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PSP Archives - January, 2011

01/31/11 Sony Will Re-Release Some PSP Games For the NGP
01/31/11 The 3rd Birthday Twisted Edition Spotted At Retailers
01/31/11 NGP In Prototype Phase, So No Price Or Battery Estimate
01/29/11 GameStop Prices NGP At $299
01/28/11 Analyst: "Unfair" To Compare Sony NGP To Nintendo 3DS
01/28/11 Two SKUs For NGP In Europe, Only One Boasts 3G
01/28/11 Dead Space 2 Portable Wouldn't Be A "Shabby Port"
01/28/11 Analyst: NGP Can't Be Over $400
01/27/11 Is The NGP For Hardcore Gamers Or Gadget Lovers?
01/27/11 Sony Explains Why The NGP Won't Feature 3D
01/27/11 NGP: Here Come The Games
01/27/11 NGP Price To Be "Affordable," Maybe Within $299 - $349
01/27/11 NGP Debut Trailer, Screenshots Arrive
01/27/11 PlayStation Suite Brings Sony's World To Mobile Devices
01/27/11 Breaking: Sony's Next Generation Portable Revealed
01/26/11 Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Receives Its Full Breakdown
01/26/11 Codemasters: "It's True" That PSP2 Is As Powerful As PS3
01/23/11 Source: PSP2 Boasts Bigger OLED Screen, 3G Data
01/19/11 Source: PSP2 Unveiled Next Week, PS Phone Will Follow
01/13/11 PSP2 "As Powerful As PS3," On Store Shelves For Holidays
01/12/11 Rumor: PSP2 Officially Revealed In Two Weeks In Tokyo
01/11/11 Square-Enix: More Interested In PSP2 "Hardware Specifics"
01/09/11 PSXE Poll Update: PlayStation Fans Split On PS Phone
01/08/11 How To Dress Up As Lightning In The 3rd Birthday
01/07/11 Rumor: PlayStation Phone Reviewed, Full Specs Leaked
01/06/11 Japanese PSP Bundles: Dissidia 012, "For Girls," More
01/04/11 PlayStation Phone With Xperia Logo Leaks Out
01/04/11 Sengoku Basara: Chronicle Heroes Set For PSP In Japan
01/03/11 PSP Still Tops In Japan, 3rd Birthday Debuts In Top 10

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