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Previous Poll Results

 Are you getting Uncharted: Lost Legacy?(132 votes total)
Poll Ended 9/21/2017
 Are ya kidding? I already own it!
 Don't have it yet, but it's a must buy!
 Eh, I'm on the fence.
 Gonna wait for a sale before I buy
 Meh, it's not really my cup of tea
 Wait, there's a new Uncharted?

 Do you own a PS4 Pro?(182 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/28/2017

 What do you think of July's PS Plus Games?(121 votes total)
Poll Ended 7/26/2017
 They're great! Love the lineup
 They're mostly fine, but not awesome
 Eh, nothing's really doing it for me this month
 No. They're bad. Very bad. Sony should be ashamed

 What did you think of this years E3?(107 votes total)
Poll Ended 6/28/2017
 Amazing! I loved every single minute of it
 Great, though there were some boring parts
 It was alright. Some announcements were good
 It was horrible! Totally boring and unmemorable!
 I didn't watch it, because I'm lame

 Who's going to "win" E3?(51 votes total)
Poll Ended 6/13/2017
 Sony, duh!
 Microsoft. That Scorpio looks awesome!
 Nintendo! Gotta Switch it up, yo!
 Ubisoft? Assassin's Creed is fun, right?
 EA! Star Wars Baby!
 Bethesda. Hoping for a surprise announcement

 Best PlayStation of all time?(392 votes total)
Poll Ended 6/8/2017
 PlayStation 2
 PlayStation Portable
 PlayStation 3
 PlayStation Vita
 PlayStation 4

 What do you think of E3 2017?(112 votes total)
Poll Ended 5/10/2017
 It's gonna be the best E3 ever!
 It'll be awesome, but not amazing
 Eh, it'll probably be alright
 Meh, E3's getting boring

 What's your current view of the "PS4 Neo?"(2503 votes total)
Poll Ended 4/18/2017
 Love the idea, I want it!
 I'm okay with it, I think.
 Well, I really need to learn more.
 I'm a little disappointed.
 I absolutely HATE it.

 What do you think of Uncharted 4 being more open?(249 votes total)
Poll Ended 4/24/2016
 Love it, it'll make the game better!
 Most likely a good idea, but not sure.
 Doesn't matter to me either way.
 I'm definitely skeptical...
 Terrible idea, big mistake.

 Getting Ratchet & Clank for PS4 this week?(273 votes total)
Poll Ended 4/17/2016
 Yup, mine on day one!
 No but I'll get it a little later.
 I'm not sure yet.
 Nah, not my bag.

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