthless, but that's not a problem with the PlayGear Mod headphones - they sound terrific. Scrolling through the PSP's different equalizer settings while listening to a variety of music genres yielded great performance no matter the style of music. Games have a whole new dimension added to them when they are coming out of the high-performance headphones; and if you've been using nothing more than the PSP speakers to this point, you'll be floored by how great your games sound.

If you've avoided using headphones because they're uncomfortable, or they're too expensive, these are the headphones that will change your mind. Not only are they comfortable, they look and sound great. For $30, you'd be hard pressed to do better. Highly recommended.

7/6/2005   Aaron Thomas