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Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
Scheduled release date: November 2000
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Runecraft
Genre: Sports
Number Of Players: 1-2

   We all know that Tony Hawk really didn't start the craze on the PS. Titles like Extreme Games (a.k.a 1Xtreme) and 2xtreme had some skateboarding portions within them but they had many other features that shadowed the skateboarding portion. Later we all got Street Sk8er and then following the greatest skateboarding game ever Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. This is where Activision's newest title comes in, Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX is a bicycle game using the Tony Hawk engine, which was very nicely established by Neversoft. Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX released date may possibly coincide with Tony Hawk 2, but right now it's listed under a Fall 2000 release.

   By looking at these awesome screens of the early version, you right away know that the game runs under an enhanced Tony Hawk engine. And enhanced it is, the faces particularly look great, look at the screen with the biker facing you, notice the little details such as the nose nostrils. Okay, that may not be the best example but hey the detail is that good. The bikes look like they have received all of their touches, smooth, shiny and realistically detailed. So the developer, Runecraft is doing a great job so far.

   Well, since Tony is the king at what he does, and that's skateboarding, Mat "Condor" Hoffman is the king at what he does. Activision has signed not only Mat but seven other BMX riders as well. The list of riders is as follows:

Mat "Condor" Hoffman
Dennis McCoy
Mike "Rooftop" Escamilla
Kevin Robinson
Rick Thorne
Cory Nastazio
Simon Tabron
Joe "Butcher" Kowalski

   Each rider will have his own stunts and unique real life specials. Like Tony Hawk, Pro BMX will also have a two player split screen match, where gamers can go head to head in a variety of modes. What else can you expect from the Tony engine, you know that the stages will be flooded with secret rooms and areas just like Activision's skateboarder. Basically everything you found in Tony Hawk will be found in Pro BMX, but the combos will certainly be different than Tony's. Another feature that will be found in Pro BMX is a track editor, this is where you can create your own bike park.

   Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX will be released this Fall 2000, it will definitely be one of the best titles that Activision will pull out. Activision's long streak of success won't end soon folks, with games like Pro BMX, Tony Hawk 2, X-Men, and Tenchu 2. Activision will definitely have the best financial season this year.

4/29/2000   SolidSnake