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ECW: Anarchy Rulz
Scheduled release date: August 9th 2000
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Acclaim
Genre: Sports
Number Of Players: 1-4

   Hmmm. I wonder why Acclaim is re-publishing Hardcore Revolution, oh that's the new Anarchy Rules game? Ok, so it's too early to tell, but look at these 17 screen shots, and tell me the ECW Anarchy rules doesn't run on the same engine as WWF Attitude. It is shocking to see that Acclaim will be doing the same stupid move that they did with Hardcore Revolution, using a 2 year old engine on a system that is capable of doing do much as of late, Acclaim doesn't seem like they realize that. Who knows though, the game may be quite fast and realistic, remember don't judge a book by its cover. See first impressions and screens of ECW 2.

   Visually I can't speak much about that. This is basically the same thing as Hardcore Revolution. But many of the games key features were announced. They are as follows:

   - There will be over 25 Modes! Including Lion's Den, Hate Match, Dumpster Match, Team Rumble and the ECW patented Barbed Wire Match!

   - 60 of ECW's most famed Wrestlers.

   - The create your Pay-Per View and Wrestler is even more detailed than before.

   - A new Career mode.

   - Awesome hardcore matches: Street Brawls, Table Match, and an Inferno Match!

   - Tons of clips from wrestlers, commentators and more.

   Play by play and color commentary done by Joel Gertner and Joey Styles.

   ECW is planned to be released not too far from now, August 2000 is the projected release date. My bet is that the game will be better, and it will also be delayed. I hope that Acclaim really works on the engine to speed it up. As more is shown and revealed we will be on it.


5/5/2000   SolidSnake