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Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
Scheduled release date: May 2001
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Runecraft
Genre: Sports
Number Of Players: 1-2

  A long time has passed since Activison has mentioned anything about Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX, the title that was originally spoken of last year at E3, was scheduled for a November 2000 release, but that didn't happen. Could it have been that Activision didn't want Tony Hawk and Mat Hoffman to bump heads, or was it that Dave Mirra's BMX title was doing well on the charts, either way it was obvious that Mat Hoffman is in trouble. Late last year, PSX Extreme ran an article stating that according to EB World Mat Hoffman was pushed back to a March 1st 2001 release date. While delayed further than March, Activision has handed the press roughly 20 Mat Hoffman screenshots, just to ease the wait and here we are sharing them with you.

   It's scary to think but is it me or do these screenshots look like Mat Hoffman was originally scrapped and RuneCraft re-started the project. From what I've played in the demo version, Mat Hoffman looked a lot like Tony Hawk did; sharp character detail, nice bike models, and great environments. Based on these screenshots things ain't looking so good for the Condor. It seems like the resolution has dropped significantly, the surroundings have become awry and extremely grainy, to the point where it looks as if it is a static effect that appears due to bad TV reception. But whether or not these shots will reflect the final product is not known, just as the development status of the game isn't. We will surely keep you posted with more screens on Mat Hoffman as soon as Activision gives them to us.

   Of course based on the bone-breaking world of Tony Hawk, Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX will send you flying dozens of feet up in the air, giving you the opportunity to perform dozens of tricks to gain boost and pick up points. Like Tony Hawk, Mat Hoffman will let you play through a career mode where you can build your bikers attributes and as you progress, reward you with new stages to strut your stuff. Compared to its cousin Tony Hawk's Pro Skater or nemesis Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX, Mat Hoffman features a weak line-up of 7 bikers altogether, including Mat Hoffman, Mike "Rooftop" Escamilla, Simon Tabron, Kevin Robinson, Rick Thorne, Joe "Butcher" Kowalski, Dennis "DMC" McCoy, and Cory Nastazio. And of course each biker will feature his set of signature performances. Runecraft will implement a few two-player models such as H-O-R-S-E, Graffiti and Trick Attack. I won't comment as much on the graphics at the moment because the progress of this product is not quite final yet, and since this game is aimed at a mid-May release date, things can change, for better one hopes.


2/12/2001   SolidSnake