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Medal of Honor 2: Underground
Scheduled release date: Fall 2000
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: DreamWorks Interactive
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1-2

  The sequel to one of the best (or the best) first person shooters on PlayStation, comes Medal of Honor (2): Underground. In this one, surprisingly you're not a spy. You play as a female photographer, this adds some flavor to the game. You will have to photograph certain things such as documents or files to complete your mission, the camera should also be fun because you can take photos of soldiers in weird poses. Don't be fooled by the nazis though, unlike the last game, they are extremely smart and can dive, run and hide from you. You will have to find a spot to hide before you take one of them out. If you try to take them out by masses and throw a grenade in, one of them will jump on the grenade to save the rest, now that's smart AI.

   This time you'll be able to control vehicles, in one level, you'll be allowed to ride a motorcycle and shoot out hoards of enemies. You'll also be on trains, hiding behind seats and blasting down the bad guys! The levels are much larger than the first game, you'll get to play in forests, monasteries and Greek labyrinths (just to name a few). And of course, new weapons, you can use the new Panzerfaust, a one time use weapon, undoubtedly powerful - somewhat like a bazooka. The Molotov Cocktails, that explode on contact grenades and the crossbow gun, a silent weapon used for silent death (there are more weapons, but that's just to name a few). Just because the PlayStation 2's coming out, doesn't mean you shouldn't pick this game up, it looks worth your money. The game should be very difficult (not unless you cheat like crazy), but if you're a good gamer keep it in your wish list, it's coming in the next few months.


10/14/2000   Eugene