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Previous Poll Results

 Are you at all worried about Watch Dogs?(525 votes total)
Poll Ended 4/13/2014
 Worried? Hell no, it's gonna rock!
 Not really, it'll still be a good game.
 A little; the hype may be too high.
 Yes. It could be very disappointing.

 How does FFX/X-2 hold up under modern scrutiny?(288 votes total)
Poll Ended 4/6/2014
 Excellent, they're still amazing!
 Very well, with only a few exceptions.
 Okay, but they still seems dated.
 They don't hold up well at all.

 What do you think of Sony's new virtual reality tech?(638 votes total)
Poll Ended 3/30/2014
 Sounds awesome; can't wait to try it!
 Might be cool, but I've gotta learn more.
 Eh, I'm not really that interested.
 Don't care about it at all.

 Getting Second Son or FFX/X-2 HD Remaster?(719 votes total)
Poll Ended 3/23/2014
 Both, definitely!
 inFamous; I want next-gen, damnit!
 FFX/X-2 HD; old-school RPG FTW!

 What will become of the Wii U?(534 votes total)
Poll Ended 3/16/2014
 It'll come back, you'll see!
 Nintendo will come up with a new system.
 Nintendo will stop making consoles.
 Time to go third-party!

 Was Lords of Shadow 2 unjustly slammed by critics?(228 votes total)
Poll Ended 3/9/2014
 Yes, the game is great!
 Well, the game is better than they say.
 Not really; it's just not that good.
 No, the game is a big disappointment.

 Will we ever see a Final Fantasy VII remake?(487 votes total)
Poll Ended 3/2/2014
 Yes! It will be Kitase's final glory.
 Maybe, but it won't be for a while.
 I hope so, but I have serious doubts.
 No chance at all.

 Do you want Final Fantasy XII HD?(519 votes total)
Poll Ended 2/23/2014
 Absolutely! Bring it on, Square Enix!
 I'd get it, but I'm not really drooling.
 Maybe...I'm sort of on the fence.
 Hell no.

 How important is frames per second in a game?(677 votes total)
Poll Ended 2/16/2014
 Very important; almost critical.
 Somewhat important.
 Depends on the game.
 Eh, not a big deal to me.

 Planning on getting Lightning Returns?(593 votes total)
Poll Ended 2/9/2014
 Yep, it's a D1P for me!
 Yeah, but I'll get it a little later.
 Haven't decided yet.
 Not a chance.

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What do you think about The Last Of Us: Remastered?
Fantastic! Can't wait to get it!
Good, not sure if I'll buy immediately.
Eh, not bad, but I don't care.
It's just a stupid money grab.

Previous Poll Results