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Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil
Scheduled release date: July 27th, 2001
Publisher: Namco
Developer: Namco
Genre: Adventure
Number Of Players: 1

  Previewing Klonoa 2 early on, I had no idea what kind of fun filled virtual amusement park this would turn into! While I had immensely high-hopes for the sequel, I couldn't imagine the game turning out as well as this demo that I just got to play. Absolutely exceeding all of my highest expectations, Klonoa 2 is by far one of the most impressive, simple and yet addictive adventure games I've played. Come the week after, on July 27th I urge all of you reading this to go pick up Klonoa 2, I've got a few reasons why...

   For those who've already made up their mind, but are interested how well the cell-shading looks in Klonoa 2 should rest-assure knowing Klonoa 2 is one gorgeous looking game. In every visual respect, Klonoa 2 sparkles like a pair of diamond earrings. Klonoa's development team has done a splendid job creating the most colorful and diverse adventure plane in a videogame to date. Mario, Ape Escape and Crash have got nothing on this game. In fact the only game that does is the original Klonoa, as it is just as colorful and gorgeous to look at even today. And maybe that's why Klonoa 2 brings such a smile to my face, because it's just as bright as the original, and I loved the original. Klonoa's world is built up of countless polygons, beautiful structures and amazing environmental detail. This is a picture not even the finest Italian artist could draw, folks.

   The gameplay very similarly to the first one, although there is a good mixture of 3D play, where in areas the first was built solely on a 2D plane. For those who have played the first, will definitely become accustomed to the sequel, the action still lets you pick up bad guys, use them as an extra jump or just throw them at another enemy. Nothing much has changed has really, but thankfully that's a good thing. Namco didn't bother to tinker with a good thing, and kept a formula that still hasn't hit the tried and worn stages, unlike titles such as Mario, Zelda and Resident Evil. As the floppy eared Klonoa, you will hop and fight your way around dozens of stages, the game plays quickly and can easily rival the quality of any adventure game out their currently. Mini-games will also be a part of Klonoa 2, one stage has Klonoa on a surf-board, where he is supposed ride down a river of water, jumping over enemies, taking huge dives down waterfalls, and much more. That particular mini-game stage looks stunning, the water is one thing, but those 100 foot waterfall drops are mesmerizing. Klonoa 2 is an adventure game come true. Expect good final wording when the time comes.

7/15/2001   SolidSnake