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Toy Story 2
Scheduled release date: November '99
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Travelers Tales
Genre: Adventure
Number Of Players: 1

  Now that the sequel to one of the most popular animated movies is almost here, there is still something missing. That something is a game on the movie. Thankfully Activison will be releasing Toy Story 2. I have played a recent demo and I must say this, "Toy Story 2 might actually be one of those rare titles that succeeds in making the game feel as close to the movie as possible. Here is a little breakdown of the game.

   Toy Story 2's innovation is no Ape Escape, 40 Winks or Spyro 2, but it still is very good, in terms of gameplay. You take charge of Buzz Lightyear through many areas that have been snagged from the movie and put into the game the areas look are very lush and are filled with great colors. I think this game will appeal more to a younger gamer than a hardcore gamer, but to those who like any good adventure title than you should pick Toy Story 2 up. In each stage you are given a couple of tasks to accomplish. So are: find Mr. Potato's ear, find 5 sheep, or pick up 50 coins and more. For each task accomplished you receive a Pizza Planet token.

   Toy Story 2 graphics come very close to pushing PSX's limits "to infinite and beyond" (sorry couldn't resist). The game has an excellent smooth 3D graphics engine, that has some very minor slowdown at times. Although the game doesn't look anything like the movie, Toy Story 2 is forgiven since this is a PSX title not a Playstation 2 title. The lighting effects are great, and the detail in Buzz Lightyear is phenomenal. Comparing Buzz from the movie and the game I'd say the only difference between the two is that they look different (graphically).

   The control is the only area where Toy Story 2 needs a little improvement. The cameras are still a little wobbly, but hopefully Travelers Tales will see the little problem. You have a choice of selecting two camera modes, Active and Passive.

   Activision's title will be available this November, and it should be a pretty promising adventure title, but it still is no Ape Escape, 40 Winks or Spyro 2.

10/29/1999   SolidSnake