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Spy Hunter
Scheduled release date: October 2001
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Paradigm
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1

  Wouldn't it just be awesome to be James Bond? Face it, even though the guy's fictional, every red-blooded male on the face of the earth had wished being 007. Hell, I'm thinking of it as I write this, but that's just me and my pitiful life. Aside from all the sex, you know that the first thing you'd do as Bond is take an Aston Martin or BMW out for a spin. But since none of us can be Mr. Bond, we've always got videogames to simulate the experience. Ahh, good trusty videogames, is there anything they can't do? Good news for all of you who had always admired 007 for his "whips" or "rides." This good news comes in the form of Spy Hunter. Or should I say 'The Return of' Spy Hunter. Yup, the 80s arcade game will be arriving on the PS2 in October courtesy of Midway, and developer Paradigm. Check out dozens of screens, and the full preview below.

   Spy Hunter has been in development as early as last year's E3 2000. But not until the beginning of the year did Midway get the word out on their blockbuster title. Spy Hunter's visuals are absolutely gorgeous. Everything's just so refined, so vibrant and best of all so organic. Taking a look at the screenshots, notice how the trees have an incredibly lush and appealing look to them. More importantly, in one of the screens, there are brown tree leaves on the floor, and their detail is striking. Every single one of them features realism to the highest extent. And as for the car detail, that's even better. The design of the main car is completely original, or at least to me it is. The visual detail on the vehicles looks superb, everything is sleek, sharp and smooth, a excellent mix for, well excellence! There's more to Spy Hunter's graphics than just scenery and vehicular detail, since Spy Hunter is relatively an action title there's also a lot of explosions going on, generally speaking, special effects. These current screens of Spy Hunter should suit just about everyone out there. If Midway releases any further screens, we'll be on 'em.

   For those of you who had bothered to read my intro (thank you!) you would realize my comparison of Bond and his cars to Spy Hunter. Spy Hunter is much like the action sequences in a Bond movie, with a little of Smoky and the Bandit twist added for flavor (weren't they awesome movies?). Your vehicle is a mean looking sports-car like machine, that got a slight resemblance to Speed Racer's car. But this thing packs some serious heat, and by heat I mean oil-slicks, rockets, and other various damage causing objects. On top of that, the car can transform into a water cruiser in just a matter of seconds! And oops, I forgot to mention that not only can it transform into a water craft, but a motorcycle as well, and we've got the screenshot of it. The Smoky and the Bandit portion comes from various areas of the game that will require you to drive up into a truck, while driving at a certain speed. And believe me, that speed won't be something lagging, for instance; 35 miles/hour. In the screenshot we have provided, we see the car pulling up to the truck awaiting its docking phase, at a rough 60 MPH, that's sweet! This game's focus is based on intense action, cutting edge speed, and a sweet plot-line. If the gameplay can live up to this baby's level of visual detail, then prepare for the ride of your life. No worries though, various sources have already reported that Spy Hunter is an awesome game. Hopefully we'll get some hands-on coverage of this baby in the future, E3 just wasn't enough.

7/6/2001   SolidSnake