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Star Wars: Demolition
Scheduled release date: Fall 2000
Publisher: Lucas Arts
Developer: Lexoflux
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1-2

   The past Star Wars games on the PS have been nothing but flukes, horrible graphics and unplayable gameplay has plagued many Star Wars games, including the recent Episode One and Jedi Power Battles. Lexoflux and Lucas Arts have joined their forces to create a Star Wars vehicular action game. Playing in the vein of Vigilante 8 and V8: 2nd Offense, Lexoflux who developed the two games will be using an excelled version of the V8 engine to make Star Wars: Demolition run. The Star Wars series license has seen many genres of games, fighting, flying, action, even first person. Now Star Wars is stepping into the area of vehicular combat.

   Lexoflux did wonders with V8: 2nd Offense, and as early as this game is SWD looks great. The car models look great, and the textures are smooth as ever. Visually this is the better looking car combat game out there, the whole look and feel has be perfectly re-created on the PS. And get this, SWD will be a PS exclusive, just like Rogue Squadron was an exclusive on Nintendo 64. The cars are finely detailed, and the backgrounds are amazing thus far. The special effects (which can be said is the movies beef) look stunning. Lasers, beams and bolts are wonderfully colored and look almost as if they were taken straight out of the movie and right on a PS CD. Overall, so far there is some good stuff in the visuals, I am not disappointed at all.

   The gameplay revolves more around the time of Return of the Jedi rather than Episode One. This competition is created by Jabba the Hutt. In order to win you have to go through a series of contests to prove yourself the Demolition champ. Each vehicle isn't exactly a vehicle, some walk on their huge feet while others use their own cars or a different method of transportation. Each has their own special weapon to the addition of pick ups such as weapons and power-ups. The game will feature a two player split screen mode so two friends can duel it out, Star Wars style. Level design should be quite good as well, not only do you other cars shooting at you but you also have little troopers standing on watch protecting their battleground.

   Star Wars: Demolition looks very promising, and currently the game is scheduled to be released this Fall 2000. It seems as if the Star Wars license will finally see a worthy game to carry the name. I have to see more on the game but my hopes will remain high though.

5/24/2000   SolidSnake