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Battle Buddies
Scheduled release date: Fall 2000
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Studio Camden
Genre: Fighting
Number Of Players: 1-4

   Move over Crash Bash, Sonic Shuffle and Mario Party, Midway is aiming at all of your butts with their four player party game recently re-named to Battle Buddies. One of the game's picked up by Midway from Psygnosis was Battle Buddies, it has appeared at the E3 show two times in a row, but this year seems to be its last appearance, hopefully. Taking cue from the original party game, Mario Party, Battle Buddies (aka Team Buddies and Leggit), will pit four friends or enemies into many different styles of gameplay. Party games have been a big rage here in the US and now Midway and Osiris Studios are hoping on the wagon of fun in their very own party game, read on for details.

   Take a look at the screens, what do you notice? First notice how bright, lush, colorful the whole scenario and backgrounds look. Looking at this game almost feels like you are watching a Disney flick, these very cartoony and admirable visuals will definitely grab attention of the younger gamers but the gameplay will grab the attention of a more sophisticated gamer. Osiris will be throwing all types of great things into the game, for any gamer to feast on. The detail is super smooth, backgrounds and all of the environments are detailed to the fullest. The graphics look marvelous, Osiris is doing a great job with Battle Buddies, can anybody say sleeper hit?

   Let's get one thing off the bat, this is a four player game. Make no mistake about it, Battle Buddies will support the multi-tap for some four player mayhem. Now that has been taken care of, let's see what Battle Buddies has in store for us. Starting with 64 single player missions, Battle Buddies will certainly please the lonely gamer. Though there is an extensive list of missions in single player mode, Battle Buddies will also offer much variety in the multiplayer modes as well. Midway hasn't said anything about the number of games or missions there are in the multiplayer modes but it is safe to say that there are many. Some games include a variation of soccer (BombBall), Capture the Flag (you can also capture a penguin or piggy) and tons more. But the fun doesn't end there. Not only do you have one buddy, you have the Commando Buddy, Ninja Buddy, a Nurse (Medic) Buddy, and hell some buddies even drive bulldozers. The gameplay is incredibly deep, you have the ability to build your own weapons and even upgrade your buddies.

   Sleeper hit of the year? Possibly? Wackiest looking game of the year? Definitely? Better than Crash Bash, Mario Party or Sonic Shuffle? You decide. All I know is that Osiris will be working hard to smoke the competition and to wipe the floor with them as well. If Battle Buddies plays as great as it sounds then folks prepare to glue your hands to the PS controller. Battle Buddies is scheduled to be released later this year around Fall 2000.

6/10/2000   SolidSnake