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Test Drive: Le Mans
Scheduled release date: TBA (2000)
Publisher: Inforgrames
Developer: Eutechnyx
Genre: Racing
Number Of Players: 2

  It looks like the race for the King of racers is getting hotter than ever. First we've got V-Rally 2, then Test Drive 6, the undisputed champ, Gran Turismo 2, and now Test Drive Le Mans. Infogrames looks to expand the series from which it took when they acquired Accolade. First there was Test Drive Cycles, now it's Test Drive Le Mans. In case you're not familiar with the Le Mans race, it is a race which goes on for 24 hours (yes 24 hours!). Infogrames has stated that the game will be as realistic as the real thing.

   The game so far looks eminently promising. It's graphics are exuberant, from the few shots we've seen we can tell that the game will be a good contender for the racing crown. Although the game will be released early 2000, but the game has a lot going for it. Basically you have a choice of 24 teams, each team has their own cars, with it's own driving style, look, sound, feel and more. Picking the best team can be a little challenging due to the fact that each one is different, but once you find the perfect team I suggest sticking with it. There will be 16 other vehicles racing against with you, and you have to race your way through many different weather conditions. You will be required to pit in and if you don't you will feel your car generally losing it's potential.

   The game features 3 competition classes, GT 1, GT 2 and Prototype. Each class includes different cars, with different stats. Correct me if I'm wrong Infogrames, but I remember hearing somewhere that each car will be made up of 500 polygons. That's quite a lot considering that the game has such detailed looking backgrounds and environments. Never the less Test Drive Le Mans looks to be an excellent racer, with super smooth graphics an excellent physics engine, and photographed tracks to make the racing experience feel even more better. Look for it next year, my guess around February 2000.

11/21/1999   SolidSnake