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Scheduled release date: TBA 2000
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: SCEA
Genre: Puzzle
Number Of Players: 1

   It has always been the wackiest puzzle games that earn the biggest names, whether it is Devil Dice, Intelligent Qube, or Ballistic. Well it looks like Sony is at it again, but this time with the new PS2. Fantavision will be Sony's newest puzzler, but this one is by far the most unique out of the bunch. Being one of PS2's launch titles, Fantavision is a game where you deal with firework shows. I'm not extremely familiar with the gameplay but the basic point of the game to create your own fire works. Keep reading to learn more.

   You don't "create" the scheme and the outline of the fireworks show. Instead you participate in it by making it even better. You use your cursor to catch a firework in the air and explode it where you want it to explode. If it explodes near another firework then that leads to a chain of explosions and that results in some beautiful looking scenery. As you put on the show of a lifetime, your points will keep on increasing gradually. A few cool features in Fantavision include spelling a certain word for a nifty little special power-up that would increase your point value.

   The graphics may not be the PS2's best but they sure do look good. Special effects are basically the only elements that are used here, with the exception of a few house/building structures in the background. But this game is all about eye-candies, when you see those fireworks explode, you don't what to think. You may be thinking that you are witnessing Fourth of July. All of the colors look marvelous, this is one game that nearly made me wet my pants. The fluid colors are just one thing that may make Fantavision one of the best puzzle games in months.

   We will keep you posted on Fantavision and its release date for the US (if it gets one). Sony really needs to set this game to the states as well, the game gameplay will definitely make it excel over other puzzlers.

3/16/2000   SolidSnake