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Previous Poll Results

 Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed Xbox exclusive, and...(816 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/24/2014
 ...I'm so pissed, I can't see straight.
 ...I'm annoyed, but I can be patient.
 ...I'm not caring much at all.
 ...I think it's actually a good thing.

 Plan on getting Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition?(533 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/17/2014
 Yep, grabbing it day one!
 Yes, but not immediately.
 I don't know yet...
 No, I've already played it on PC.
 Nah, I've got no interest.

 Got the Xbox One?(819 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/10/2014
 Yeah, I got it when it first launched.
 Yeah, I just picked it up recently.
 No, but I might get one soon.
 No, and I've got no interest.

 Got the Wii U?(674 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/3/2014
 Yep, had mine since day one.
 Yeah; I just recently picked it up.
 No, but I might get one soon...
 No, and I don't ever want one.

 What do you think of the Destiny beta?(428 votes total)
Poll Ended 7/27/2014
 It's awesome! Can't wait for September!
 It's only good, but I'm having fun.
 Eh, it's okay, but I expected more.
 It sucks, period.

 Do you want an Uncharted Remastered? Which one?(450 votes total)
Poll Ended 7/20/2014
 I'd like to see the original Remastered.
 Go with #2; it was the best one!
 Remaster the last one; it makes sense.
 No, don't do this at all.

 What do you think of PS4's 2014 exclusive lineup?(482 votes total)
Poll Ended 7/13/2014
 It's fantastic, lots of great ones!
 It's pretty good, but not amazing.
 Eh, it's not really impressive.
 It's just terrible. Bring on 2015.

 Getting The Last Of Us: Remastered?(500 votes total)
Poll Ended 7/6/2014
 Absolutely, it's a day one purchase!
 Probably, but I'll get it later.
 Not likely; I'm good with the original.
 Don't care about TLoU at all.

 What did you think of the Destiny alpha?(271 votes total)
Poll Ended 6/29/2014
 Incredible, can't wait for this one!
 Not amazing, but it's looking good.
 I'm indifferent; I need to see more.
 I wasn't impressed in the slightest.

 So, who "won" E3 this year?(660 votes total)
Poll Ended 6/23/2014
 Definitely Sony. Loved the games.
 Microsoft; they had the edge.
 Nintendo; they did a great job!
 None. They were all disappointing.
 All three did well; a three-way tie!

Our Poll

Do you regret buying the PS4 so early?
Nope, I love it!
Not really; I still play it plenty.
A little, I was hoping for more games.
Yes, I could've waited.

Previous Poll Results