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Simpsons Wrestling
Scheduled release date: November 2000
Publisher: Fox Interactive
Developer: Big Ape Interactive
Genre: Fighting
Number Of Players: 1-?

   Recently, sources from the E3 floor let us in on some scoop about Simpsons Wrestling. One of the important bits of info was that Big Ape Interactive will be developing the game. We have also learned that some of the footage shown at the E3 was built specifically for E3, so we are expecting major changes in terms of gameplay of the game, although it is still "fun" wrestling.

   The whole build has been scrapped now and Big Ape is working on a brand new engine, this time for the gamers. If you remember I stated that the game didn't look much like a wrestling game, but more of a fighting game. The E3 build did look like a fighter but the source has now informed us that Big Ape will be heading into the process of adding grappling moves and "real" wrestling moves very soon. Their main focus is to please the Simpsons fans, so we won't see some sort of WWF Smackdown with a bunch of Simpson characters pulling off some hardcore wrestling stunts. For now Simpsons Wrestling is scheduled for a Fall/Winter 2000 release. Make sure you check back on this preview, because there will be much more info and screenshots coming out before the game is finally released.


6/5/2000   SolidSnake