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Previous Poll Results

 Should Sony try to give us another Vita?(374 votes total)
Poll Ended 10/4/2015
 No, it's over.
 No, but I think they might try.
 Yes, but I doubt we'll get one.
 Yes, and I expect we'll see it, too.

 Will Sony drop the U.S. PS4 price for the holidays?(301 votes total)
Poll Ended 9/27/2015
 Yes, and they absolutely should.
 Yes, but it isn't necessary.
 No, but they'll drop it in 2016.
 No, price stays at $400 for a while.
 Not sure...

 Do you think MGSV is a little overrated?(292 votes total)
Poll Ended 9/20/2015
 Yeah, it's not THAT good.
 Yes, the MGS name results in bias.
 No, I think the scores are right.
 No. If anything, it's underrated!

 What did you think of Until Dawn?(215 votes total)
Poll Ended 9/13/2015
 Fantastic game, I loved it!
 Pretty good, at least an 8 for me.
 Okay, but nothing too special.
 I was disappointed.

 Do you think MGSV will win GotY 2015?(307 votes total)
Poll Ended 9/6/2015
 Of course it will.
 Probably but it's not guaranteed.
 I think another game will win GotY.
 Can't say; I have to play it first!

 Getting Until Dawn this week?(269 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/30/2015
 Yes and I can't wait!
 Maybe; I'll see the scores first.
 I doubt it but you never know...
 Nah, not my cup of tea.

 Getting MGSV or Mad Max on September 1?(381 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/23/2015
 MGSV, definitely.
 I want Mad Max!

 So, what did you think of Gamescom 2015?(176 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/16/2015
 Fantastic show! Loved it!
 Pretty good; I liked the games.
 Okay but not great.
 Meh, pretty boring.

 Interested in the Nintendo NX?(372 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/9/2015
 Hell yeah, can't wait to see it!
 Maybe, I still like Nintendo.
 I doubt it but I'll wait for more info.
 Not in the slightest.

 Will you be getting Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4?(376 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/2/2015
 No. Don't want it at all.
 Maybe, but I hate waiting.
 Yeah, but not on day one.
 Absolutely, it's mine ASAP.

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