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Tomba! 2
Scheduled release date: January 2000
Publisher: Sony
Developer: Whoopee Camp
Genre: Action/Adventure
Number Of Players: 1

  The first Tomba was an excellent game which mixed all the elements of the action, adventure and RPG titles. The game's best feature was it's gameplay. The gameplay was very unique and it also brought back the old school style of adventure games. Some people who don't like 2D platformers might say that the game is pretty stupid, but I'm pretty sure there only saying that because they have never played the game. Tomba wasn't completely 2D but when in the town, the game changes into a 3D perspective. Although this time around Tomba 2 loses the 2D engine and enters a world which is 100% 3D.

   Tomba 2 features a brand new graphics engine that practically pushes the PS's limits. The backgrounds are very bright, and the environments are filled with great colorful colors. I should also mention that the detail is very good in the backgrounds, for instance the ridges and cuts in the leaves look good, and the cracks on the houses are just some of the little things that come to my attention, and those little things are what give a game more realism. Since the graphics engine has been re-done completely Tomba is now in full 3D. Tomba's makeover is great, his whole body has an excellent polish, and the last time I saw a videogame character that look so detailed was Spyro. At times the camera changes, but it only zooms out or in.

   Like the previous Tomba, your main goal in the stages is to accomplish goals that are given to you by your friend Zippo. The Evil Swine have returned again and Tomba gets a letter in his mailbox saying that his best friend Tabby is missing, he begins to worry and then heads of diving into the sea to find his childhood friend, along with his sidekick Zippo. Tomba 2 mixes genres such as Action, Adventure and RPG which makes the game a lot more amusing to play.

   Tomba 2 will be an excellent game that nobody, and I mean nobody should miss out on. The game features great gameplay, puzzles, many genres, great graphics and much much more that should make Tomba 2 one of the most enjoyable titles the PSX has had. Make sure to pick it up this January 2000.

11/1/1999   SolidSnake