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Onimusha 2
Scheduled release date: TBA 2001
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1

  Being the very first Playstation 2 game to sell over one million units, Onimusha is without a doubt the must have game for any PS2 owner. It's blend of Resident Evil and the Bushido, a match made in heaven. Onimusha starred Samanosuke, a samurai who is out to seek the demon that had kidnapped the princess of the Japanese royal family. Fast forward 13 years and you are still in Medeval Japan (1573) and Warlord Nobunaga Oda is still at large. The concept of the game seems to have shifted, as (judging by these shots) gamers will now be able to visit towns and enter shops to purchase various goods such as weapons and health kits. 

  Starring Yagyuu Juubei, who is modeled after the late Yusaku Matsuda, Onimusha 2 will put gamers back into Japan, and in the shoes of a samurai. The talent behind Onimusha 2 will be the incredible producer (whom I had the chance to interview ) Keiji Inafune, the script writer will be Noboru Sugimura, character design will be done by Keita Amemiya, the musical score will be handled by Taro Iwashiro, and Mikitaka Kurasawa and Ryu Kaneda will be in charge of computer generated visuals (CGs). In support of Yagyuu will be two other characters, Oyu and Magoichi. Capcom is also promising on delivering incredibly realistic visuals, such that they will even motion capture events such as a warrior riding on a horse. 

  Currently Onimusha 2 isn't even in beta stages, as the game is only surpassing the 30th percentile mark of development. Capcom hopes that by March 7th, they will have the Japanese release of Onimusha 2 ready, no US or Euro dates were announced, but a firm guess would estimate a May release date of Onimusha 2 for US and Europe. Stay tuned for an updated preview of Onimusha 2 as Capcom reveals more info on the game.

6/12/2001   SolidSnake