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Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2
Scheduled release date: TBA
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Rainbow Studios
Genre: Sports
Number Of Players: 1-2 (online?)

  Activision long (and I mean long) list of games certainly impressed everybody who attended E3. Without a doubt Tony Hawk 3 was the appealer, but Mat Hoffman 2 was also a good piece of early code and drew a crowd as well. Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX was just recently released for the Playstation, and generally it's a pretty good game, but certainly no Tony Hawk. So now from the creators of the amazingly good and addictive ATV: Offroad Fury comes the sequel to the recently released Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX. Touch up on these first screenshots of Mat Hoffman 2 and keep reading for the full preview.

   As you can see by these screenshots, Rainbow is doing a splendid job of putting together one fine looking BMX title. The bike models look stunning, and so do the bikers sitting on them. As these early shots show, Mat Hoffman looks incredibly realistic, you can instantly notice the facial detail, and the physical characteristics. What's most important is that Mat Hoffman 2's environments aren't as diverse as say Tony Hawk 3's. They are closed off parks that are more reminiscent of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. The texture detail is absolutely excellent in Mat Hoffman 2, Rainbow Studios has done their part and created well crafted objects. The environments will be filled with ramps, half-pipes, boxes, crates, and a slew of other objects. Mat Hoffman 2 may rival THPS3 in terms of visuals, but after all what else would you expect from the people that brought us ATV: Offroad Fury.

   In regards to gameplay data, little is known on that, other than the fact that Mat Hoffman will feature a career mode, much like its PSOne brethren, a versus mode, and other basic fields of gameplay. A roster has not been announced as of yet, but we should be expecting an increase over the original's mere eight BMX riders. Traditionally you will be able to pull off signature stunts as well as ordinary tricks, via your PS2 controller. A supreme soundtrack should be included in Mat Hoffman 2, as should be a stunt mode, and hopefully some online gameplay. Make sure you stay tuned for more info on Mat Hoffman 2 as it develops. In the meantime enjoy the screenshots.


5/27/2001   SolidSnake