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PSP Archives - January, 2009

01/30/09 EA Announces Need For Speed Franchise Renovation
01/29/09 What Constitutes A "System Seller?"
01/29/09 PS4 To Build Upon Existing PS3 Technology For Lower Costs?
01/27/09 Gaming Facing An Identity Crisis?
01/27/09 Prince Of Persia Movie Ad Spotted In Confessions Of A Shopaholic
01/26/09 PSP 2 Rumors Hint At Drastic Overhaul
01/26/09 Everyone Needs To Stop Complaining About Game Sequels
01/26/09 Games Outsell Movies In 2008, Sales Rise 20% To $32 Billion
01/23/09 GameStop Used Game Sales Account For 42% Of Profits
01/22/09 Rumor: Megan Fox Supplants Angelina Jolie As Lara Croft?
01/22/09 Sony Reveals $2.9 Billion Loss, Unveils Restructuring Plans
01/21/09 Video Game Critics Turning Into Attention Whores
01/21/09 Sony Restructuring Plans Coming Soon, PlayStation Benefits?
01/21/09 Atlus Announces NA Release For Class Of Heroes PSP
01/19/09 How To Kill Video Game Stereotypes
01/19/09 Dragon Ball: Evolution Movie And PSP Installment Announced
01/18/09 Great Games Have The Power To Restore All Lost Faith
01/16/09 Pre-Order Resistance: Retribution, Play Demo Two Months Early
01/15/09 Original Persona Coming To PSP
01/14/09 Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins Now Available Via PSP Store
01/13/09 Star Ocean: Second Evolution Hits Europe On February 13
01/11/09 PSXE Best Of The Best Poll Update: Gran Turismo 4 Pulls Away
01/11/09 Attention Sony: Let Me Introduce You To The Concept Of Advertising
01/08/09 Cooper Lawrence Steps In It Again, Talks Video Game Addiction
01/08/09 Sony Breaks Out 150 Bravia TVs For CES 2009 Presentation
01/07/09 Killzone 2 And Infamous At CES Today
01/07/09 Sony's Liverpool And Evolution Studios To Merge, Share Resources
01/07/09 UGO Absorbs Struggling 1Up Network, EGM Canceled
01/07/09 Disney To Purchase EA This Year?
01/05/09 Kojima: 2009 Will Be A Year Of Change, "We Start From Zero"
01/05/09 Sony Facing Corporate Upheaval?
01/04/09 PSXE Best Of The Best Poll Update: Gran Turismo 4 Laps Competition
01/02/09 Pre-Order Retribution At Amazon, Get Code To Early Demo
01/02/09 RE5 Producer On Western Devs: "Japan Is Now Their Target"
01/01/09 Attention Square-Enix: Your PSP Titles Are Doing Quite Well

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