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Breath of Fire IV
Scheduled release date: TBA (2000)
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: RPG
Number Of Players: 1

  Capcom is now one of the most successful videogame companies. The reason for their success is games like Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Breath of Fire, and their incredible VS titles (ex. Marvel vs Capcom). Well one of those games is getting the sequel treatment, and it's Breath of Fire. Making it's debut on the SNES, Breath of Fire was one of the few good RPG's that the system had. Awhile later the sequel was released, I personally don't remember the game being ever sold out or seeing any frenzy over the game, but the sequel was good.

   Later on when the 16 Bit age was doomed, Capcom decided not to go into 64 Bit gaming, but to go with the Playstation's 32 Bit power. Capcom most likely chose the PSX, because of the system's storage capacity which is 650 Megs on one CD, and that gave Capcom more freedom to work with. About three years after the PSX's debut Breath of Fire 3 was released. Fans of the original title bought the game, while others who owned N64 quickly traded in their system for a Playstation and a copy of BOF 3. Well now Capcom is gearing up for another release of their latest installment in the Breath of Fire series.

   Ryu and Nina are back again for their fourth adventure, and a very promising one too. Not much is still known on Capcom's sequel to Breath of Fire 3, but more facts should be rolling out as the game gets closer to it's unknown year 2000 release. Capcom promises that each character will be made out of a whopping 3000 polygons, so expect some very very fluid movement in the graphics department. Also not much has been said on the story, but it is known that Ryu and Nina, who share a similar path in the game will meet up to reach their goals. The same battle engine might be used for the sequel, but a new feature might be implemented into it. That feature is a Combo feature.

   Not much has been commented on Breath of Fire 4, but the game will arrive in Japan maybe Mid 2000, and the US release will follow. The game is still in it's Alpha (early) stages, so expect some big changes.

11/21/1999   SolidSnake