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Simpsons Wrestling
Scheduled release date: November 2000
Publisher: Fox Interactive
Developer: Big Ape Interactive
Genre: Fighting
Number Of Players: 1 (1-?)

   After years and years of not seeing a single Simpsons game on the PS, Fox has finally answered my prayers, and now they are planning to release a wrestling game based on The Simpsons. Take a look at the screens, they may look like more of a boxing game than a wrestling game, and my guess is that it plays more like one as well. Instead of calling the game Simpsons Wrestling, Fox should rename the game to Simpsons Brawling, the title looks like it may suit the game better. Enough of all the little talk, let's get to details. Take a first look into Simpsons Wrestling and don't forget the first screens.

   The game is about a quarter done so I can't speak much about any category, but I will try to squeeze out as much info as possible. Firstly, the game will take place in many different locations, you can fight in Moe's Tavern, Bowling Alley, or even Krusty's Stage. The visuals are very cartoony and Fox is taking the correct approach and that is to make the game reflect the cartoon as much as possible. There will be many cameos made in the game by some Springfield superstars and just plain surprises. 22 characters will be playable, but most of them (I'm guessing) need to be unlocked. The voice actors will lend their voices to the game to add even more to the cartoony atmosphere.

   Simpsons Wrestling will be available this November, I really hope that this title doesn't fall in with the other big license titles that failed miserably under the videogaming critics. I am eagerly anticipating the game only because I am a die hard Simpsons fan, I have never missed an episode in my life! It's been 8:00- Sunday- Fox- My ass in a couch, for the past decade.

5/20/2000   SolidSnake