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Arena Football
Scheduled release date: Mid 2000
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Midway
Genre: Sports
Number Of Players: 1-4

  Once again Midway is taking the same approach that made the popular Blitz franchise stand out from the huge array of Football games. The great gameplay was the key to Blitz's success with the rough tackles, anything goes and easy to execute plays. If you love that type of arcade style gaming, Arena Football could be the next thing you will want add to your game library.

   This time its not NFL, AFL is the league of choice for Arena Football. Picking this league will let Midway expand their creative because AFL will most likely to give the developers more freedom to do whatever is necesary to make the game better. In Blitz many aspects of the gameplay were governed by NFL because they don't want to see their brand ruined. Football is not the same in the AFL, think of it as NFL on a hockey ring without the ice. The fields in AFL games are about 50 yards long and enclosed with walls the same way it is in hockey, leaving no room for out of bounds because there are none. The field is not small when considering that it is only a 6 on 6 player action.

   The engine is ported from Blitz with a few modifications to fit the new title. We expect to see better graphics due to the fact that less characters will be used. This will free up some RAM space and let the game run at faster frame rates and allow bigger characters. This title will also feature the clean and sharp graphics that many of us have seen in the Blitz series.

   Arena Football is still in a very early stages of development and it is not scheduled to be released any soon and anything could happen before its release. The already proven arcade gameplay should make this a title that will deserve some awards but its Summer 2000 release date is a bit too long.

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