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Previous Poll Results

 What's your current view of the "PS4 Neo?"(2503 votes total)
Poll Ended 4/18/2017
 Love the idea, I want it!
 I'm okay with it, I think.
 Well, I really need to learn more.
 I'm a little disappointed.
 I absolutely HATE it.

 What do you think of Uncharted 4 being more open?(249 votes total)
Poll Ended 4/24/2016
 Love it, it'll make the game better!
 Most likely a good idea, but not sure.
 Doesn't matter to me either way.
 I'm definitely skeptical...
 Terrible idea, big mistake.

 Getting Ratchet & Clank for PS4 this week?(273 votes total)
Poll Ended 4/17/2016
 Yup, mine on day one!
 No but I'll get it a little later.
 I'm not sure yet.
 Nah, not my bag.

 Did you like the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo?(190 votes total)
Poll Ended 4/10/2016
 Awesome, the game will be great!
 Pretty good but not fantastic.
 Okay but not impressed.
 Terrible, what a mess.

 What do you think about "PS4K?"(358 votes total)
Poll Ended 4/3/2016
 Excellent, can't wait to learn more!
 Might want it, could be a good idea.
 I doubt I'll be interested.
 I hate it, and Sony shouldn't do it.

 So, pre-ordering PlayStation VR?(351 votes total)
Poll Ended 3/27/2016
 Hell yes, immediately!
 Maybe but not quite yet.
 No, but I'll get it after it comes out.
 No interest, thanks.

 Will Final Fantasy XV's ending make you cry?(205 votes total)
Poll Ended 3/20/2016
 Yes, I expect a beautiful story.
 Maybe, I think it has a chance.
 I really doubt it.
 No, only OTHER tears.

 Are you all over The Division this week?(273 votes total)
Poll Ended 3/13/2016
 Totally, it's mine day one!
 No, but I'll probably get it later.
 Maybe, I want to see some reviews.
 Meh, only a small chance.
 Zero chance in hell.

 Will Uncharted 4 be your GotY this year?(309 votes total)
Poll Ended 3/6/2016
 Without a doubt. Done deal.
 Probably but it's not a definite.
 Maybe; the competition is stiff.
 I doubt it; there's a small chance.
 No way.

 Getting Far Cry Primal or Garden Warfare 2 this week?(330 votes total)
Poll Ended 2/28/2016
 Yes, both!
 Far Cry Primal will be mine.
 I want Garden Warfare 2!
 No, neither.

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It's gonna be the best E3 ever!
It'll be awesome, but not amazing
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Meh, E3's getting boring

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