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OKAGE: Shadow King
Scheduled release date: September 2001
Publisher: Sony
Developer: Zener Works
Genre: RPG
Number Of Players: 1

  Sony has announced the fall 2001 release of OKAGE: Shadow King, an RPG exclusive to the PS2 with amazing graphics, immersing gameplay, and puzzle-solving qualities that have yet to be fully explored on the North American PS2. Players will take control of Ari, a young boy summoned to embark on a mythical quest. As Stan, the spirit of an evil king, is unleashed, it is your task to travel with him, destroying all the demons of the world, in hopes of restoring Stan’s power. The games unusual nature is likely to draw you in, as it mixes myths, legends, and traditions.

   The incredible story of OKAGE: Shadow King will appeal to both traditional RPG fans and action-adventure enthusiasts with its innovative design, creative plot and magnificently unique graphics," said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. "Featuring a captivating storyline, 20 beautifully-rendered environments, six extraordinary, entertaining characters and hours of engrossing gameplay, OKAGE: Shadow King truly showcases the capabilities of PlayStation 2." 

   The story of OKAGE: Shadow King takes place in a remote village called Tenel, where young Ari lives with his family. Her father unknowingly releases Stan, the spirit of an evil demon, in hopes to protect his daughter from a ghost that attacks the village. Stan agrees to save Ari's sister's life, but only on the condition that he can possess Ari's shadow, forcing Ari to become his slave. Once resurrected, Stan discovers that his powers are futile and no longer have the ability to instill fear and terror in those he hopes to rule. When he learns that several other demons already inhabit the world of Tenel, Stan is convinced that they are the cause of his weakness and forces Ari to join him on a quest to rid the country of these imposters. 

   With the very scarce number of RPG’s present on the PS2, OKAGE: Shadow King will hopefully appeal to gamers of the genre, and give us a taste of true RPG magic. Besides Dark Cloud, the PS2 has basically been terrible in this field, and hopes to redeem itself with this mythical title.

8/10/2001   Matthew Stensrud