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PSP Archives - June, 2009

06/30/09 Study: Female Gamers On The Rise, Online Gaming Steady
06/29/09 Stop Yelling At Sony To Cut The Price Of The PS3
06/29/09 THQ Explains How Layoffs Were Necessary For "THQ 2.0"
06/28/09 PSXE Poll Update: RPG Fans Have A Tremendous Showing
06/26/09 New Suikoden Title Inbound For PS3?
06/26/09 Countdown To Square-Enix's New Game: What Is It?
06/25/09 An Ode To Old-School Gaming
06/25/09 Report: Sony Could Roll Out "Expanded Network" Next Spring
06/25/09 Square-Enix Sued For "Concealing Monthly Fees"
06/25/09 Koei Porting Dynasty Warriors 6 To PSP
06/24/09 Bale Hasn't Been Asked To Do The Metal Gear Solid Movie
06/24/09 Megan Fox Is A "Bad-Ass" At "Anything Mortal Kombat"
06/23/09 Activision: We're In "The Best Competitive Position" Ever
06/23/09 SCEJ Announces PlayStation Portable New Hunters Pack
06/22/09 Tales Of Vesperia PS3 Gets Horde Of Exclusive Content
06/22/09 Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Announced For PSP
06/21/09 PSXE Poll Update: Killzone 2 Squeaks Past inFamous
06/21/09 PlayStation Cloud Rumor Hits: A Social Service Like Facebook?
06/19/09 Sony, Analyst Issue Responses To Activision's Threat
06/18/09 In Defense Of Professional Video Game Critics Everywhere
06/18/09 Wild ARMs 2 Likely Ready For PSN
06/17/09 Namco Museum Essentials PSN-Bound Next Month
06/16/09 Smaller "Non-Retail Games And Applications" For PSP Go
06/15/09 Naughty Dog: Uncharted Won't Go Portable On PSP
06/14/09 Hostility Among Gamers Runs Rampant
06/14/09 PSXE Poll Update: Exclusives Reigned Supreme At E3
06/14/09 Final Fantasy Tactics Set For US PSN?
06/13/09 PSP Go Battery Life, Plus New Details
06/12/09 Square-Enix: Six More Titles Become "Ultimate HIts"
06/11/09 Persona Remake For PSP Announced
06/10/09 Metal Gear Solid: Rising Disappears Until E3 2010
06/10/09 Gran Turismo PSP Not Affecting GT5 Development Cycle
06/10/09 Analyst Pachter On PSP Go: "$249 Is Too Much. Period."
06/09/09 Polyphony Wants To Attract New Fans With Gran Turismo PSP
06/08/09 Resident Evil PSP Not A Remake, Gameplay Entirely Different?
06/08/09 Publishers, Developers Toast The Success Of E3 2009
06/08/09 Retailers Concerned About PSP Go!
06/07/09 PSXE Poll Update: God Of War III Is On Everyone's Mind!
06/07/09 Research Study: Just About All Teens Play Video Games
06/05/09 Why Sony's E3 Conference Took Home The Crown This Year
06/05/09 Sony Prepping Digital Copies Of UMD Titles For PSP Go!
06/05/09 Takken 6 Facts: 40 Fighters, New "Scenario Campaign Mode"
06/05/09 Metal Gear Solid PSN Release Information Announced
06/04/09 Kratos Goes Portable In Broken Destiny
06/04/09 Sony Talks PSP Go, Says Its Targeting The "Early Adopter"
06/03/09 Kojima Not Directing Rising, Only "Fully Involved" With PSP MGS
06/02/09 E3 2009: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker For PSP Announced
06/02/09 E3 2009: PSP Go! Officially Unveiled, Features And Price
06/02/09 E3 2009: 100 New PS2 Titles In 2009, 35 PS3 Exclusives
06/02/09 Sony's E3 2009 Conference - Live Updates
06/01/09 Kojima To Reveal Peace Walker For PSP Or Lords Of Shadow?
06/01/09 ESRB Listing Hints At Final Fantasy VII US PSN Release

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