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Fear Effect
Scheduled release date: 12/99
Publisher: Eidos
Developer: Kronos Digital
Genre: Horror/Adventure
Number Of Players: 1

  Eidos' new adventure title Fear Effect (previously known as Fear Factor) is an anime styled Action/Adventure game that takes you through 4 CDs of hell in the future. The game should be available this holiday season, and I think this deserves to be put on your list. Find out why.

   The story is pretty cheesy and it feels very empty. The daughter of a very important man has been kidnapped by "The King of Hell". Now it is all up to you to rescue her. The game starts out in a futuristic looking Asian city, but it doesn't end there though, because you also walk through the gates of hell. This will be one of the few games that will compare to kick ass games like Dino Crisis and Resident Evil 3.

   The graphics are excellent and run at hi resolution. The stage design is spectacular. Very nicely detailed areas, add more to the Sci-Fi feel. Besides the stage design the lighting effects look very good, and very realistic. And finally the CGs. Eidos' title makes great use of CGs, at least from what we've seen so far. But the final result should be close.

   The game will pack some hi definition replay value. Let's just hope that 70% of it won't be CGs, and the rest of 30% will be hollow gameplay with a hollow story. Fear Effect should be released before the years end, and it look to be a worthy horror title.

10/25/1999   SolidSnake