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Rock'em Sock'em Robots
Scheduled release date: Fall 2000
Publisher: Mattel
Developer: Paradox Entertainment
Genre: Fighting
Number Of Players: 1-2

   Who would have thought that there would actually be game about fighting plastic robots. In case you don't know Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots (RSR) are those toys that punch each other until one of their heads budges from their body. Now Mattel and Paradox have joined forces in order to bring you the plastic robot fighter. The game is currently stated for a November 2000 release and it is something that sounds to me that it has sleeper hit potential. Keep reading for the new details on Paradox's newest toy brawler.

   Using the Thrill Kill/Wu-Tang engine that Paradox established so finely on the Playstation, RSR will have to be one dazzling looking game, especially for the fact that polygonal count has been increased. By making the game a two-player title, Paradox now has more polygons to work with and that means that we will be treated to better graphics. Visually the game looks a lot like Wu-Tang so Paradox hasn't changed much in the graphical elements. It's still hard to tell more on the visuals due to the games early development stage, but as soon as screens are released we will have them.

   The action will be in 3D, but do not expect Boom Bots gameplay. Customizing robots is also an option, you earn parts by defeating an opponent and progressing more and more through the game. Combos depend on the parts that your bot has within him, so speed, defense, and attacking all results with your parts. Best of all there will be over 250,000combinations for bots, that means that it will be incredibly rare that someone will have the same bot as you. Interactive backgrounds would be an excellent addition as well as weapons, but too bad I don't control the videogame industry.

   Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots isn't only for your dad to play, but the kids and teens should check this one out when it is available Nov. 2000. Paradox may have something good on their hands, let's just hope they don't blow it. Keep your eyes posted to PSX Extreme if you know what's good for ya'.

3/25/2000   SolidSnake