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PSP Archives - July, 2009

07/31/09 Shadow Of Destiny PSP Confirmed For North America
07/30/09 "Cross-Talk" Between LBP PSP And LBP PS3 Confirmed
07/28/09 Criterion Had Planned Skate Or Die 3
07/28/09 Analyst: Content Is "King," Gamers To Spend Less On DLC
07/28/09 Ubisoft Banking On PSP To Increase Assassin's Creed Sales
07/27/09 PSP Bundles Include Final Fantasy VII PSN Voucher In Japan
07/27/09 Rockstar: Don't Expect A GTA Movie Any Time Soon
07/26/09 Will PSN Cards Finally Arrive In Europe On October 1?
07/24/09 Broken Destiny Slashes Onto US Shelves On September 1
07/22/09 Kojima And Crew Read Through Peace Walker Script
07/22/09 Sony Explains Lack Of Second Analog Nub On PSP Go
07/21/09 EMA Retailer Of The Year: GameStop
07/21/09 PSP Pack To Feature Liberty City Stories And Vice City Stories
07/21/09 Insomniac Content With Remaining Exclusive To Sony
07/20/09 Jake Gyllenhaal As The Prince Of Persia: First Official Shot
07/19/09 PSXE Poll Update: The PS3 Slim May Be Imminent
07/19/09 More Valkyria Chronicles 2 Details
07/18/09 New York To Ban Texting, Gaming While Driving
07/17/09 Valkyria Chronicles 2 Website Opens
07/17/09 Dissidia Demo, Wipeout HD Fury Expansion Next Week
07/16/09 Saints Row Going Portable On PSP?
07/16/09 "Main Staff Of MGS4" Working On Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
07/16/09 Denis Dyack: "Multiple Consoles Are Slowing Us Down"
07/15/09 Japanese PlayStation Store Heading Towards Virtual Console?
07/15/09 Famitsu Unveils Valkyria Chronicles 2
07/14/09 Will The PSP Go Alienate The Hardcore Gaming Crowd?
07/14/09 EA Clarifies: Two Separate Demos For Madden NFL 10
07/14/09 Tecmo Unleashing The Zombies In Undead Knights For PSP
07/14/09 New PSP Business Strategy Revealed
07/13/09 God Of War Fan Kit Starter Pack Details
07/12/09 PSXE Poll Update: "A Final Fantasy VIII Remake, Please!"
07/12/09 Michael Jackson Game Will Arrive: "Michael Loved Games"
07/11/09 Video Game To Battle Rising Tobacco Use Amongst US Soldiers
07/10/09 God Of War Film Has Different Ending?
07/10/09 MLB 09: The Show Predicts: NL To End All-Star Game Winless Streak
07/09/09 Pre-Order PSP Go And Accessories At
07/08/09 Third Mortal Kombat Movie Set To Go?
07/08/09 Stringer On Kotick's Threat: "He Likes To Make A Lot Of Noise"
07/07/09 Is Licensed Music Primed For Gaming?
07/07/09 Nielsen: Game Playing, Used Game Sales Are Peaking
07/07/09 Yamauchi: Getting GT On The PSP Was "A Lot Of Work"
07/06/09 Report: Japanese Game Market Drops 24% In 6 Months
07/06/09 PSP Go Update: 480MHz Refers To USB, Not The CPU
07/06/09 Rumor: Uncharted 2 Seen On PSP Go
07/05/09 Sex Is A Part Of Games: Get Over It
07/05/09 PSXE Poll Update: Surprise, Surprise, FFVII Wins Again
07/03/09 Shadow Of Destiny Coming To PSP
07/03/09 Dissidia Gets PAL Release Date
07/02/09 PSP Go More Capable Than Originally Expected?
07/02/09 Sony: We Planned A UMD-Less PSP "Since The Beginning"
07/02/09 "Entirely Possible" That Next Kingdom Hearts Won't Be KHIII
07/01/09 Capcom Classics Flood PSN Today

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