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PSP Archives - October, 2009

10/30/09 Sony Report: Despite Overall Losses, PS3 Sales Impressive
10/29/09 Man Thinks He's In Silent Hill, Causes Hospital Blackout
10/28/09 Sega PSP Demos Cater To RPG Fans
10/27/09 Crave Turning Man vs. Wild And Deadliest Catch Into Games
10/27/09 Study: Americans Love Games, Demos Prove To Be "Crucial"
10/23/09 Play The Mystical Avatar Game On December 1
10/23/09 Infinity Ward: "You Can Always Take A Console Further"
10/23/09 Atlus Puts Bevy Of PSP Titles On PSN
10/22/09 Konami Confirms US Release For Shadow Of Destiny
10/22/09 Best Buy To Start "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" Deal This Weekend
10/21/09 Oddworld Titles Arrive On PSN Today
10/21/09 Need For Speed Hits 100M Sold, $2.7 Billion In Sales
10/21/09 Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Gets Japanese Date?
10/20/09 New Movies Include Hitman, Kane & Lynch, Just Cause
10/20/09 Chinatown Wars: Buy Now On PSN Or In UMD Format
10/19/09 Sony Says: "Welcome To The PlayStation Nation"
10/19/09 Halo Wins, Beatles Debut Strong, Confusion Abound
10/19/09 PlayStation 3 Outsells Wii & X360 in North America
10/16/09 Study: Impulse Purchases Amongst Gamers On The Rise
10/16/09 Ubisoft's Cover Girl Pops Up For PSP
10/15/09 Study: Relation Between Video Games And Attention Disorders
10/12/09 Designers Must Walk A Fine Line When Reinventing The IP
10/12/09 Ready At Dawn Prepping "Game Development Platform"
10/12/09 Capcom "Absolutely Not Finished With Monster Hunter On PSP"
10/10/09 Jak And Daxter Officially Reunite On November 3
10/09/09 Gunnar Optiks Present Futuristic "Gamer Glasses"
10/07/09 Digital Retail To Outstrip Traditional Sales In Three Years?
10/07/09 FIFA 10 Smashes Records In Europe
10/07/09 PSN Content Now Available For Purchase On Amazon
10/06/09 Japan Gets True Online Multiplayer For Gran Turismo PSP
10/05/09 Euro Retailers Cut Price Of PSP Go
10/05/09 Sony's Tretton: "We Can Play On A Worldwide Basis"
10/05/09 Can We Rent Games On The PSP Go?
10/04/09 PSXE Poll Update: PSP Go Fails To Generate Much Interest
10/03/09 News Flash: Thexder Neo, IL-2 PSP, New Red Faction DLC
10/02/09 Sega Classics On PSN, Set To Entice New PSP Go Owners
10/01/09 EA On Inferno To GoW Comparison: "A Great Compliment"

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