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PSP Archives - September, 2009

09/30/09 PSP Firmware Update 6.10: Media Go, SenseMe, New Look Store
09/30/09 Kojima: "Foreign" Developer Could Remake Metal Gear
09/29/09 MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Roars Into North American Stores
09/28/09 Tokyo Game Show Sees Small Decline In Attendance
09/27/09 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Will Be Selective In Q4
09/27/09 PSP Go Slated To Release With 225 Downloadable Games
09/25/09 Valkyria Chronicles 2: Fan Q&A, Multiplayer Confirmed
09/24/09 Conversion Program For UMD To Digital Not Ready Yet
09/24/09 PSP Go Peripherals Announced, Priced
09/24/09 TGS 09: PSP "Room" Announced
09/23/09 TGS 09: PSP At 53 Million Units, PS2 Hits 138 Million
09/23/09 Speculative Details on Sony PSP2?
09/22/09 Best Buy Considers Entering The Used Game Market
09/21/09 Last Ranker Battling Towards US
09/20/09 Peace Walker Will Have Two Separate Control Styles
09/19/09 Fat Princess PSP To Feature "50% More Content"
09/17/09 PSP Go Includes "Save State" Feature
09/17/09 Fireteam Bravo 3 Assaults PSP On November 24
09/16/09 Game For Tron Legacy Confirmed
09/16/09 Dutch Retailer Won't Sell PSP Go Due To Price, Lack Of UMD
09/15/09 Activision's Kotick Continues To Ruffle Gamer Feathers
09/11/09 Sony On PSP Future: "We're Not Moving Away From UMD"
09/11/09 Half-Minute Hero Slated For Next Month
09/09/09 PSN Users Complain Of Not Receiving Community E-Mails
09/08/09 The Ultra-Clarifying Truths About Video Game Reviewers
09/07/09 Are We Overdoing It With All These "Hero" Installments?
09/06/09 PSXE Poll Update: GT5 In 2009 Is Most Anticipated TGS Event
09/03/09 Valkyria Puzzle Solution: "What Goes Around Comes Around"
09/02/09 Kojima: Peace Walker And Rising Teams At Odds
09/02/09 SCEA Announces Gran Turismo PSP Entertainment Pack
09/01/09 Attention: Stop Whining About Sequels
09/01/09 New PS1 Classics Include Oddworld, Syphon Filter 2, And More

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