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Twisted Metal 4
Scheduled release date: TBA
Publisher: 989 Studios
Developer: 989 Studios
Genre: Car Combat
Number Of Players: 1-4

  989 Studios' acquisition of the Twisted Metal franchise did nothing good and actually ruined the third sequel of the very popular Twisted Metal series. What made TW3 worse than the previous titles, is the fact that the control and the physics were impossible to play with and very annoying. Sony's software developer will try to fix up the damages with the announced Twisted Metal 4.

   Almost every category will have to be improved to bring up the ruined series back to its feet. We expect to see some big improvements in the graphical detail and the physics thanks to the improved engines. Sharper graphics and better light sourcing make up a very good combination and deliver competitive up-to-date graphics.

   The other goal of 989 Studios is to have physics that are more realistic. From our point view this is not a great idea since the first two games were popular for their arcade type feel. But we can't judge anything about the feel of the game without getting our hands and some playable version.

   A huge amount of characters, vehicles, and stages will be packed into this title. Every combat vehicle carries a special weapon again, but this time around you have a chance to customize them somehow. Hidden modes, characters and vehicles are just some of the bonuses that 989 Studios are promising. Especially designed for the head to head Deathmatch fans, are special stages available in the multiplayer mode.

   We are looking forward to an improved sequel. The control and the physics are some of the things the makers should really spend their time with. If we get a chance to play a previewable version or a demo disk before the release of the game, I will post an update.

9/16/1999   Webmaster