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Parasite Eve 2
Scheduled release date: September 12, 2000
Publisher: Square/EA
Developer: Squaresoft
Genre: Adventure
Number Of Players: 1

  Aya Brea once again returns in Parasite Eve II, for the PS2, to battle the infamous mitochondrion-based enemy. Now part of the FBI's MIST (Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team) team, Aya will need to use her parasite energy to destroy this new evil.

   Changes: Square has tightened the playing system, making it easier for you to choose weapons and attacks on the fly. This is certainly an improvement over the first game, where players had to stop the fighting in order to issue commands. Also, with the press of a button, Aya can scroll through targets, wipe them out with weapon, or summon her parasite energy. There is also a shooting gallery where players can hone their skills with the new system. The player can take Aya through six simulations ranging in simple stand and shoot to realistic battle zones. Also, if the player is a perfect marksman, he/she is rewarded with extra hit points or parasite energy. Be forewarned, the music accompanying these simulations are murder (no pun intended) on the ear, so be ready to have to concentrate.

   Strengths: Players can still customize weapons and armor. The villain, and other enemies, are quite impressive. This includes the ability of some of the enemy to mimic human form, making it harder for our heroine to discern enemy from friend.

   Weaknesses: A couple of drawbacks - the system still incorporates the clunky Resident Evil-style movement system, as well as the tendency for dense, overly verbose explanations of everything.

   If you have been waiting for the sequel, here it is. We'll be sure to let you know when the game will be released, along with other pertinent information about the game as it becomes available.


7/30/2000   Kevin Darrah