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X-Men: Mutant Wars
Scheduled release date: TBA
Publisher: Activision
Developer: ?
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1 (1-?)

   First Activision delivered the goods with their Paradox developed title X-Men: Mutant Academy, now Activision is going back to work on creating a side-scroller in resemblance to Streets of Rage based on the X-Men. X-Men: Mutant Wars is the newly developed title and frankly I'm already anticipating the game just as much as I anticipated Mutant Academy. We have a few first screens of the game and we know some info on it, right now it's not much but I felt that I had to let you guys in on the new X-Men game. Read my first preview on Mutant Wars and hopefully more info will come on this new X-Men game.

   The visuals seem to mirror Mutant Academy's in terms of textures and character models. Wolverine who is currently the only character I've seen in the game is nicely detailed and sports his yellow/black striped X-Men suit instead of the black leather suit found in the movie but who knows maybe he can be accessed with that costume as well. Judging by these five first screens of Mutant Wars, it seems as if the game will be solely a 2D side scroller with 3D character models. More is to be revealed on the visuals but in the meantime enjoy the screens.

   From what I've seen so far X-Men: Mutant Wars may be the beat 'em up game we've all been looking for. A majority of the well know X-Men characters should make it to the final build of the game and currently the game is in very early stages. As early as it is we were still able to uncover some info on Mutant Wars. There will be 12 different areas to slice and dice on, and there is also an extra bar below the life bar which I believe is the special bar. As soon as Activision shows more of X-Men: Mutant Wars we will deliver the skinny. No set release has been made but stay tuned.

7/12/2000   SolidSnake