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Previous Poll Results

 Do you want an Uncharted Remastered? Which one?(450 votes total)
Poll Ended 7/20/2014
 I'd like to see the original Remastered.
 Go with #2; it was the best one!
 Remaster the last one; it makes sense.
 No, don't do this at all.

 What do you think of PS4's 2014 exclusive lineup?(481 votes total)
Poll Ended 7/13/2014
 It's fantastic, lots of great ones!
 It's pretty good, but not amazing.
 Eh, it's not really impressive.
 It's just terrible. Bring on 2015.

 Getting The Last Of Us: Remastered?(500 votes total)
Poll Ended 7/6/2014
 Absolutely, it's a day one purchase!
 Probably, but I'll get it later.
 Not likely; I'm good with the original.
 Don't care about TLoU at all.

 What did you think of the Destiny alpha?(271 votes total)
Poll Ended 6/29/2014
 Incredible, can't wait for this one!
 Not amazing, but it's looking good.
 I'm indifferent; I need to see more.
 I wasn't impressed in the slightest.

 So, who "won" E3 this year?(660 votes total)
Poll Ended 6/23/2014
 Definitely Sony. Loved the games.
 Microsoft; they had the edge.
 Nintendo; they did a great job!
 None. They were all disappointing.
 All three did well; a three-way tie!

 Rate Sony's E3 press conference, scale of 1-10(659 votes total)
Poll Ended 6/15/2014
 10, it was unbelievable!
 Great, maybe an 8 or a 9.
 Good, like a 6 or a 7.
 Average, around a 4 or a 5.
 Mediocre; a 2 or a 3.
 Sucked hardcore, 1 or less.

 So, is Watch Dogs everything you thought it would be?(493 votes total)
Poll Ended 6/8/2014
 Hell yes, it's incredible!
 Not quite, but it's a very fun game.
 Not really. Not bad, but not good, either.
 No. I'm very disappointed.

 Will the The Order: 1886 live up to the hype?(469 votes total)
Poll Ended 6/1/2014
 Hell yes, it'll be awesome!
 Maybe, it still looks pretty damn good.
 It'll be good but I doubt it.
 No, this will be a disappointment.

 With the $399 price tag, will Xbox One catch up to PS4?(731 votes total)
Poll Ended 5/25/2014
 Yes, in the US and globally.
 Yes, but only in the US.
 No, the PS4 will keep its lead.
 It's too soon to say...

 What do you most want to see from Sony at E3?(849 votes total)
Poll Ended 5/18/2014
 More of The Dark Sorcerer, please.
 The Last Guardian, damnit!
 Heavenly Sword 2...YES.
 Guerrilla's rumored new RPG.
 Media Molecule's Morpheus project.
 Uncharted 4 gameplay.
 Sony Japan's new games.
 That Syphon Filter reboot!
 God of War 4 for 2014!
 More of The Order, and a 2014 date.

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What do you think of the Destiny beta?
It's awesome! Can't wait for September!
It's only good, but I'm having fun.
Eh, it's okay, but I expected more.
It sucks, period.

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