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Outcast 2
Scheduled release date: TBA 2002
Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: Appeal
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Number Of Players: 1

  Appeal has just presented us with Outcast 2: The Lost Paradise for the PS2, the sequel to the original Outcast for the PC that stunned audiences with its detail and visuals. We have gathered together very impressive screenshots, which I recommend you take a look at, and a small preview that will hopefully prepare you for what looks to be a very promising title.

   Outcast 2: The Lost Paradise is a survival-adventure game that involves the invasion of the nature-based civilization, Talan. As the city is being attacked and conspiracies are reigning high, the main character, Cutter Slade, is set to defend the planet of Adelpha.According to Appeal, Outcast 2 has been centered around the creation of a new game engine code-titled Himalaya. The engine portrays outdoor environment in great detail as you can clearly see by the screenshots to your immediate right. Every last detail has been remembered down to the smallest blade of grass to the droplet of water. This new game engine is simply stunning.

   Although no release date or official publisher has been released, the game is expected to be released to the PS2 before the PC title hits shelves some time next year. We will definitely keep you posted on this incredible looking title.

9/27/2001   Matthew Stensrud