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Previous Poll Results

 Gettin' Destiny?(727 votes total)
Poll Ended 9/14/2014
 Of course, day one purchase!
 Yes, but I'll get it later.
 I'm on the fence...
 Nope, don't care.

 Got Madden NFL 15?(447 votes total)
Poll Ended 9/7/2014
 Yes, and it's great!
 Yeah, but I'm a little disappointed.
 No, but I plan to get it soon.
 ...they still make sports games?

 Do you regret buying the PS4 so early?(631 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/31/2014
 Nope, I love it!
 Not really; I still play it plenty.
 A little, I was hoping for more games.
 Yes, I could've waited.

 Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed Xbox exclusive, and...(816 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/24/2014
 ...I'm so pissed, I can't see straight.
 ...I'm annoyed, but I can be patient.
 ...I'm not caring much at all.
 ...I think it's actually a good thing.

 Plan on getting Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition?(533 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/17/2014
 Yep, grabbing it day one!
 Yes, but not immediately.
 I don't know yet...
 No, I've already played it on PC.
 Nah, I've got no interest.

 Got the Xbox One?(819 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/10/2014
 Yeah, I got it when it first launched.
 Yeah, I just picked it up recently.
 No, but I might get one soon.
 No, and I've got no interest.

 Got the Wii U?(674 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/3/2014
 Yep, had mine since day one.
 Yeah; I just recently picked it up.
 No, but I might get one soon...
 No, and I don't ever want one.

 What do you think of the Destiny beta?(428 votes total)
Poll Ended 7/27/2014
 It's awesome! Can't wait for September!
 It's only good, but I'm having fun.
 Eh, it's okay, but I expected more.
 It sucks, period.

 Do you want an Uncharted Remastered? Which one?(450 votes total)
Poll Ended 7/20/2014
 I'd like to see the original Remastered.
 Go with #2; it was the best one!
 Remaster the last one; it makes sense.
 No, don't do this at all.

 What do you think of PS4's 2014 exclusive lineup?(482 votes total)
Poll Ended 7/13/2014
 It's fantastic, lots of great ones!
 It's pretty good, but not amazing.
 Eh, it's not really impressive.
 It's just terrible. Bring on 2015.

Our Poll

Did Destiny live up to your expectations?
Yes it did and then some!
Not quite but it's still great.
No, it's only okay.
Not at all; it's a huge disappointment.

Previous Poll Results