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Final Fantasy IX
Scheduled release date: TBA
Publisher: Square/EA
Developer: Squaresoft
Genre: RPG
Number Of Players: 1

   Square revealed 5 more playable FF9 characters. The first three that were announced before were:

   Adelbert Steiner: A 33 year old Knight

   Zidan Tribal: 16 year old boy who is a thief and has a soft spot for girls.

   VIVI Ornitier: a 9 year old Wizard.

   It's obvious that Square may be aiming at younger audiences as well as more hardcore RPG gamers by bringing back the medieval gameplay elements. I prefer the medieval over the futuristic elements, that's just the way I think RPG titles should be. As you may know the man behind previous FF titles (excluding 7 and 8) is working on FF9, Yoshitaka Amano makes his return to the FF series and he wasted no time at making some changes. The deformed characters will appear again and this time around they won't be as boxy as FF7's characters were. Pre-rendered backgrounds will also be making a return to the series, and not only that but those of you who are Chrono fans as well, may definitely want to check out FF9.

   The rest of FF9's army of characters is as follows:

   Freija Cresent: Female Knight, troubled with a past event.

   Quina Quen: Creature only interested in eating.

   Eiko Carol: Six year old girl.

   Salamander Coral: A man who trusts no one and believe that strength and power is everything.

   Garnet Tale Alexandros the 17th: A princess.

   Not much has been revealed about FF9's magic system or anything of that matter. But like FF6 there will be a "job" system, where you can put a knight, wizard and thief into one party, just think FF6. Square has said that FF9 will give gamers over 40 hours worth of gameplay, and that has been made a promise. The betas of FF9 should be released around the middle of May or beginning of June. The Japanese version is set to be released July 19, 2000 and hopefully the US version follows with a September-October release. It has been said that Zidan is the main character in plot because he is the first character you take control of.

   Final Fantasy IX will be the last FF game on the original PS, but as you already know X and XI are already in the works. As soon as Square releases this game in Japan or as soon as they release more info we will make sure to update as soon as possible.

4/19/2000   SolidSnake