PSP Walkthroughs: SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo Walkthrough

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SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo Walkthrough

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo FAQ/Walkthrough

~~~Table Of Contents~~~

1) Introduction [1.IVH.1a] and Version History [1.IVH.2a]
2) Controls [2.CL]
3) Campaign Walkthrough [3.CW]
 A) Chile [3.CW.A]
  1a) Village Recon [3.CW.1a]
  2a) Powderkeg [3.CW.2a]
  3a) Undertow [3.CW.3a]
  4a) Clean Sweep [3.CW.4a]
 B) Morocco [3.CW.B]
  1b) Isolated Agent [3.CW.1b]
  2b) Short Fuse [3.CW.2b]
  3b) Lethal Crossing [3.CW.3b]
  4b) Desert Siege [3.CW.4b]
 C) South Asia [3.CW.C]
  1c) Songbird [3.CW.1c]
  2c) Biohazard [3.CW.2c]
  3c) Under Fire [3.CW.3c]
 D) Poland [3.CW.D]
  1d) Supply and Demand [3.CW.1d]
  2d) Undermining Authority [3.CW.2d]
  3d) Chemical Reaction [3.CW.3d]
4) Rapid Fire (abbreviated Campaign Walkthrough) [4.RF]
 Introduction) What is Rapid Fire? [4.RF.INT]
 A) Chile [4.RF.A]
  1a) Village Recon [4.RF.1a]
  1b) Powderkeg [4.RF.2a]
  1c) Undertow [4.RF.3a]
  1d) Clean Sweep [4.RF.4a]
 B) Morocco [4.RF.B]
  1b) Isolated Agent [4.RF.1b]
  2b) Short Fuse [4.RF.2b]
  3b) Lethal Crossing [4.RF.3b]
  3b) Desert Siege [4.RF.4b]
 C) South Asia [4.RF.C]
  1c) Songbird [4.RF.1c]
  2c) Biohazard [4.RF.2c]
  3c) Under Fire [4.RF.3c]
 D) Poland [4.RF.D]
  1d) Supply and Demand [4.RF.1d]
  2d) Undermining Authority [4.RF.2d]
  3d) Chemical Reaction [4.RF.3d]

(NOTE: Use the bracketed combinations in your CTRL + F "Find" option to 
quickly locate each section. Include the brackets for good measure.)

~~~Introduction [1.IVH.1a]~~~

Why hello there! You may know me on as Captain Obviousx1. This 
is my first foray into FAQ writing...which is all irrelevant, so let's get to
what this guide is all about. This FAQ/Walkthrough is for SOCOM: U.S. Navy 
SEALs Fireteam Bravo, appearing exclusively on PSP. The intent of this guide
is to provide you with a comprehensive walkthrough for completing the 
campaign mode. This game contains 14 missions spanning 4 areas of operation 
for the campaign, and all of them are extensively covered within. However, 
they are only covered in Commander (normal) difficulty as of this writing. 

~~~Version History [1.IVH.2a]~~~

v.1.0 [11/26/05] - Currently a bare-minimum walkthrough containing just the raw
essentials and a few odds and ends. I'm planning to add a lot more, but for now
all the campaign missions are completed, which should be sufficent (at least
for the time being). 

v.1.01 [12/10/05] - Added navigation codes for easier browsing, a controls 
section, and the groundwork has been laid for a section which will make this 
FAQ much easier to skim through for information (the Rapid Fire section; as of
this writing, only the introduction is finished). I should complete that by 
the next update. Also, I've added a bit more information on the Chemical 
Reaction walkthrough. This mission is quite quirky, as it seems many people 
have a variety of problems and there's not a foolproof strategy for the mission
which gets around the glitches all the time. Hopefully something concrete will
emerge, but I'm confident that this guide has enough substance and strategy to
eventually pass you through the mission. It's really just trial and error. No
other content changes besides that. 

~~~Controls [2.CL]~~~

Here's the PSP ASCII diagram:

|         |                                        |         |
|         |                                        |         |
|         |                                        |         |
|    ^    |                                        |   (A)   |
|  <   >  |                                        |([])  (O)|
|    v    |                                        |   (X)   |
|         |                                        |         |
|         |                                        |         |
|         |                                        |         |
|         |                                        |         |
| (    )  ------------------------------------------         |
| (    )   HOME  -VOL+             0  &   SEL  START         |


(A): Triangle
([]): Square
(O): Circle
(X): X
L: L Trigger
R: R Trigger
^: Directional Pad Up
<: Directional Pad Left
>: Directional Pad Right
v: Directional Pad Down
(    )
(    ) : Analog Stick
HOME: Home button
-VOL+: Volume Control
0: Brightness Control
&: Music Control
SEL: Select button
START: Start button

Now, here's what each of these buttons does in the game (as per the instruction

Menu Controls -

Navigate menu/Highlight menu item: directional pad buttons or analog stick
Select highlighted menu item: X
Previous Screen/Return to Main Menu: Circle
Open Start Menu/Pause Game: Start button
TacMap: Select button
Voice Chat (with headset): hold Circle + voice (multiplayer only)
Access team command menu: tap Circle + directional pad buttons or analog stick
Open team command sub-menu: X
Highlight tactical command on sub-menus: directional pad buttons or analog
stick up/down
Execute command: X
Execute Team Command Action: Hold Circle
Player statistics (online): Select button
In-Game Communications Menu (online): tap Circle + directional buttons or 
analog stick

Character Movement and Actions - 

Move character forwards/backwards/rotate left/right: analog stick
Sidestep left/right: hold L trigger + analog stick
Toggle free-look mode: tap directional pad right
Move character while in free-look mode: hold L trigger + analog stick
Change stance (stand, prone, crouch): Triangle
Fire/throw/deploy weapon/take picture: X
Target lock: hold R trigger
Cycle through targets: hold R trigger + tap L trigger
Primary weapon/grenade quick switch: hold Triangle
Special action: Square
TCA command: hold Circle (Single Player only)
Reload Weapon: hold Square or directional pad left + square
Toggle vision mode (3rd person/1st person/weapon scope): directional pad up
or down (multiple taps)
Cycle through teammates during online play: directional pad left/right (after
you are out of action) (multiplayer only)
Open equipment panel: directional pad left
Cycle through weapons/equipment: directional pad up/down
Select weapon/equipment: X
Toggle firing mode: directional pad left + Triangle

**IMPORTANT NOTE: The format used to list the controls for this game is taken
almost directly from the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo instruction 
booklet. Although these controls are factual information, the way they are
presented should be regarded as copyright by the creators of the manual (I
assume that would be Zipper Interactive). Also, in regards to the PSP diagram,
"PSP" is a trademarked term by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.**

~~~Campaign Walkthrough [3.CW]~~~

*CHILE [3.CW.A]*

Village Recon [3.CW.1a]:

Pre-Mission Weapon Selection - The defaults are good for both Sandman and 
Lonestar's loadouts, although a high scope is more useful than the low scope
the default has for the primary. Suppressers on everything is helpful, but
that's already on the standard loadout so no need for other alterations. 

Objectives - (1) infiltrate the village, (2) find sufficent intel, (3) disable
the generator, and (4) secure extraction zone. 

Walkthrough - (1) Take a right from the starting point to a path that swerves
left into the village. As soon as you turn, two guards will be there with their
backs turned if you ran there right away. Lock on and blast them. You'll see a
drunken villager up ahead. He walks left a bit and then down across the river
near your location. Run up and restrain him as he crosses the river. Walk to
the middle of the village and look between the two small buildings with
grated windows to your right as soon as possible. Stay to the left by the
pillar while doing so, and snipe the CLL soldier between the buildings. Walk
into the middle of the village to accomplish infiltration.

(2) Once in the village, look at one of the buildings you just saw a soldier
between. The one slightly northeast of where you should be standing now 
contains two CLL soldiers. This building has windows, so change to the crawl
position and crawl around the back (turn right, turn left, turn left) to the
door. Have Lonestar do a standard breach on it. He'll take out the soldier in
the first room. Change back to standing or crouching, go left into the other
room, take out that soldier, and obtain the report on the right table. Go back
outside and look across to the church entrance with your scope. You should be
able to snipe a soldier standing there cluelessly. Run up to the church
entrance, but exercise caution as two soldiers are still inside. If you get
close enough, they'll just rush you with reckless abandon and you can shoot
them down easily. Take a picture of the flag on the wall - it's a fist holding
a hammer. You can't miss it, as it's bright red and blue. Go into the second
room on the left after taking the picture and obtain the map. Leave this small
room and look towards the door in the upper-left corner of the room. Have 
Lonestar perform a bang and clear breach on it. The stun grenade should 
disorient the soldier outside; quickly run up to him and restrain him. By doing
so, you should have enough intel to complete the objective. If you can't
restrain the soldier, just look around the village for either another soldier
to restrain or more intel that's in the small houses in the level. 

(3) From the point where you should have restrained the soldier, look right or
forward depending on your current orientation to a huge boulder/rock structure
in the middle of a few houses. Point DELTA will show up when you look that way,
so go towards it. Eventually a pink box on a green trailer will come into view.
This is the generator, but first look left and snipe the CLL officer. You can
also see into a grated window to the right of the officer, and there's a 
soldier in there that you can get a headshot on. After doing so, move your 
crosshairs to the generator and have Lonestar disable it. A timer will come up,
which lasts for 30 seconds; you need to cover Lonestar during this time. Two
soldiers will come from the left, so simply lock on and fire away. Lonestar 
will be about finished by then. The generator has now been disabled.

(4) You'll get a message from command saying that there are hostiles converging
on the extraction zone. Go towards point CHARLIE (basically where the level
began). You should see a truck, and as you approach it three soldiers will
immediately rush you from the right and the left. Target them and take them
down ASAP. Walk closer to the truck, and another hostile will be behind the 
pillar the truck is next to. Kill him as well. There is a fifth hostile in the
same area, but sometimes it takes him a few seconds to get there. Run back to
the middle of the village and back to the pillar if you can't find him
initially, as he should be there be the time you go back to the truck. Blast
this last soldier, and the mission is now accomplished. 

Powderkeg [3.CW.2a]:

Pre-Mission Weapon Selection - The default loadout is no good for this mission.
Equip Sandman with an M4A1, suppresser 1, and the high scope. Put a suppresser
on the HK5. The default extras are good, though. Lonestar's loadout is good, 
but change his scope to a high scope and add a suppresser on his HK5.

Objectives - (1) cross the river, (2) disrupt communications, (3) photograph
and destroy supply caches, and (4) extract.

Walkthrough - (1) Walk next to the rock that's directly in front of you, and
look down the path with your scope after receiving a radio transmission from
command. A soldier should be walking up, so get a headshot. Go to the tree
that the soldier you just shot was standing by, and look down with your scope
towards the bridge. Look to the right of the bridge, and there will be a guard
with his back turned to you. Get another easy headshot. Now use your scope and
look to the left of the bridge, but this time across the river. There's a
hostile - you know what to do. Look to the right of the bridge across the river
now, and take out this soldier as well. Move up closer to the bridge, and
look at the path winding up the mountain - another hostile, another headshot.
You can now cross the bridge over the river safely and complete this objective.

(2) Follow the path until you start to see open space and some structures. As
soon as you do, look up to the right with your scope - a soldier is up there in
a sniper position. Snipe him for a bit of irony. Walk down the path until you
see a soldier behind some barricades. Take him out however you like. Strafe to
the right and then look left at the building with a bunch of windows. A soldier
should come into view through a window, so snipe him. Go over to that building,
but turn back to face the building with the sniping balcony you were just near.
You should see a hostile through a window, so take him out. Climb into the 
window of the building you're actually next to, and breach the door to the
upper-left corner yourself. Go down this back exit and look right - a house 
will come into view. Throw a grenade into the window and the communications
will be disabled. 

(3) Look to the right of the house and up with your scope. A soldier will be
in a sniping position on the top level of a water tower. Snipe him. Take the 
path which goes to the left of the house, though. You'll come to a clearing of
sorts, at which point a soldier will walk out from afar. This is another
headshot opportunity, but watch out - another anarchist comes out as well, so
the sniping will have to be quick. At any rate, take out the anarchist as well,
and go to the left towards point DELTA. Another anarchist is there, so get a
headshot. Keep going towards DELTA, and a pile of cardboard boxes under an
awning comes into view. Take a picture, and then place your satchel. Run back
the way you came as fast as possible, and turn left when the path opens up to
a cave. While this is happening, the gas masks will be exploded by the satchel.
Go into the cave and look right as the path forks; an anarchist will be 
standing around, so kill him. Now look left, and zoom in with the scope on a
barrel with a red diamond and a flame drawing on it. Shoot it to destroy the
fuel cache. Turn back around down the right path (where you shot the anarchist)
and follow it down. Ignore the first right turn as there's literally nothing
there. Keep going straight down until it curves to the left a bit - an
anarchist is waiting there, but he's not looking down your path so get an easy
kill. Take the left turn and immediately look outside, as another hostile is
waiting. Remove him from the equation as well. Follow the path outside and 
around, and move up until you can see some enemies come into view from a 
distance. Snipe whoever you can, and you can probably just rush the rest of
them (there's three in all). Keep following the path down and look straight 
ahead; another cache like the gas mask one should appear. Have Lonestar place
his satchel, and run as quickly as possible to the part of the path that 
branches to the right. Take out these two hostiles on the path as the supply
cache explodes. You've now destroyed all the caches.

(4) Run down the path to point ZULU and turn left...look familiar? It's the 
beginning of the level. Climb over the barricades and prepare to engage about
five hostiles in close-range combat. Once all of them have been killed, look
across the river by a boulder to see another enemy waiting. Snipe him. Go down,
run across the bridge, and prepare to engage in combat with two more hostiles.
After defeating them, walk up a bit more and see a third hostile who needs to
be dealt with. Once he has also died, turn back around and go towards the X to
extract. Mission accomplished. 

Undertow [3.CW.3a]:

Pre-Mission Weapon Selection - Although the briefing intel says to expect a lot
of CQB, there are still occasional opportunities to snipe. Equip the M4A1 and
put on suppresser 1 and the high scope. Keep the rest as is, and leave the
loadout that Lonestar has alone. 

Objectives - (1) infiltrate tenement, (2) disable bomb, (3) secure the
Chilean Vice President, and (4) extract with VP.

Walkthrough - (1) As soon as you start, you can see an anarchist on the catwalk
who needs to be dealt with. Kill him, and follow the catwalk down until another
guard appears. Take care of him as well. The catwalk curves right, so take it 
to where there's a ramp leading down to the ground and shoot the enemy that
should walk by at this point. Go onto the next catwalk and follow it around
until you see an opening for a small room on your left. There's a guard, so
rush in and eliminate him however you like. Take the laptop on the crates in
the corner. Follow the catwalk until it ends and a set of ramps leading down
can be found on the left. Take them down to the lower level, walk straight 
ahead, and go down the next ramp to an even lower level. Follow it down to the
right until you can overhear a conversation. Look to the upper right and two
anarchists will be there. Kill them (a grenade could work here if you can make
sure to get it in their small alcove). After that, go up to the left and follow
the hallways until you see a huge opening on your left. As you walk towards it,
a guard will appear straight ahead. Shoot him, then turn left and shoot the 
enemy down the hallway. Take the ramp up, follow the halls, take another ramp
up, and turn right to get on a catwalk. Run down it until you see another
anarchist who must be eliminated. Go down the catwalk and turn around. Look
underneath it to find a passageway, where there's another hostile. Take the 
first left you can take, and you'll eventually come to an intersection after
following the halls. You can look right and kill some hostiles, or just run 
left if you aren't spotted. Once you finally go left, turn the corner and 
defeat the enemy, then use your scope and snipe another hostile who's at the
end of the room. Go up either ramp and follow the catwalk to a set of halls.
Follow these halls to a set of stairs, go up, and infiltration is complete.

(2) Breach the entry with Lonestar (frag and clear should be a good option as
there are two enemies right behind the door). If that frag doesn't get the 
third hostile, he's right around the corner to the left. Wait there patiently
after killing the third hostile until a fourth walks out into your hallway. You
know what to do. After making another kill, breach the door on your left and go
through the rooms until reaching another door. Breach it and turn left. Go down
the hall and into the entrance to a large defunct elevator on the left. There's
a bomb in the left corner, so tell Lonestar to defuse it. 

(3) Leave the room where the bomb was just defused, go down the hall, and then
turn left. Go down and take a left to get to the flight of stairs. Once you go
up the stairs and take the mandatory left, a guard will be there. Lock on and
blast away. Go down by where the guard was and eliminate the next hostile that
is around the corner. The hall on the right leads to an intersection with the
left blocked off, but you'll have to take care of two guards first. Go down, 
hang a right, and go up the stairs. A guard will be waiting. Kill him, go
right and then turn left; an elite guard should be down the hall. Lock on and
eliminate him from afar. Soon after a guard may open the door right by you
and try to get the jump, so stay aware. After that guard is also done away with
you can advance down the hall. Throw a flashbang in the room on the left and
restrain or kill the guard. Another elite guard should appear in the hall, so
kill him to have all the elite guards neutralized. The Chilean Vice President
should be around in the room on the right (or you may have found him already,
as his placement on this floor is somewhat random). Secure him. 

(4) Walk down the hall with the VP and a new objective appears after a short
cutscene. A counterattack is storming the tenement and they must be defeated
before extraction. Go around the corner and take out two guards (be prepared
for CQB if necessary). Tell the VP to hold his position, go down the stairs, 
and you'll need to take out four anarchists on this level. Two are practically
wandering the hall, and two are at the end (so a projectile might make 
removing them easier). After all four are done away with, get the VP and tell
him to follow you again. Go down the hall again and around to the left. Make
the VP hold position, and then take the stairs down. There's two enemies down
here, so just target and shoot. The counterattack is now defeated. You can get
the VP now and go all the way down the hall and take a right. This is the 
extraction point, but you need to clear away three hostiles before everything
is safe and secure. Do that, walk outside, and you've just extracted with the
VP (which is what this objective was meant to be in the first place). You've 
accomplished the mission. 

Clean Sweep [3.CW.4a]:

Pre-Mission Weapon Selection - Sandman's loadout needs minor tweaks. Change to
a high scope for the M4A1. For the extras, make the first a set of MARK 141s, 
the second M67s, and the third a box of ammo. You can also opt for another set
of MARK 141s or M67s over the ammo, but you'll definitely have to use your
secondary or pick up a new primary from the opposition at some point. Lonestar
has a good loadout, though.

Objectives - (1) find and disable bombs, (2) secure warehouse/rescue the
hostages, and (3) capture the main target (codename TOPDOG).

Walkthrough - (1) Walk straight ahead until the red marker for a hostile comes
up on your radar. Crouch down, look under the train, and use the scope; you
should be in good position for a headshot. Turn back around and run down to 
where the ground slopes down on your right. Go down the slope and follow it
out to the other side of the trains you just shot under. Look over past the
tank of chlorine gas and you should see a guard who happens to be totally
inattentive. A headshot would suit him nicely. Look to your left with the scope
and through the fence, as there's a guard standing back there trying to see
you. Snipe him as well. Now, move around the huge tanker of chlorine until the
defuse bomb option comes up. Have Lonestar defuse it. Command pages you and 
apparently has picked up "several hostiles" closing in on the bomb, but only 
one runs out. Blast this poor guard away and wait for Lonestar to finish 
defusing the bomb. One down, two to go. Run towards where the enemy just
rushed you from until two hostiles come into view ahead of you. Break out the
scope again and snipe away. Take a stroll down to where they were standing, go
left, and look in between the trains at a guard standing around. Scope, snipe,
etc. Go to where this newly made corpse should be, except stay a few steps 
away. Get into a crawling position, look under a train, and pick up a headshot
on the guard on the other side. Move forward a bit and turn right - these guys
are standing next to the second bomb, so get some more sniping action in and 
then head to that tank. A third guard will run in from the door on the side, so
eliminate him and then make Lonestar defuse the bomb. You should get an intel
update that says the third bomb can be accessed from the catwalks. Head down
to point SKYBRIDGE and enter the room. Go up these ramps and follow the catwalk
across, dispatching the two enemies you will encounter along the way. Once you
get to the end of the catwalk, go left. There's a slope leading to a door, so
get down there and open the door. Do a 180 slightly to the left and shoot the
guard hanging out by the wall. Go back to the train you should have seen as 
you opened the door, and look right after going behind it. You'll see two
guards who are practically begging for headshots. With any luck, you'll get
them both at once. Run up to where they are and go on the other side of the
tanker you should now be next to, and have Lonestar defuse the third and final
bomb. One enemy should run over from the door you came through to get outside,
so gun him down while Lonestar finishes defusing.

(2) If you look around by where the third bomb was just defused, there's a
severe incline with a path. Take it up and snipe the guy waiting out here as
soon as he comes into view. Enter in the door he should be standing directly
in front of. Go towards the railing of the catwalk you are now on and look to
the right for a prime sniping target. Look directly down for another guard
who can be easily sniped. Target to the right on the lower level to find yet
another unsuspecting enemy. Keep moving to the right and you'll find two more
enemies (one on the catwalk on the other side of the room in the corner, and
one at ground level). They also need to be dealt with. Take the catwalk around
to an open room and kill off the soldier inside. While you're here, you can do
part of the third objective and rescue the hostage, and there's also documents
on the table that can be picked up. Go out of the room, take a right, and some
stairs leading down should be easily visible to the right of you after you walk
down the catwalk into the room. Go down the stairs and hang a right. Soon after
another open room should be around there, which is where the last soldier is.
Kill him to secure the warehouse, and rescue the hostage inside to finish off 
that objective as well. 

(3) Go back up the stairs you just used to get on this level of the warehouse
and take them back up into the room. Look left and take the set of stairs (not
the one next to the lockers). Open the door and shoot down the two guards to
the right. Head up the stairs you see to the right of the guys that should have
just been eliminated. While doing so, make sure Lonestar is on hold fire, or at
least not on fire at will. TOPDOG is up here, and caution is needed to make
sure that you don't kill him. Anyway, go up the stairs, head into the corner to
your lower left-hand side, and look ahead to the bodyguard behind the pillar.
Get a headshot. Head towards where you just killed the bodyguard and look to
the right for another bodyguard. Remove him from the equation as well. If you
move up a bit more another bodyguard should rush you, so kill him and look to
the pillar in the back with another bodyguard by it. He also needs to die. All
that should be left now is TOPDOG, so either throw a MARK 141 at him yourself
or have Lonestar chuck one using the deploy option. TOPDOG should surrender;
simply apprehend him. Mission accomplished. 


Isolated Agent [3.CW.1b]:

Pre-Mission Weapon Selection - Sandman's default is a SA-25, but you should
set it up with suppresser 1 and the high scope instead of what the game gives
you. Everything else in Sandman's and Lonestar's loadout is good to go.

Objectives - (1) photograph the main target's activities (codename ODDBALL), 
(2) rescue village elder, and (3) extract with village elder.

Walkthrough - (1) From the beginning, you'll see ODDBALL run from the left to
the right path. Going in the opposite direction from ODDBALL are two insurgents
who should be dealt with as quickly as possible (snipe if you can). Turn down
the right path and look for ODDBALL. He usually meets with a villager down
the path next to the streetlight, but can also meet with a villager near the
left housing block or the right one. Wherever he is, take a picture from a 
distance. After successfully taking the picture, continue to follow ODDBALL 
while he moves on to find other villagers. Note that in this mission all of
the villagers are basically placed at random in a general area, so directions
for this part of the mission are irrelevant. Just tail ODDBALL, targeting any
insurgents along the way and gunning them down silently. Make sure you get all
three pictures. Oh, and if ODDBALL goes into a house for a conversation, a
plant can be found outside of the doorway most times for cover so ODDBALL
doesn't get paranoid. Other than that, good luck. Eventually you'll have the
three pictures and monitoring ODDBALL will be finished.

(2) Once you get the third picture, you will receive a message saying that
intelligence has learned that an elder has been taken hostage. If you follow
ODDBALL, he leads you right to the place where the elder is held. So, follow
him down there and eliminate the hostiles along the way. The place where the
elder is captive is in the right corner, but don't rush in as there are two
insurgents waiting right outside the front entrance. A grenade works well here,
but you can also just snipe them. At any rate, take their AK-47s. You can go
around the back and disable the generator, but I'm not sure what it does
besides shutting down that obnoxious buzzing sound and completing a secondary
objective. Now, go inside the place and all the way to the end of the hall to
find a hostile holding ODDBALL. Kill the insurgent so there aren't problems
later, and you can also secure ODDBALL for extraction if you want to do that
bonus/crosstalk objective. Anyway, after shooting down the insurgent, go up
the stairs you just passed before coming to that room. Gun down the lone
insurgent guard holding the elder hostage, and secure the elder. 

(3) Bring the elder back downstairs (get ODDBALL if you want to bring him out 
as well), and make whoever you have hold their position just before going out
the front exit. Get outside, and look down the path ODDBALL brought you down to
arrive at this building - a few hostiles should be waiting. Eliminate them.
Retrieve your hostages, make them follow you, and follow the path that is
straight ahead if you're just coming out of the small outpost where the elder
was. Take down the insurgent at the end of the path, and then another one may
run across (so shoot him as well). Hang a right and take that path at the
intersection and follow it down. Take out a few insurgents who are hanging out
at the end of the path at an intersection, and go down the right path (under 
the arch). Three or four insurgents will try to make a last stand; simply
eliminate them and run over to the extraction point.

Short Fuse [3.CW.2b]: 

Pre-Mission Weapon Selection - The M4A1 is probably the best option for Sandman
as the distance is good for the occasional snipe but it also has full auto. Add
a suppresser and the high scope. Other than that, the loadouts are good to go.

Objectives - (1) acquire all intel and neutralize NAPF officer, (2) neutralize
Amad Mouline, and (3) disable all bombs and extract. 

Walkthrough - (1) From the beginning, move up and look to the upper-right. An
insurgent can be spotted, so lock on and fire away. Around the corner is a
second hostile. Go right and turn left to find an enemy at the end of this
path. A headshot would be in order. Run up to where this hostile was and turn
left, then follow the path all the way down and hang a left. Blast the enemy
at the end, then rush the house on your right and quickly dispatch the guard
inside. Take the frequency book off the table in the upper-right corner. From
the house, go back the way you came (up to the wall, left, right) and take the
left that leads to the mansion (point CHARLIE). Look right and eliminate the
hostile. Make sure that there's not a hostile behind you as well; sometimes 
he's exploring an area where he can't see you, but every so often he comes out.
Anyway, go in the direction of the first insurgent you killed and turn left.
Take the right coming up and follow it around the corner to where an enemy 
should be right by it. Kill him and use the scope to look ahead, as there's a
hostile moving in your direction who can be sniped. Move up a bit and look to
your left to find the NAPF officer. You can kill him or restrain him, although
it should be noted that restraining the NAPF officer nets you a crosstalk
objective. Do what you will with him and breach the door in that area. There's
a few enemies to be cleared out in this area so expect a huge firefight if
you can't find the angles to pick them all off with headshots from afar. After
each of them are eliminated, look to the left of where you entered in to see a
door to a small room. There's an enemy inside, so rush in and target the 
hostile. The financial document is on a small table on the right. Leave the 
room and head all the way into the upper-right corner before looking left to
discover a staircase. Run up, turn around to the left, and follow it out into
a lobby of sorts. Two enemies will be on the other side of the room. Run down
by them, but stay to the far left of the room and go into the door that comes
up on your left. Kill the enemy inside and pick up the weapons manifest on
the nightstand next to the bed. Walk out of the room from the way you came in
and look left; there's a narrow passage across the room. In the room behind it
is Amad Mouline, two guards, and the last piece of intel. To get the laptop,
simply go to the end of the room opposite of the bookcase and snag it off the
ledge, but first...

(2)'ll have to take care of the threats inside. There's a plethora of 
ways to do this, but the simple, bare-bones way is to chuck a M67 inside and
take out a few of them (possibly including Mouline) before rushing in and 
cleaning up the mess. If you're really interested in restraining Mouline, 
though, then strafe in, lock onto the closest guard, kill him, and strafe out.
Go to the other entrance to the room and do the same. After the guards are 
taken out of the picture, throw a MARK 141 in at Mouline. He should be willing
to surrender. If not, take a few shots without killing him, and maybe even
throw another flashbang. Note that capturing Mouline alive gives you the 
locations of the bombs for the next objective on your TACMAP.

(3) Alright, time to do some defusing. The bombs are placed at random, but the
good thing is that there's only a few locations they can be in. If you have
the locations on your TACMAP, this section is easy. If not, here's some places
to look:

a) Bookshelf in the room Mouline was in
b) Next to couch in the room Mouline was in
c) Next to nightstand in bedroom (where weapons manifest was)
d) On back balcony (go in other door by bedroom)
e) Next to crates in other bedroom
f) Downstairs, in the hall with the short wall next to the stairs, on the left
g) In the corner of the hall the last one was in (crates surround it in corner)
h) Set of crates next to financial document room
i) Set of crates in financial document room
j) Set of crates by where the NAPF officer was

After disabling all the bombs, simply run to the extraction point (behind the
mansion). Mission accomplished. 

Lethal Crossing [3.CW.3b]:

Pre-Mission Weapon Selection - I don't like the M60E3 that Sandman is defaulted
with as his primary; it seems to run out of bullets too fast and really doesn't
end up being superior to the M4A1. I'd run with that, adding a silencer and
the high scope (pretty much standard fare). Everything else should be left 

Objectives - (1) destroy first bridge, (2) disable NAPF vehicles, (3) destroy
second bridge and move to extract.

Walkthrough - (1) From the beginning, head down the path (turning left at the
beginning if you couldn't tell) and take out the two guards outside. Walk up
to the bridge and use your scope to look across for a hostile. Get a headshot
as usual, and walk to the middle of the bridge. Use the scope again and get
another enemy in the crosshairs by a burning truck. Shoot him down, then rush
in and take care of the other hostiles left over. Turn back towards the bridge
and have Lonestar place his satchel. Run past the blazing trucks to where the
path starts to become enclosed - the bridge will explode.

(2) Follow the path down until a flaming truck comes flying in your direction.
If you stay in the tunnel until it stops, it won't hit you, so don't worry 
about it. Look to the left outside and take down the two NAPF members. If you
look ahead on the path, you should see another person to zoom in on with the
scope. Move up the path a bit more and you'll find another enemy who should
also be eliminated. Keep running up to where the path branches off to get to
point FOXTROT, and shoot the NAPF scout that comes running along. Hang the left
and go to FOXTROT. As soon as the small camp comes into view, scope in and look
under the wide open tent to find another hostile oblivious to your presence. 
Rush in and take out the other hostile in the camp; although two more hostiles
will be off on a branching path behind you to the right, Lonestar will keep 
them occupied until you can turn around and obliterate them as well. Go down
to the truck and look to your right for another hostile that hasn't come out
of hiding yet, then scope down the path the truck is facing towards and net
yourself a headshot on the enemy down there. Walk next to the truck and place
the C4 charge when you are prompted to do so. Run towards the right path and
go right once you reach an intersection (the first truck will have exploded by
now). Head towards point ECHO. Take your time walking into this camp; you'll
need to wait for the game to draw in the enemies so you can snipe them. You
should get about three or four headshots before getting involved in any type
of firefight. Look in the tents and kill off any remaining NAPF members, then
move over to the truck and place the charge. Run back down to the path you
got into this camp from (the one by FOXTROT). The second truck will explode on
your way.

(3) While you're going down this path, just remember first and foremost that
you really won't be taking any turns; all you're doing is winding down a 
straight path. With that in mind, don't turn back into FOXTROT - just keep
moving. Run down to where you see a smoking truck and either chuck a grenade to
get the first two NAPF scouts or maybe get a headshot before running in and
ravaging whoever's left with lock-on (there's four enemies at this juncture).
Keep following the path down until you can see two NAPF members by a rock. Put
some chrome in their domes and move on, following the path as it winds around
to where another smoking truck is. As soon as you start moving in that general
direction, a NAPF elite should run out, so take care of him. Run past the truck
to find two NAPF scouts guarding the bridge. A M67 should eliminate them 
economically. Now that you're at the bridge and you're about to place your
satchel, know this: you MUST run across the bridge after placing the satchel to
have any chance at completing this mission. If you run around the other way and
the bridge explodes, there's no way to get to the other side and finish at the
extraction point. So, place the satchel and go across the bridge after doing
so. After the bridge explodes, just walk up a few steps and you're ready for
extraction. Mission accomplished. 

Desert Siege [3.CW.4b]:

Pre-Mission Weapon Selection - This mission turns into just a ton of close
range shootouts, so go with the M4A1 for the full auto. Toss on the M203 FRAG
and the high scope for the few sniping opportunities you will have. Take the
silencers off all the other weapons, including Lonestar's; you won't need them
at all. Leave the extras as they are.

Objectives - (1) place charge at armory, (2) place charge at supply room, (3)
destroy radio equipment, and (4) capture and extract with NAPF lieutenant.

Walkthrough - (1) From the beginning, turn left into the casbah and use the 
scope to take out the first guard you can see. Walk in and take the first right
that you can, then turn left and follow the small hall to a staircase. Go 
downstairs and immediately look left, because a solider will be walking towards
you quickly. Eliminate him, walk left, and turn right. Walk down this area 
that's in shambles and turn left - there's a solider in the room who should be
dealt with. Get back on the path after killing him and head to point CHARLIE.
Turn right and blast the hostiles who come running in at you. Follow the hall
they came from to the armory room and have Lonestar place the satchel. 

(2) Run back to the stairs you used to get down into this area and go back up.
Walk into the main lobby (where you first came into the casbah) and eliminate
the new guard here. Go across the hall (under the arch) and take a right to
find a staircase which you should go up. Take two right turns and take out
the enemy at the end of the hall. Take the first left, turn left once you go
under the arch, and head to point ECHO. Gun down the soldier who's guarding
the supplies, then place your satchel.

(3) Leave this room and run over to the ramp/stairs combination in the upper
left corner of the room. Follow it up until you can see a small room come into
view. Snipe the enemy you can see through the window and walk up into the room.
Place the C4 on the radio and run to point FOXTROT to get out of the way of the

(4) Turn the corner at FOXTROT and snipe the enemy up ahead. There's a small
room on your left with a hostile inside, so blow him away and you can also
take the codebook on the crate. Take a left out of the room and go to point
ZULU. You should see a helipad, and an enemy will be nearby who should be 
eliminated. This is the end of the roof section, and I'm sure you've noticed by
now that this isn't where the lieutenant is. By taking out these enemies, 
though, you are increasing your chances of a safe extraction and you are now
familiar with the extraction point (on the helipad). Anyway, run back down to
the second level via the stairs you used to get to the radio communications 
room. Once you're at the end of the stairs (point ECHO should be to your far
right), go into the hall and turn left to find an enemy in a small room. Kill
him, and you can also take the decoded memo off the table in the upper right 
corner. Walk to the end of this hall, turn left, and start running; an enemy
should appear moving across a hall perpendicular to yours, so shoot him and go
over there. Take a right, gun down the unsuspecting hostile walking past the
entranceway, and look to your upper-right (but a bit lower than you). You'll
see the entrance to a small room which contains the lieutenant. Restrain him,
and now all you have to do is get to the extraction point safely (the helipad
on the roof which you should remember from before). Odds are you've eliminated
all the hostiles that could get in your way en route to extraction, so it 
should be a leisurely stroll to accomplish the mission. 


Songbird [3.CW.1c]:

Pre-Mission Weapon Selection - For Sandman, the M4A1 is always good. It's 
almost boring recommending it for each mission, but it's the most versatile
weapon, especially in a mission like this one. Add suppresser 2 and the high
scope. Leave the rest as is (including the rockets, which I really don't like
but are absolutely necessary for this mission). 

Objectives - (1) infiltrate camp, (2) secure MAGPIE, (3) cover MAGPIE during 
intel recovery, and (4) extract with MAGPIE, destroying ZSU while doing so.

Walkthrough - (1) Walk up the path until the camp comes into view, then go up
a bit further until a raider appears from a distance. Headshot. This might be
a bit oxymoronic, but rush down the path as stealthfully as possible until
you get the objective complete message. There's going to be three or four 
raiders around by the time you trigger the message, so lock on and fire away.

(2) From where the message should trigger, take a left and follow the path 
around that way into a cave. Go down the tunnel until a main room comes into
view - a raider should be walking past the entrance of the room and you can
gun him down. Run in and be prepared for a close-range firefight between you
and about three or four other raiders. Take the exit path out until it 
intersects, and go right. There's three hostiles in here, so eliminate them. Go
back to the intersection and take the way to the left; MAGPIE is in here with
two enemies. Kill them and secure MAGPIE. 

(3) Here's where the mission gets a bit more difficult. Once the in-game
cutscene is over, try to go back out the way you came in. You'll have to take
out at least half a dozen hostiles, though - put Lonestar on fire at will mode.
As you go to leave the part where MAGPIE was, there will be a hostile in the 
hall, one in the room up ahead, and four or five in the room to your right 
(which is the direction that MAGPIE wants to go in). Go through the tunnel to
leave the caves and kill the hostile along the way, then get outside. There's
another half dozen raiders outside; run along the path and the raiders will be
more than willing to engage in a firefight. Take them all down (you will most
likely have to take one of their AK-47s by now since you'll probably be low on
ammo). Go back to MAGPIE once they're all dead and follow him as he secures the
data disk, the documents, and then as he runs into the next camp. I'd say there
has to be about another...8 hostiles in this area. As usual, just rush in and
kill them all. Don't worry about your health unless you start to dip into the
yellow and red ranges (which likely won't happen). Once you notice that MAGPIE
is running towards a house, rush in before he gets there and kill the last
remaining raider solider. At this point, MAGPIE should retrieve the last piece
of intel (the chemical sample). 

(4) For this part, all you have to do is run with Lonestar and MAGPIE to the
extraction point...WHAT? Suffice it to say that something dramatic happens and
you can't extract just yet. Kill the two enemies that you see right ahead of
you, and remember the thing they're standing by (you'll need to explode it with
a rocket). Run back towards where you came into the extraction location and
ravage on the four raiders over here. MAGPIE wants to keep moving up a flight
of stairs, so let him do that and go up with him. Go back down, though - about
four more soldiers have arrived. Now you'll have ample time to fire a rocket at
the ZSU (the big satellite-esque thing), turn back to where you shot the last
8 guys, and kill a few more stragglers before the mission is accomplished. 

Biohazard [3.CW.2c]:

Pre-Mission Weapon Selection - The defaults are perfect. Move on.

Objectives - (1) infiltrate Al Shakoosh camp, (2) locate chemical lab, (3) set
charges in the chemical lab, and (4) extract. 

Walkthrough - (1) Walk up the path and look right as soon as a sniping post 
comes into view. Make this guy your first target and take him out. You can stay
back in the area you shot him from and pick off the rest of the soldiers from a
distance before rushing in and eliminating the rest of them. This will secure
the guard post. Stand next to the left of the bridge and scope out to find 
another sniping post. You know what to do. Run across the bridge and lock-on
to an enemy on the other side; get across and decimate him. Follow the path to
a cave where another Al Shakoosh member will be waiting. Take him out and 
follow the tunnel to the next cave, and kill off this hostile as well. Go out
the tunnel and to the camp entrance; if you look around from just outside the
camp you should be able to remove two or three hostiles from the equation 
before you infiltrate the camp.

(2) Enter the camp and look through the window of the small house on your 
right. Shoot the guard inside and move on to the middle of the camp. A guard
or two should appear over the horizon, so eliminate them if possible. You can
go to the path on your left that curves up a hill, snipe the RATBITE bodyguard,
and take a picture if you want - but it's not a mandatory objective. Go back
down the hill and take the other path that also goes to the left behind you
(it leads to point ECHO). Walk down the path, continuing through the part where
it becomes enclosed. Gun down a guard or two, and eventually as you near the 
end of the path you'll get the message that you have located the chemical lab.

(3) Rush in and shoot anyone else left in this area (including an elite), and
then have Lonestar place his satchel on the boxes in the corner. Follow the
other path leading away from here (the one going to point FOXTROT). Eliminate
any hostiles in this area - there's about four. Go around to the front of the
boxes and place your satchel. You'll see a timer appear on the upper-left 
corner of your screen.

(4) This timer is an indication of how long you have to get to the extraction
zone and complete the mission. Run down the path you're on, through the middle
of the camp. Take out any soldiers that give you trouble along the way. Once
you start running up another hill towards the X, RATBITE should escape. Don't
worry, it's supposed to happen. Run down to the dock, finish off the last two
hostiles guarding it, and extract. 

Under Fire [3.CW.3c]:

Pre-Mission Weapon Selection - Change Sandman's primary to a M4A1 with 
attachments being M203 FRAG and the high scope. Everything else is good to go.

Objectives - (1) eliminate bunker guards and wait for airstrike, (2) destroy
communications equipment, and (3) capture and extract with the main target
(codename RATBITE).

Walkthrough - (1) Right from the beginning, four guards should sprint out onto
the beach that you're on. All of them need to be done away with. Run towards 
point ZULU until the airstrike comes in and crashes through the main entrance.

(2) If you're walking down the path to ZULU, turn around and take the first 
right. Either way, it's a fenced in area just ahead of a sniping post. Go to 
that area. Run up the hill and look at the small room - see the window? Throw
a M67 through it. If you can get it in the window, the communications equipment
will be destroyed, along with a guard.

(3) Open the door and gun down the other guard in here (who almost always 
manages to avoid the grenade blast). Look down the hall to your right and kill
the guard hanging out in there as well. Follow these green halls down until
you find an intersection (there's a light over it). Take the right turn, look
left, eliminate the hostile at ground level, and run across to the other side
of this convoluted split-level platform thing. Climb up, go down the ramp, and
do a 180; there's an enemy lying in wait for you. Kill him and go down the hall
he's next to. Look to your left right away and you'll be shocked - there's five
Al Shakoosh members standing next to each other in a hall doing absolutely 
nothing. Throw a grenade - you'll kill at least three, maybe even all of them
with good placement. Finish off anyone else who dodged the blast. Keep moving
past the cots and all the way down the hall. Take the left and open the door.
RATBITE's in there all alone. Lend him some company by restraining him. Walk
back the way you came past the cots, and look right down the hall where the 
five guys were. There should be a lone gunman in there, so lock on and blast 
away. Keep moving out to the main square of the fortress. Look to the upper
right hand corner to find three enemies loitering around a door. Chuck a M67,
but run out the green hole which was where the airstrike demolished the 
stronghold. Take a left and run all the way down to the final path (the one
leading to point ZULU). Be prepared for a ton of firefights here, as you'll 
encounter about a dozen enemies while running down this path. Set Lonestar to
fire at will mode, and make sure that you stay in motion while killing these
soldiers; they're all packing M67s and will not hesitate to throw one if you're
standing around. That's an easy way to have a failed mission. Anyway, all you
really have to do is make it to the extraction point with everyone alive. Odds
are you can do that. Mission accomplished. 


Supply and Demand [3.CW.1d]:

Pre-Mission Weapon Selection - The scope use for this mission depends on the
brightness of your PSP. If you keep it at default, you can get away with the
high scope; however, if your settings are lower, you should probably consider
using the thermal. At any rate, you can keep the rest of Sandman's weapons as 
they are, but the extras need some serious retooling if you just want to beat
the mission. I'd go with two sets of M67s and a box of ammo in addition to your
digital camera. Lonestar needs to have his primary reworked, as having him use
a sniper rifle is stupidity in this mission. Hook him up with a M8, and you can
ignore all the additions for it (well, you can add the low scope). I'd also 
change a set of his MARK 141s for a box of ammo.

Objectives - (1) search warehouses for intel, also have Lonestar disable the
truck, and (2) locate chemicals, protect chemicals, extract. 

Walkthrough - (1) Strafe out to the right a bit and look ahead to find an NSO
soldier. Kill him and break out the scope or the thermal. Take out the other 
enemies that are at ground level in your line of vision, then look up and pick
up a headshot on the sniper that paces around the steel thing (is it supposed 
to be a crane? I can't tell...). Regardless, walk towards point CHARLIE, 
obviously eliminating any leftover guards who hid behind boxes by the starting
point. Wait for a guard to come out of the door at CHARLIE and gun him down,
then breach the door. Look to the left and target the soldier through the 
window who should be watching over two hostages. Also look out for another
NSO member who could be anywhere in the room (behind boxes, behind lockers, 
even waiting right at the front door when you breach). Go into the room where
the hostages are (rescue them if you want/if they're alive), and pick up the
ship's manifest off the table. Run back out the way you came in and look right
at the warehouse point DELTA is in to find its entrance. Rush in and prepare
for a mild firefight with about three NSO terrorists. Go to the table in the 
upper-left corner of the room and obtain the warehouse map. Head out the door
across from the table and go straight ahead to the gated area. Enter in and a
few hostiles will pop out by the truck. Lock onto a few of them, clear them
out, and move closer - you'll receive a message from command and a timer 
appears giving you about 45 seconds to disable the truck. Look right at the 
front of the truck (i.e. where the engine is) for the disable truck prompt to
come on, and have Lonestar disable it. Cover him and watch out for anyone you
might have missed. After the truck is disabled, hang a left into the warehouse,
shoot down the three NSO terrorists inside, and go to the room in the 
upper-left corner. Take the shipment log off the table. Go back to the other
side of this warehouse (to point ECHO), and the message will come up. You've
collected all of the necessary intel (there's only one other piece and it's a
bonus - it's the boat's name, found on the boat where you extract). 

(2) Once you're at point ECHO, you should be able to see a door on your left. 
Breach it, run straight ahead, take a left, and lock on to the terrorist. Go in
the room and around the tanker in the middle, rushing the enemy on the other
side in the process. You've supposedly located and secured the chemicals, but
make no mistake - it's not over yet. Get ready for a massive firefight. Run to
your left by all of the storage crates and wait by the entrance to the tanker
room. Six or seven hostiles will pour in, virtually simultaneously. Make sure
Lonestar is on fire at will mode, and just do a bit of pick n' pop - eliminate
one or two, take cover, eliminate some more, and repeat until they're cleared
in this area. You'll know when they're all dead, as a short in-game cutscene
comes on and a train charges through the front gate attempting to hijack the
chemicals you must secure. Run towards the front gate to find another five or
six hostiles. Prepare all of them for a dirt nap. Once this objective is done,
simply run to the extraction zone with no resistance whatsoever. Mission 

Undermining Authority [3.CW.2d]:

Pre-Mission Weapon Selection - Sandman's loadout is mint, so leave the whole
thing alone. Lonestar is usually fine no matter what you give him, but you
could at least be considerate and give him the same primary you have (so that
he can have a thermal scope). Other than that, everything is ready.

Objectives - (1) place entrance satchel and locate demo crew, (2) retrieve
intel, and (3) place exit satchel.

Walkthrough - (1) Walk up a bit and wait for a guard to walk past you. You
should pick up a headshot, then have Lonestar place his satchel when you get
the prompt. Take a left down to where point CHARLIE is, shoot the guard right
ahead of you, and take out the two guards downstairs. Look towards the lower
left corner and have Lonestar disable the generator. Walk ahead to the next
section and take out the hostiles inside as quickly as possible. Run towards 
the set of rocks and rubble on the other side of the room - you'll see the demo
crew, dead on the floor. No worries as their death before you get there is part
of this mission. 

(2) Take the path on your left and kill the three hostiles in this room; try
not to rush in though, as sometimes they'll end up getting the jump on you just
based on positioning. Take the path that leads to point ECHO and kill the
two enemies on your left once you get there. Also watch out for a NSO member
who should be coming in on the right. Take the left and head to point FOXTROT.
There will be an enemy on the way there and three more terrorists in the cave
at FOXTROT. Eliminate them and look slightly to the left to find a stack of 
boxes. Search on it to find the sausage, and obtain it. Look to the corner that
would be right of where you came into FOXTROT and shut off the other generator.
Start heading towards point JULIET (by now you'll need your night vision and
you'll have to play in FPS mode), but at about the 40m away mark look left to
find a hostile standing around aimlessly. Fix that problem by aiming at him and
removing him from the equation. Keep heading towards point JULIET, but be
careful once you arrive; there's four hostiles guarding the important intel. 
Once they're all gone, you can safely explore the table that's in the upper
left corner of the room to find the hard drive (it's the sideways computer
tower next to a monitor). That's the only intel you need.

(3) This part of the mission is pretty simple, although be careful - if you've
lost some life before, you can definitely die here and fail the mission. Go
to point ROMEO and get ready to engage five hostiles in a small, enclosed area.
You can get the jump on two or three of them from the entrance (although you
can't snipe them), but you'll still have to take some down from close range.
Sometimes a few hide behind the mine cart on the left (which happens to be 
where you must place the exit satchel), so to get them you might have to do a
bit of CQB. How you eliminate them is irrelevant, though - just get rid of them
so you can place the satchel without any distraction at the mine cart. Mission

Chemical Reaction [3.CW.3d]:

Pre-Mission Weapon Selection - For Sandman's primary, it's just preference. I
recommend going with the M16A2 for the three-bullet burst fire option. Add a
grenade launcher (M203 FRAG) if throwing grenades will be an issue, but most
importantly equip the High Scope. You need to snipe for the beginning of the
mission. Secondary tends to be irrelevant as few bullets will be used, but put
a silencer on whichever you go with. For the extras you need MARK 141s, and
M67s. Lonestar's guns won't be an issue (keep the defaults), but make sure he
has two sets of MARK 141s and a set of M67s. 

Objectives - (1) infiltrate the plant, (2) disable the equipment, and
(3) capture the main target (codename TINMAN). 

Walkthrough - (1) Run straight ahead, through the small river. A tree will be
on the left; it's already broken through the wall, so there's your entrance. 
Step up only a step or two and look left, as two guards can be seen loitering
outside of the plant. Take them both out at once with an M67. If they avoid
the grenade, just take them down as quickly as possible from a distance. Turn
right after taking down the guards, and go around the tree to the right-hand
corner while staying close to the tree. Once there, tell Lonestar to hold his
position. Move over to the right and get a clear view through the scope into 
the plant. You need to take out 5 NSO members. Two stand right next to each 
other near a pillar, two are on the inside of the left-hand wall of the plant,
and the fifth usually comes wandering by where the first two were after the
others go down. Snipe them all. You can now stroll into the plant. 

(2) Once there, you have two options: go through to the back into another 
receiving bay, or head to the right of the first bay to a door. Go to the door,
as the back receiving bay is useless for standard completion. Have Lonestar do
a frag and clear breach. There's three NSO soldiers inside, and usually at
least two of them die from the M67. Clear this room and go straight ahead to 
the next door. Take a right, turn left, and there's a wide open doorway. It's
easy to get the jump on the first guy and snipe him from the hallway, then just
clean up the other two guards in this room with the M16A2. This room contains
the equipment that must be disabled; it's almost directly across from the 
entrance and has two huge knobs. Have Lonestar disable it.

(3) To the left of the entrance of the room you should be in is a door. Have
Lonestar do a frag and clear, and take out any remaining enemies. Don't waste
any health here. Watch out for soldiers behind broken walls that avoid the M67.
From the entrance to this room, go towards the middle and then hang a right,
which leads to a set of stairs. Go up the stairs and open the door, which 
brings you to a hallway. The door on the right is the only one that opens. 
Have Lonestar do a frag and clear. Note that when Lonestar opens the door, a
short in-game cutscene is triggered showing TINMAN fleeing from the room. 
Lonestar actually throws the grenade during the scene, which takes out the four
NSO soldiers in the small room and hits TINMAN but won't kill him. 

(EDIT: I've been informed that TINMAN can, in fact, be killed by the grenade
during the cutscene. It's a luck of the draw thing since the grenade has to
come in contact with the first NSO soldier for TINMAN to live. In lieu of this 
dangerous method, then, simply have Lonestar move and clear; a bang and clear
will not work because of a glitch where TINMAN permanently freezes and you 
cannot do anything to him so the mission can't be completed. I have yet to test
this myself; this information was brought to my attention by skilz76 on the
GameFAQs message boards.)

Take the left passage to another flight of stairs. Directly to the right of the
staircase exit will be a NSO bodyguard, so get the drop on him if possible. 
Kill him, then go down to the left and take out the soldier in the corner on
the lower roof. Another bodyguard may try to follow you down, which helps -
take him out. There should be another bodyguard after that, so make Lonestar
move to the gray box-like structure on the roof that should obscure your view
of TINMAN. Lonestar will notice the bodyguard and take him out. Now, for the 
hardest part - the capture. TINMAN is on the catwalk, but don't go on it until
he gives up. The easiest way to force surrender is to lock on from afar and 
tell Lonestar to deploy a MARK 141 while you hold the lock-on. After a 
successful flashbang or two, TINMAN will scream "I GIVE UP!" Go up the catwalk
and restrain him. Mission accomplished. Campaign is now completed as well.

~~~Rapid Fire [4.RF]~~~

Introduction [4.RF.INT] - Rapid Fire (the mandatory cheesy name I have bestowed
upon this section of the FAQ) is really just a more efficent way to get the
vital information out of the guide. I'm sure that there are people who don't 
need this guide for an entire level and are only searching for a single part
they're stuck on or can't seem to find. Fear not - Rapid Fire lists all the
essentials of each mission quickly, so you can do less reading and more actual

...unfortunately, it won't be finished until the next update. 

Copyright 2005 Thomas Corcoran. 

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