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Fear Effect: Retro Helix
Scheduled release date: Winter 2000
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Kronos
Genre: Action/Adventure
Number Of Players: 1

   Earlier this year, Eidos, the creator of the Tomb Raider series showed us something new, wild and yet spooky. Fear Effect is one of my personal favorite games, but the biggest flaw of Fear Effect was it's incredibly short life span. It took me about 4-5 days (roughly 6 hours) to beat the game. The puzzles were pretty clever, so was the rest of the game, it was no surprise to me that Eidos and Kronos would start on something again and I was quite happy to see that a prequel of Fear Effect is being done. Read first impressions and check out the screens.

   I loved Fear Effect's visual style, but those high-quality CG backgrounds were the main reason that the game was so incredibly short. The backgrounds would also have to refresh themselves, by stopping all movement, and that was incredibly noticeable because the environments would stand still for about one second. Now hopefully Kronos acknowledges the issue and fixes everything. The character detail was done in anime style to a degree blend-in with the Japanese look and feel of the rest of the game. As well as complementing the cinematic/futuristic atmosphere of the game. Not much will change in the visuals, take a look at the screens to decide for yourself.

   This is a prequel and not a sequel. Retro Helix will reveal Hana's life before the original Fear Effect, Retro Helix will dig into her life and reveal much more about her. First of all, the game will feature new characters, and hopefully a few cameos by the Fear Effect cast. Parents remember, Fear Effect: Retro Helix will still have all of its gore and adult content, so purchase this game at risk for your little one. Rain is one of the new characters that will be introduced in Retro Helix, she is Hana's saucy looking friend. So far this as much as we were able to dig up, as more info is revealed we will be on it.

6/5/2000   SolidSnake