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Previous Poll Results

 What'd you think of the PlayStation Experience?(336 votes total)
Poll Ended 12/15/2014
 Loved it, awesome show!
 It was good, just not earth-shattering.
 Eh, it was so-so.
 Very disappointing.

 Will you get a new game console this holiday?(574 votes total)
Poll Ended 12/7/2014
 Yep, a shiny new PlayStation 4!
 Yes, I'll get an Xbox One.
 Yes, Wii U will soon be mine.
 Nope, not this year.

 So, how's Far Cry 4?(288 votes total)
Poll Ended 11/30/2014
 Terrific, one of the best in 2014!
 Good game but not amazing.
 Okay; nothing special.
 Eh, I'm disappointed.

 How do you see Assassin's Creed Unity?(403 votes total)
Poll Ended 11/24/2014
 I see an awesome game, period.
 I see a good game with a few bugs.
 I see a fair game with big problems.
 I see a glitchy, crappy mess.

 Whatcha think of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?(524 votes total)
Poll Ended 11/16/2014
 Absolutely fantastic, I love it!
 Very good, but not great.
 All right, but it's not my thing.
 Bad. Call of Duty is going down.

 What new November release sits atop your list?(1181 votes total)
Poll Ended 11/9/2014
 Far Cry 4
 Dragon Age: Inquisition
 Assassin's Creed Rogue
 Assassin's Creed Unity
 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
 Grand Theft Auto V (PS4/Xbox One)
 LittleBigPlanet 3
 Super Smash Bros.
 Halo: The Master Chief Collection
 Something else

 Will Advanced Warfare rejuvenate Call of Duty?(778 votes total)
Poll Ended 11/2/2014
 Yes, this is just want CoD needed.
 I hope so; it looks promising.
 I doubt it, but I'm not sure...
 No chance; CoD is going down.

 The PS4 exclusive(s) reveal in December will be...(421 votes total)
Poll Ended 10/26/2014
 MEGATON! Biggest thing evah!
 Pretty great, but not mind-blowing.
 Something decent but that's it.
 A waste of hype.

 Will you buy the Evil Within this week?(455 votes total)
Poll Ended 10/19/2014
 Hell yes, I'm ready!
 I'm thinking...probably.
 Perhaps; I want to see reviews.
 No, not my thing.

 Gonna try Driveclub this week?(486 votes total)
Poll Ended 10/12/2014
 Yes, I'm buying it!
 I'll try it...not sure about buying
 I'll wait for reviews before trying.
 Got no interest.

Our Poll

Did Advanced Warfare save Call of Duty?
Yes, CoD is back on track!
Possibly; it was a positive step.
The jury's still out...
No, CoD is still doomed.

Previous Poll Results