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SeaDoo HydroCross
Scheduled release date: September 2000
Publisher: Vatical Entertainment
Developer: Vicarious Visions
Genre: Racing
Number Of Players: 1-2

   It came as a surprise to me when I heard that a game based on the Sea Doo license will be released later this year. The big surprise is that this is the first SeaDoo licensed game. Vatical Entertainment will be publishing the game while Vicarious Visions is developing this racer. At this time the game looks quite impressive, Vicarious has managed to get everything into order and make the game look almost as if it is it's completion stages.

   Visually the game has the looks. The water may not look super good, but the Jet Ski detail is awesome. The title reminds me of Nintendo's WaveRace 64, in all honesty I thought that game was great and it really put you into the stand of a waveracer. The water and the tides really heated up the action and provided a much more realistic feel. Vicarious will be approaching that same line in order for bringing PS gamers that same experience that RARE brought the Nintendo gamers. While we haven't seen the game much in action, we do have many screens to show. The Jet Skis look great and you can't argue with that, but what I wanted to see was better looking water. On the other hand, the backgrounds are magnificent, sharp looking textures almost look as if they were pre-rendered. The good stuff is definitely here!

   There has been quite much revealed about overall gameplay. Vatical has said that there will be 5 different SeaDoo models to choose from as well as the ability to choose between realistic simulation physics or a little more arcade flava'. You will SeaDoo your way through areas like Venice, Paris and Antarctica, and at the same time pulling out 14 different tricks while your are ripping the tides. Four gameplay modes will be available when the game launches later this year in September.

6/1/2000   SolidSnake