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Time Crisis: Titan
Scheduled release date: TBA (2000)
Publisher: Namco
Developer: Namco
Genre: Shooter
Number Of Players: 1-?

   It seems as if one of Europe's biggest selling Playstation titles appears to be Time Crisis. The sales were so good that Namco has decided to release their second PS version of Time Crisis in Europe first. This is one thing that we rarely see, Europe is usually the last continent to receive blockbuster titles. Take Metal Gear Solid for example, the game was released about a year after we got it here in the states.

   Anyway back to the subject, Time Crisis Titan is currently scheduled to appear in Europe, but what about us? Namco hasn't said anything but hopefully they are planning the game for a US release. In addition ,there is absolutely no information available now so we can't really tell you much now. But we got two screens of the game in action, enjoy!


4/5/2000   SolidSnake