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Scheduled release date: TBA
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Vivarium
Genre: Talking Man/Fish?
Number Of Players: 1

  Iím sure many of you remember Seaman, the belligerent mutant virtual pet brought to infamy on the Dreamcast, and for those of you who havenít, it has just been announced that the newest version will be released on the PS2. Developed by Vivarium and now being published by ASCII, Seaman Ė The Forbidden Pet will be released November 15. ASCII will also be releasing a special controller equipped with a microphone for operation of the game.

   To introduce you to the saga of Seaman, he is an ichthyoid who has evolved into a slight human like form while originating with a human face. Your task is to guide Seaman through his growing process by controlling his diet and living conditions from birth to maturity. Also, you give recognition to Seaman through a voice system, while struggling with his very difficult, unreasonable nature.

   It appears, however, that the PS2 version will differ quite substantially from the Dreamcast version. No details have been given by the creators, however, information has leaked out of differing characteristics as Seaman leaves his tank for the forest. Also, side-games will be included which will add a new level of complexity to this Virtual Pet wonder.

   The controller for Seaman is a bit unique. ASCII will combine the microphone and regular PS2 controls into one, and will bundle the controller with the game. It will retail for 8,800 yen and will also be available with a limited addition version of the game if one so pleases, included with a very strange looking controller, only describable as very complex.

   Although very detailed to the release in Japan, the US has yet to see a specific release date for Seaman. However, as time goes by, we hope to here word of all details pertaining to Seaman Ė The Forbidden Pet. Keep your eyes open for all new information regarding this matter, as we here at PSX Extreme will keep you posted.


8/22/2001   Matthew Stensrud