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Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster
Scheduled release date: February 2000
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Radical Entertainment
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1

  A game that was supposed to be released last year has now been rescheduled to February 2000. Yes I'm talking about Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster. The game which is being developed by Radical, will put you in Jackie Chan's shoes. You will punch and kick your way through multi level arenas, and pull of some killer combos with Jackie. Here is the scoop.

   Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster is Midway's and Radical's new creation. You will make your way through excellently designed multi level areas, much like those found in Ehrgeiz, except the game has side scrolling action in it. So expect some great gameplay in JCS. Jackie also has combos from which can be used to knock down the enemy, and also he can pick up objects of the floor and toss them at the enemy. Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster sounds a lot like those old beat 'em up shooters back in the age of 16 Bit gaming. Still never the less Jackie Chan's new adventure sounds promising in terms of gameplay, but how does it fair graphically.

   From the screens we've seen, the game needs a little more detail put into it. The character design has room for improvement, because the characters are pretty blocky, and it just doesn't seem like Radical is taking enough time with making the graphics engine push the PSX to it's limits. Although I must say that it looks like a lot of the time has been spent in making the game levels look great. The game features nice looking lighting effects. Some examples of the detail in the areas is when Jackie is on a building, and if you look at an apartment window, you can see that there are lights on. Little things like that make Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster feel more like a movie starring Jackie himself.

   Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster is a title that should please gamers. Although the game has space for improvements it's makes up in gameplay for what it loses in graphics. Still keep in mind that the game has couple of months left in development, so Radical can still make some improvements.

11/16/1999   SolidSnake