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Wave Rally
Scheduled release date: Winter 2001
Publisher: Eidos
Developer: Opus Corp.
Genre: Racing
Number Of Players: 1-2

   Just about a month ago Infogrames and Rainbow Studios announced their watercraft racer, Splashdown for PS2. Well now we've got another watercraft racer on the horizon, this time it will be published by the 'other' UK based 3rd party, Eidos. Introducing Wave Rally, a totally new project that Eidos has been working on for quite sometime. Taking a glance at the screenshots you'll notice the watercrafts are more like WaveRacer's JetSkis, rather than Spalshdown's "personal watercrafts." Never the less, Wave Rally is looking like an incredibly promising game.

   Without a doubt the most important aspect in software such as this, is of course attention to water detail and physics. WaveRacer featured some incredible water physics in both areas, and from the looks of things Wave Rally is absolutely no different. The water is already showing off some beautiful reflections of objects like trees and rocks. Since Eidos signed Kawasaki to lend them their JetSki models, rest assure that Wave Rally is a licensed game, with authenticity all over it. The JetSkis look very detailed, they feature sick decal designs such as bengal slashes and look great in general. The environmental detail is excellent as well, distant objects such as trees or seating stands look very good, and make the setting look and feel more realistic.

   Powered by Opus' GZWave engine, that will control the game's water physics, Wave Rally is sure to please any gamer who's ever enjoyed a wave racing game or is always up to play a good title. The game will allow you to perform spectacular freeystyle tricks, just as any other game that has you flying in the air will. Wave Rally will feature an Arcade, Championship, 2-player mode, and Freeystyle mode. The game will feature a variety of jet-skiers and a variety of Kawasakis to choose from.

   "We are very excited about Jet Pilot and Kawasaki's involvement with Wave Rally," says Paul Baldwin, Eidos' Vice President of Marketing. "When you think of quality, high performance and breakthrough technology involving personal watercraft, you think of Kawasaki and this will be reflected in the game itself."

   "This partnership with Eidos reflects the evolving opportunities for brand licensing and we see console gaming as a key part of our communication strategy," says Simon Belton, Licensing Manager of Kawasaki. "Wave Rally is a great game that gives the player a real impression of what it's like to ride a Kawasaki Jet Ski."

   "In combining our unique graphics engine and a ground-breaking wave generator, we have successfully created a personal watercraft race game experience which is second to none," says Takayuki Suzuki, CEO of Opus Corporation.

   Wave Rally will feature tracks like Venice, Norway and Florida. The game is currently expected to be released during Winter 2001, make sure you keep your eyes peeled out for it.

5/31/2001   SolidSnake