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Previous Poll Results

 So, are you all over Star Wars: Battlefront this week?(294 votes total)
Poll Ended 11/22/2015
 Yes indeed, it'll be mine day one!
 Not this week but I'll pick it up soon.
 I'm on the fence with this one.
 Nah, not interested.

 Are you worried about graphics/FPS issues in Fallout 4?(296 votes total)
Poll Ended 11/15/2015
 Not at all, the game will be amazing.
 I'm only mildly concerned.
 Somewhat worried, yes.
 Yes, I might not get the game now.

 So, getting Call of Duty: Black Ops III this week?(367 votes total)
Poll Ended 11/8/2015
 Yup, it'll be mine on day one!
 No, but I'll get it later.
 Not sure; have to see reviews.
 Nah, don't care.

 Should Sony make a more powerful PS4?(358 votes total)
Poll Ended 11/1/2015
 Hell yes, I'd buy it!
 Yes, but it wouldn't interest me.
 I'm not sure.
 No, it wouldn't help them at all.

 You getting Assassin's Creed Syndicate this week?(334 votes total)
Poll Ended 10/25/2015
 Absolutely, day one!
 Not this week but I'll get it later.
 I'm waiting to see some reviews.
 No, got no interest.

 Should Supermassive make another Until Dawn?(203 votes total)
Poll Ended 10/18/2015
 Definitely, I want a sequel!
 Yes, but make it a prequel.
 Yes, but I want a whole new story.
 No, move on to something else.

 How will PS3 be viewed in the future?(325 votes total)
Poll Ended 10/11/2015
 The best PlayStation home console ever!
 Not the best, but second-best.
 It'll be seen as third on the list.
 As the worst PS home console.

 Should Sony try to give us another Vita?(374 votes total)
Poll Ended 10/4/2015
 No, it's over.
 No, but I think they might try.
 Yes, but I doubt we'll get one.
 Yes, and I expect we'll see it, too.

 Will Sony drop the U.S. PS4 price for the holidays?(301 votes total)
Poll Ended 9/27/2015
 Yes, and they absolutely should.
 Yes, but it isn't necessary.
 No, but they'll drop it in 2016.
 No, price stays at $400 for a while.
 Not sure...

 Do you think MGSV is a little overrated?(292 votes total)
Poll Ended 9/20/2015
 Yeah, it's not THAT good.
 Yes, the MGS name results in bias.
 No, I think the scores are right.
 No. If anything, it's underrated!

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What do you think of the b/c for the PS4?
Love it! Can't wait to get it!
Good idea; they better do it right.
I need to learn more about it.
Don't care one way or the other.

Previous Poll Results