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Tomorrow Never Dies
Scheduled release date: Fall '99
Publisher: EA
Developer: Black Ops
Genre: Action Thriller
Number Of Players: 1

  Well you heard right, MGM regained their 007 license which was previously held by Rareware who developed Goldeneye 007 before for N64. It's only good news to the PSX gamers out there. Now MGM teamed up with EA and handed over the development of the game to Black Ops.

   The screenshots below prove that the graphics are stunning. MGM hired four separate teams to design 4 individual engines all jointly molded in one game. A unique engine will be made for walking, skiing, swimming and driving scenes.

   MGM still hasn't released any info on how many players can play at a time but they did say this, "TND will have some sort of multiplayer challenge" but no one knows whether it will be 2 or 4 players. If it's 2 players the game will still be great but this can take a little fun away. If it's 4 players there might be some slowdown but the more the merrier. But I think I prefer some slowdown in order to play 4 players. Tomorrow Never Dies for Playstation is one of many anticipated games that are going to be released this summer. We will see how it turns out when it hit's the shelves.

2/27/1999   SolidSnake