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Previous Poll Results

 Will you buy the Evil Within this week?(455 votes total)
Poll Ended 10/19/2014
 Hell yes, I'm ready!
 I'm thinking...probably.
 Perhaps; I want to see reviews.
 No, not my thing.

 Gonna try Driveclub this week?(486 votes total)
Poll Ended 10/12/2014
 Yes, I'm buying it!
 I'll try it...not sure about buying
 I'll wait for reviews before trying.
 Got no interest.

 Are you getting Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor?(531 votes total)
Poll Ended 10/5/2014
 Yup, I'm nabbing this one now.
 Yes, but I'm waiting for a while.
 Maybe...not sure yet.
 No, not interested.

 If you don't have a PS4 yet, why?(390 votes total)
Poll Ended 9/28/2014
 Not enough games I want.
 I don't have the money right now.
 I'm happy with other platforms.
 I just plain don't want it.

 Did Destiny live up to your expectations?(514 votes total)
Poll Ended 9/21/2014
 Yes it did and then some!
 Not quite but it's still great.
 No, it's only okay.
 Not at all; it's a huge disappointment.

 Gettin' Destiny?(727 votes total)
Poll Ended 9/14/2014
 Of course, day one purchase!
 Yes, but I'll get it later.
 I'm on the fence...
 Nope, don't care.

 Got Madden NFL 15?(447 votes total)
Poll Ended 9/7/2014
 Yes, and it's great!
 Yeah, but I'm a little disappointed.
 No, but I plan to get it soon.
 ...they still make sports games?

 Do you regret buying the PS4 so early?(631 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/31/2014
 Nope, I love it!
 Not really; I still play it plenty.
 A little, I was hoping for more games.
 Yes, I could've waited.

 Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed Xbox exclusive, and...(816 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/24/2014
 ...I'm so pissed, I can't see straight.
 ...I'm annoyed, but I can be patient.
 ...I'm not caring much at all.
 ...I think it's actually a good thing.

 Plan on getting Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition?(533 votes total)
Poll Ended 8/17/2014
 Yep, grabbing it day one!
 Yes, but not immediately.
 I don't know yet...
 No, I've already played it on PC.
 Nah, I've got no interest.

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A waste of hype.

Previous Poll Results