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Spy Hunter
Scheduled release date: October, 25th, 2001
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Paradigm Entertainment
Genre: Action/Racing
Number Of Players: 1-2

  Let me save you the entire introduction. I'll just jump into describing the game and the mesmerizing action I had experience today! As soon as I popped in that disk of Spy Hunter, I was first treated to a well-detailed CG, which was filled with explosions, speed and excitement. After that, the classic Blue's Brothers 'Spy Hunter theme' came on and introduced the menu, which sparked a bolt of even more interest of Spy Hunter in me. Diving into the core of the game, I started out with the required training stage, that took me through various challenges such as avoiding civilian casualties or performing awesome slaloms in the absolutely gorgeous G-6155 Interceptor.

   The given vehicle allows you to use it as a speedboat watercraft or as a regular car. In addition, when your car accumulates a certain amount of damage, it will turn into a super speed bike, which still features the artillery of the ordinary Interceptor in its original state. Speaking of artillery, during progression in the Operations mode you will be granted weapon upgrades, depending on how well you pull of your missions and objectives. In addition to weapon upgrades, you will also be given new stages as rewards. Performance is a factor in Spy Hunter if you want to fully complete the game. But enough about what the game features, how does it play?

   With the annoyance of an inconstant frame rate -which should be fixed for the game's release this October-, Spy Hunter is an awesome game! Bar none this game rules, it's a blast from the moment you hit the gas button. The sense of speed, as I mentioned before, is spectacular, and you get an amazing feel of adrenaline when you double tap that gas button, and burst of flame gushes out from the tail-pipes, emitting a tremendous turbo boost, on top of creating an exciting accelerating engine sound. This is definitely what EA's 007 Racing should've been on the PSOne.

   The missions in 'Hunter are diverse, they range from escorting to escaping, to eliminating. Though the total of 14 missions sounds thin, it's really not, as each level has a set of its own secondary objectives to complete. In the missions, you will continuously be transforming from car to boat, because most of the stages require the passage over water in order to fulfill the necessary task. Both the car and boat portions of the game are tremendously fun! The handling is superb and the overall stability is just there! Take my word on it, Spy Hunter is fun, it is to the fourth power of fun, it's a game that lets you drive on sea and land, and blow things up while you are at it! Spy Hunter is currently one of my most anticipated titles of the year 2001. Now that you're done reading this, go reserve your copy as soon as possible, you won't want to miss out on a title like this!


8/2/2001   SolidSnake