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Previous Poll Results

 Getting Project CARS this week?(270 votes total)
Poll Ended 5/17/2015
 Yup, got it pre-ordered.
 No, but I'll get it eventually.
 Not sure just yet...
 Nah, not my thing.

 Can the PlayStation Vita be saved?(363 votes total)
Poll Ended 5/10/2015
 It doesn't need to be saved; it's fine!
 Yes, it can be saved with more support.
 I doubt it but it's not too late...
 Nope. It's done.

 Pumped for Call of Duty: Black Ops III?(383 votes total)
Poll Ended 5/3/2015
 Hell yeah, it looks awesome!
 I admit I'm a little excited.
 Well, I have to see more.
 Nah, it's just another CoD.

 What do you think of Star Ocean 5?(244 votes total)
Poll Ended 4/26/2015
 I think it'll be fantastic; can't wait!
 I HOPE it'll be good...
 I definitely have my doubts.
 It'll suck.

 Getting Mortal Kombat X this week?(380 votes total)
Poll Ended 4/19/2015
 Absolutely, day one.
 No, but I'll get it down the road.
 Depends on reviews.
 Nope, not my thing.

 Will The Witcher 3 live up to lofty expectations?(303 votes total)
Poll Ended 4/12/2015
 Definitely; it'll be a masterpiece.
 Likely but not certain.
 Not sure yet...
 No, the expectations are too high.

 Is Bloodborne the best PS4 exclusive to date?(399 votes total)
Poll Ended 4/5/2015
 Absolutely, hands down.
 Well, it's definitely close.
 I only think it's good, not great.
 No, this game is overrated.

 You're buying Bloodborne this week, right?(474 votes total)
Poll Ended 3/29/2015
 Hell yes I am! Day one!
 Not this week but I'll get it soon.
 I don't know if I want it just yet...
 Not interested at all.

 Getting Battlefield: Hardline this week?(401 votes total)
Poll Ended 3/22/2015
 Yes, definitely.
 Maybe; I want to see some reviews.
 I doubt it, but I can't be sure...
 Nope, not interested.

 How psyched are you for MGSV?(386 votes total)
Poll Ended 3/15/2015
 I'm amped up; day one, baby!
 I'm pretty excited, but not drooling.
 I guess I'll get it...not sure yet.
 Meh, not my thing.

Our Poll

You're all over The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt this week, right?
Definitely, it's mine day one.
No, but I'll get it soon.
Haven't made up my mind yet.
Nope, not interested.

Previous Poll Results