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PSP Archives - May, 2009

05/30/09 PSP Go! Prematurely Unveiled In Qore?
05/29/09 LEGO Indiana Jones 2 Confirmed, Level Creation Included
05/28/09 EA's Moore: E3 Needs To "Regain Its Strut And Swagger"
05/27/09 Research: New PSP Incoming, But No Price Cut For PS3
05/27/09 Updates For Versus XIII, Agito XIII And The Third Birthday
05/26/09 Big Boss Makes Presence Felt At Kojima Teaser Site?
05/26/09 Analyst: EA Has Missed The Boat This Generation
05/25/09 Rumor: Square-Enix To Reveal Three New Titles At E3
05/20/09 PSN Game Rental Service For PSP?
05/20/09 Spielberg: 3D Gaming, Virtual Reality Will Replace Consoles
05/19/09 Rock Band Unplugged PSP Entertainment Pack Announced
05/18/09 Full Track List For Rock Band Unplugged Announced
05/17/09 Are Video Game Publishers Pushing A Social Agenda?
05/17/09 PSXE Poll Update: Expecting A PS3 Price Cut At E3
05/17/09 SCEE Reveals PSP Go! View Bundle
05/15/09 Steven Spielberg Talks Games, Selling Dreamworks To EA
05/14/09 SCEA Announces Dissidia PSP Entertainment Pack
05/13/09 Sony's Huge E3 Rumor Collection
05/13/09 Lunar: Silver Star Returns In Enhanced Form To The PSP
05/13/09 Final Fantasy Tactics On PSN In Japan
05/13/09 PSX Extreme Interviewed By Tech HotDish
05/12/09 "Gamer" Movie Shows Early Promise
05/11/09 Sony: PlayStation Network To Expand Beyond The PS3
05/11/09 Amazon Deal: Purchase PSP-3000, Get One Game Free
05/11/09 Capcom Music CDs/iTunes Incoming
05/10/09 Despite Dissidia Success, Square-Enix Still Worried About Piracy
05/08/09 New Abilities, Characters In Western Version Of Dissidia
05/08/09 Vector, NCOF Team Up To Combat Childhood Obesity
05/08/09 Sony's E3 Software List Revealed
05/07/09 Why Gaming Journalists Will Never Be Taken Seriously
05/07/09 Activision Announces Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, DJ Hero
05/06/09 Dissidia: Final Fantasy Sequel Relies On Western Interest
05/05/09 SCEJ Asks Gamers For Their Services
05/05/09 EA Redwood Shores Now Visceral, Emphasizes IP Focus
05/03/09 PSXE Poll Update: Square-Enix Is Down, But Not Out
05/01/09 PSP Go! To Use New Storage Tech?

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