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PSP Archives - February, 2011

02/26/11 The 3rd Birthday English Cinematic Trailer Arrives
02/25/11 PSP Price Drop Confirmed: $129.99 As Of February 27
02/24/11 Epic Games: NGP "Raises The Bar For Handheld Performance"
02/24/11 Patapon 3 Ready To Go On April 12
02/22/11 NGP Price Estimates For Both Standard And 3G Models
02/20/11 PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Psyched For The NGP
02/18/11 Sony Asked Devs What They Wanted From The NGP
02/16/11 Rumor: Xperia Play Priced At $400
02/14/11 Xperia Play Users Must Repurchase Network Content
02/14/11 Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Director Speaks
02/13/11 Sony: NGP And PSP Will "Coexist"
02/13/11 Xperia Play Set For Spring, Will Enter The Verizon Network
02/11/11 Development Environment For NGP: "As Easy As Possible"
02/09/11 GameStop's NGP Price Shouldn't Be Taken As Gospel
02/07/11 Will Sony "Move Past" The PlayStation Brand Name?
02/06/11 PSXE Poll Update: Sony's NGP Makes A Big Splash
02/06/11 SCE Cambridge Handling Creation Of Killzone For NGP
02/06/11 Sony Ercisson Xperia Play Official, Unveiling Soon
02/05/11 Sony Xperia Play Set To Greet The World Tomorrow Night?
02/04/11 Sony Announced NGP Early Because...
02/04/11 Guerrilla: NGP Has Potential To "Dominate Portables"
02/03/11 Analyst Advice To Publishers: "Support NGP Early"
02/03/11 New NGP Video Zooms In On Games
02/02/11 Square-Enix: Aya Brea Could Lead Our "Next Big Franchise"
02/01/11 Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Dated
02/01/11 The 3rd Birthday Celebrates North American Launch Date
02/01/11 Uncharted NGP: Naughty Dog Will Assist Sony Bend

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